Chaos Rings II Guide Last Sacrifice Marie and False Savior |
Posted on Mar 21, 2012

Chaos Rings II Guide Last Sacrifice Marie and False Savior

Last Sacrifice: Marie

It’s near the end of the game….. You must sacrifice this chick to save the world. You gain control as Marie, go to Library to meet with Darwin. To start the ritual, you need another sopia core. You can do that by doing the same boss killing like when you have obtained 5th sopia core before. Visit this link for the guide).

So come back after obtaining the core. Talk to Lessica to see an event

Battle: Herald (Ophan Kenny G??)

Yuhuu, finally our level is close now (he’s at level 42). Steal the first turn then… huh?? I only got Vin Brulee. After that I know that this battle can’t be won. On the next turn he’ll use judgment with a troll smile which deals 99.999 damage to Marie. Damn you Kenny G.

Talk to Lessica and Marie’ll be able to walk again. Go to

The Falls of Acheron (The Falls of Acheron (1) map)

Same thing as you have done before, you need to go to BOSS on the map. There is Panda Prince (PP) on this dungeon. You need to use Mystic to make him fall from the platform. Make sure you make fight it at this time.

You may fight him later but after some event that allows you to do that

BOSS: Death

HP: 23.593; strong against magic

Steal Sapphire from him at the beginning of the battle. On the second turn use “pair Hot Pepper” to increase charge gauge filling rate (breath of underworld attack will charge your gauge a lot, so you can use Collbrande ASAP). His attack patterns are still same as before, but he won’t stop attacking after using breath of the underworld (on previous battle he always “ahhh..” after using it).

The most important thing is to make your character faster than him (if by any chance your characters are slower than him then equip Sopia that has Sprinter’s breath spell to boost your character’s speed on the battle). He also has “Chaos Parade” which can cause an instant death if it hits you (You can prevent this by equipping ascension targe).

Enter  pedestal chamber, event, and then swipe your screen to fight

BOSS: Ophan Marie

Steal Magic Seed from her and then just kill her.. She only has basic attack spell (Banish, cremate, cocytus, and mowe), just use her elemental attribute to exploit her :D.

Base Camp

Talk to Lessica and agree to listen what she’s going to say. You’ll be teleported to


Talk with her one more time. Choose “no” first, when she’s ask “Can you sacrifice the entire world?

Congratulations you just beat Chaos Rings 2 😀

Save your data and load it again (DON’T START NEW GAME + unless you really want to play anything from the very beginning).

Chaos Rings 2 Main Guide

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25 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Guide Last Sacrifice Marie and False Savior”

  1. che says:

    how can i access this ending if on 1st question i answer yes?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can go back to this scenario again later, using the room next to Piu Piu Shop.

      • che says:

        hmm, ill try, very nice guide btw 🙂
        dyou hav any recommended games for jrpg lover?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmmm, there are no many JRPG on IOS device at this moment but maybe there will be more and more games in the future. There are many JRPG s made by Kemco but IMO their quality is very bad….. pretty rushed they care quantity over quality, so I really can’t recommend them.

        • Yuan says:

          Square Enix is also planning to release Chaos Rings Sigma, an online RPG that brings all the character from the Chaos Rings Serires, which I am pretty hyped up about.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yeah, I know about it :). Hope it’s released on the west :).

  2. jarceo says:

    How do you get past that blockade after you beat the panda prince?

  3. adi says:

    damn you kenny G XD lol it’s make me laugh for 1 hour! lol XD

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOl, glad you like it. I delete another comment from you because it contain spoiler :D. thank you for using my guide

      • adi says:

        oh yup I know it XD and sorry. The ending made me in a bad circumstances -.- sure! I never thought that darwin would be censored 😀 after all! But it before I realized that there were 2 ending lol :3

        sorry for make you have to deleted a comment, so sorry. But, this is the best guide I’ve ever found! thanks! 🙂

  4. ChaosHeart says:

    Choosing ‘No’ is so depressing when you see the ending. It’s kind of sad to know this happened 1684 times w/o anyone knowing it was all just a show. The story of so well-thought out TBH. Such a twisted, far-fetched but believable story. It’s like Satan that imprisoned Jesus, claiming and preaching to all that Jesus is in fact Satan and he’s Jesus.

    If you chose ‘Yes’, which you will/should eventually, be prepared for the most awesome battle BGM ever, if you let the seiyuu/voice actors speak their entire line and tapping the screen to proc the next line. The battle should begin just when the chorus of the song starts. That gave me goosebumps. Awesome game (:

  5. SkyKing says:

    Funny story. You know how Lv.42 Herald has 22,000 HP and you only have one turn to fight him before he kills Marie?

    I had my Lv.90 Darwin use Sacrifice on it and it did 15,000 damage. Lol, only 7000 more until it died. In the coming months, they’re updating the level cap right? I bet I can kill this “fixed” fight against Herald and mess up the storyline. 😀

  6. SkyKing says:

    Also, not sure if Death had this ability in the first fight but in this second fight, he used Guillotine against me.

    It was a Blowout on Darwin but hit Marie down to low HP.

  7. SkyKing says:

    Herald is such a boss. My team is Level 50 and I fight him. I have a Regenerate on Marie so if Herald hits her, she revives. Guess what? It doesn’t work. Neither does Mental Wall.

    What a boss.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      in this battle you’re supposed to be lose :D, the story will be messed up if you win against Herald at this time :D. Thank you for using my guide and please support us on facebook, twitter, and google +1.

  8. cyllis says:

    just wondering, what if we choose ‘yes’ at the first time? will i be able to come back and see the other ending after i beat neron? or if that case i’ll have to start again?

    thanks xx

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