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Chaos Rings II Guide April Update Part 1

I sort the sidequest from the easiest to hardest one.

The GreyBeard Awakes

Rec. Level: 100

You need to defeat Legion Pia and Iratus. Both of them have 27180 HP. You can steal Last Supper from them. They’re just a normal enemy with high HP but make sure you don’t use Pair attack because they can use Ascension to blow you out. They’re also weak to holy, so Lessica may be useful on this battle.

Reward: Auryn

Amon will get stronger if you open the book. Check it once again if you want to make the battle against weaker Amon.

Flavor Research 3

Rec. Level: 100

Method 1:
You need to gather 10 Last Suppers. You can get them by killing boss enemy on Abaddon (LVL 101-200); ex: Shi Hou and Wyvern. Equip Cupido Sopia to increase rare drop (you probably obtain Gateau Chocolate if you’re not equipping it).

Method 2:
If you are too lazy to train your characters… (which is bad because you’ll need a high level to face upcoming boss battle), you can steal it from side quest bosses on this april update, they have last supper as their stolen items.

Reward: Auryn

Vs Neron

Rec. Level: 110

Recommended Sopia: Azi Dahaka (for healing purpose), Kraken (MP ½), free slot, Marie (for regenerate spell).

EQUIP DARWIN WITH AURYN!!!! Yeah, Unequip Super MV is painful but, you’ll face very hard time against neron if you’re not equipping Auryn because of Megiddo’s blessing. He can attacks you twice/turn. Don’t bother to use Collbrande or Godslayer because it’s bugged and seems only to deal the damage from the last hit. You can steal Last supper from him but I won’t bother because you can get them easily by grinding on Abaddon.

Reward: Azrael’s Armor

Vs Li Hua

Rec Level 110

Steal: Defense Seed

Recommended Things: Super MV, Azi Dahaka, Legion (triple punch spell), and Gigas (for HP boost).

You’ll use Orlando (mine was at lvl 107) on this battle. At the very first of the battle use chill/blizzard breach on her immediately to gain elemental advantage. She can attack you twice/turn and her attack is really hurting you. You need to cast Triple Punch ASAP after gain elemental advantage. Make sure your Hp is above 5000 to be safe. Just keep healing until you get the chance to attack her (above 5000).

 Use Triple punch again if she uses Gladiator’s Pulse to recover her status (Iron needle will deal about 4000-5000 damage on normal attack status). Sometime she’ll only use argh or ragh which do nothing, consider yourself lucky if she does that. Use Chill/ Blizzard Breach again if she cast Stone wall until the effect gone by itself. Phantom Leap is also bugged on this battle (you’ll only get the full damage if her Hp is about half of her max HP). Don’t nother to steal Defense seed because it’s not worth the trouble.

Reward: Incognytus

Vs death

HP: 25593

Recommended things: Super MV/ speed booster, 3 gale sopia to boost speed, attacking items (elemental breach)

The key is patience, you’ll defeat him but it will take a time if you’re underleveled (about 100). Make sure you cast regenerate on the first turn. This will save you from his guillotine attack. It’s very helpful if you can acit first on every turn so you can heal immediately after he has used breath of the underworld attack (it seems that he uses it every 3 turns). You can use Stressor on the beginning of the battle until your attack deals more damage than stressor.

Reward: Ariadne’s Dress and Death Sopia

Vs War

HP: about 28.523 ( I calculate it from stressor damage)

Recommended things: Super MV, 3 gale sopia (Azi dahaka, Owl, Cheetah), attacking items (elemental breach)

MAKE SURE YOU ARE FASTER THAN HIM, you should faster if you use 3 gale sopia recipes. It’s pretty simple from now. Use opposite element (breach) to attack him after he use his elemental Pose. You’ll take about 5000 damage from his pose attack (about 7000 if you’re on weaker element). Use empathy attack if you don’t see him using “pose”.

Empathy attack will deal a lot of damage to him. But never use it if he’s on red horse mode (CMIIW; it greatly increase his critical attack).

Reward: The zodiac and War Sopia

Vs Famine

HP: about 19380 (calculated from stressor damage)

Recommended things: Auryn, 3 Gales sopia, attacking items (elemental breach).

This battle is hard since it’s Conor who fight her :D. Equip auryn to negate the bad effect from black horse attack. Use stressor at the beginning of this battle to reduce her Hp about 4000. Keep your HP above 4000 to be safe because she can attack twice per turn. Attack her with opposite element (use items to attack her because your MP will run out quickly because of her “swallow tail” and Starving for sustenance).

Reward: Noblesse Oblige

Chaos Rings II Main Guide

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10 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Guide April Update Part 1”

  1. Terry says:

    for the greybeard awakens pub quest, which library is it on the map? and where are the legion Pia and Aratus?

  2. Ky says:

    There is a way to beat Neron in the PUB quest while Darwin is underleveled.

    ere are my setup for Darwin and the items you need:

    Level 85
    Weapon: Nothung
    Armor: Reinforced Armor v13
    Jewel: Auryn
    Human Sopia: Marie
    Other Sopias: Legion, Owl, Azi Dahaka

    Mandatory items:
    A crapton of Gateau Chocolates (I used 50something)
    A handful of Breaches (ten of each should do, though I didn’t use all)

    And a crapton and a half of time (I went from 100% charge to 75% just on this battle)

    The overall strategy is to have the speed advantage and Neron beat you up. This way, Darwin can always heal first, and then Neron hits you. Also, the Charge guage fills up even when Neron hits, and you retaliate with the Level 2 charge attack.

    You begin first by casting Regenerate, and from there, it comes down to Neron attacking, and you healing yourself with Gateau Chocolate. Since you have Azi equipped, each Gateau will give you 5000 points, nearly topping your HP.

    Then, whenever the timing is in a way that Neron only struck you once and “waited and watched” in the second attack or is preparing for its massive beam of death attack, you would counterattack with the Charge attack. Of course, be sure that the Break Gauge doesn’t favor Neron when you do the attack, or else it becomes a wasted effort.

    Once you drain half of Neron’s life, it will cast Force Regenerate randomly, changing its affinity in the process. When HP permits, toss a Breach at it so you get some temporary defense.

    It’s long and tedious, and you may need to cast Regenerate a couple more times, but Hell yes it is doable. I also look forward to other strategies.

  3. Luminous says:

    I beat Vs. War with my Araki at level 94 by equipping the sword that increase it by 666 but reduces all other stats and also give him an attack ring. Then I equip the sopias that increases his attack the most. When battling, use demonic strength and followed by freak hit. It reduces War’s health by half then do the same again and you’ll win. However this method is very risky and I did this about 5-6 times because I was too lazy to level my character.

  4. Sairo says:

    I found a pretty good strategy to defeat War if you are having trouble with it.

    Azi Dahaka(Heal if needed) + Cheetah(First turn) + Beetle(Stone Wall) Sopia

    Fight normally, using breaches to counter his elemental attacks, I just used Freak Hit on this battle.

    Whenever it uses his Executioner Pose, use Stone Wall instead of defending so you can save your full HP and also works well if your element benefits his attacks.

    I did this with a Lv. 98 Araki with no problems at all.

  5. Mortred says:

    At the quest with the flavor reguest, you can buy last suppers by PiuPiu. You dont need to farm it so hard.

  6. Doggiie says:

    There is also a way to kill death if you are slower.

    Equip 3 blue sopia (Kraken, Chamaleon, )
    Equip Jewel which PREVENTS DEATH (Accension Targe or Aruyn)
    Use Paradise Apple: Body (optional)
    Use Magician’s Rule (optional)
    Each turn, use Steal HP, and since you act second, you will heal from any attack, spell or Breath

    If your spell is still enough, you can dish out 3000 damage and heal 3000 hp per turn, while Death will only deal 1000-2000 damage a turn.

  7. Dan says:

    This is just a little tip.

    I have beaten almost all the new content up until Shadow’s Deity. And I did it this when I was literally level 80-90

    I did it using a very simple strategy.
    A. Darwin and Marie
    B. Equip Darwin with three yellow Sophias(HP Boost).
    C. Equip Marie with Speed Ring and three green Sophias (for Speed Boost)
    D. Darwin use Sacrifice.
    E. Have Marie cast her full heal on Darwin. Also, you can cast that spell that lets you cheat death on either Darwin or Marie.

    Note: It also takes a little bit of luck. Sometimes the shadows use a bunch of high damage spells/physical abilities and it can kill you in one hit. Just keep trying and this should work.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thanks for the tips, will add it on next section of april update guide

    • Sephiros says:

      Yeah this strategy works very well. I’ve beaten all the shadow pub matches including the last one. You might get unlucky sometimes and die but for the most part this strategy works. Just a thing to note, have Darwin use Marie’s human Sophia, so if Marie dies you can still full heal and use regenerate and what not.

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