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Posted on May 31, 2012

Chaos Rings II Guide May Update Part 1 Guide

First of all, change into your main Party (mine are Darwin and Lessica) and train them to level 160 or more. I sort the quest from the easiest to the hardest.

Digging for Diary

Characters: Orlando and Marie

Go to Beyond the Rift and head to the point where you have fought with Famine.

BOSS: Mucalinda

HP: 40.000
Steal: Last Supper

First of all, equip AURYN!! It uses synthesized spore which will cause bad statuses when you don’t have untouchable skill. First have higher speed than this boss by use tiger gate 3 skill (3 green sopia; on Orlando). I suggest Marie to equip 3 blue sopia (boost her magic greatly, Chameleon is a must because you need steal HP skill). As the battle begins use “pair regenerate”, after this you should only need to use “steal HP” every turn until it dies. Just build use “holy solaces” advent attack to restores your HP and MP when needed.

Reward : Defense Seed x 50

Quest for Octopus Balls

[0] Lessica lvl 163
[0] Araki lvl 151

Beyond the rift, See the map on this area. You can find the boss at area above copyright infromation :D.


HP: 61.450; high physical defense
Steal: Last Supper

Can cause poison, he usually uses one elemental spell (mowe, cremate, and cocytus) and saltstraumen (physical attack). You only need to have higher speed than this one and you’ll be able to survive this battle easily (3 green siopia + speed booster should handle this unless you’re really under-under-leveled).

Reward: Magic Seed x 50

Treasure Hunting 101

Character :
[0] Darwin (lvl 168)
[0] Lessica (lvl 165)

Go to Remains of Faith, see the event and then check the sparkling spot nearby (1). You’ll find Piu Piu Memo 2 over there, now head to point (2) to find PP Memo 3. Continue to point (3) to find next hint; Staircase monkey. Now go to point (4) and check another sparkling spot over there (if you can’t find it then maybe you need to defeat the monkey boss on the boss’ spot). Now go to previous area (area between point (3) and (4)).

BOSS: Vritra 65.000 weak to holy

Defense on the next turn when you see word “ gravity increases near Vritra …..”, because he’ll use powerful lightning attack on the next turn. Black Haze can cancel your attack, so it’s a must to act faster than him!!! Slower than him almost mean losing to him because he probably cast the spell every turns.

Reward: Speed Seed x 50

Create Manly Muscles

Ok, the first side quest on this update (maybe the hardest side quest). You need to use Connor (DAMN!!!) and Orlando. If you have followed my advice then both of them should be around at lvl 160 (after killing some side quest bosses above you should lvl up a lot). Head to Forest Thicket (1) ; Boss’ spot.

BOSS: Mei Houwang

HP: 59280
Steal : Last Supper

His physical attack, and his speed is ridiculously high. My Orlando has about 2300 speed (with 3 Green Sopia and speed booster) but he can still act faster than Orlando, Sprinter’s breath?? Yeah you need this spell, but sometimes he still can act faster than you.

My tactic needs you to have 3-6 Last Suppers. Connor absolutely will move last on this battle, unless you really love him and feed him with a lot lot of Speed Seeds :D. Equip Connor with Gigas (Sacrifice), Dragon, and another sopia of your choice. This tactic needs to have Orlando to always act first on every turns.

[1] On the beginning of the battle use Sprinter’s Breath and Connor use Sacrifice.
[2] On the next turn have Orlando use Last Supper to recover Connor’s HP. Connor keep using Sacrifice
[3] After using 2 sacrifices, You should have dealt about 30-40 k damage to him and your charge level should reach lvl 2
[4] Finish him using Orlando’s Phantom Leap.

[0] Equip Connor with brooch, so it’ll grant him with regenerate skill
[0] You can also use Gangrene at the beginning of this battle, it deals about 10 k damage.At this time Let Connor heal himself
[0] If you keep dying, just move to the next quest first. They’re easier even their level is higher than this one

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  1. sonicfactor says:

    After defeating Mucalinda in “Digging for Diary” quest, Orlando and Marie see some picture of girls that they didn’t know. Are those girls from the older games? Because Orlando said one of them is “Blonde” and there are 2 blondes that rings a bell to me.

  2. tydt says:

    The legendary Hero quest seems impossible for me. Any ideas anyone? My characters are around lvl 130s.

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