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Posted on Jun 1, 2012

Chaos Rings II Guide May Update Part 2 The Final Pedestal of Earthly Desires

My character’s setting for every battle below:
Darwin (Famine, Azi Dahaka, Owl/Cheetah), Speed Booster (only when Auryn is not needed)
Lessica (Conquest, Gigas, Moth/Flower/Legion) Super MV (only when Auryn is not needed)

To Remember Them

My Characters:
[0] Darwin lvl 172
[0] Lessica lvl 170

Bugman Punk : HP: 22595 Steal: lotion (gale) x2
Bugman Rick: HP: 40650 Steal: Mercenary’s dagger

I suggest you to NEVER use pair attack until you have defeat both of Bugman Punk. Rick only able to cast fire based spells (cremate and karma) so make sure your elements are aqua. They frequently use attach (gale) to your character so make sure keep changing back to aqua element (use absolute zero or blizzard breach)

Defeat 2 bugman Punk at the same time because they can revive each other. I suggest you to keep using mental wall (single) to reflect karma spell. Other characters keep using blizzard breach or absolute zero until your charge level reach lvl 3. Use advent attack (divine punishment) to stop them and then you know what to do next :D.

[0] Mercenary daggers is Orlando’s weapon (it’s very weak lvl 10 tier weapon! Maybe you already have it so you don’t need to steal it).
[0] No need to cast regenerate because it’s not necessary as long as you have aqua elemental and heal when needed.
[0] they may still be able to act faster than you when they have used sprinter’s breath. You can counter this by casting sprinter’s breath too on your characters 😀 (Cheetah sopia have it).
[0] If you wonder, Rick is Orlando’s friend that died at the beginning of the game, that’s why the quest name is “To Remember Them” (CMIIW) and if you analyze Bugman Rick, it’s said that Bugman Rick is the reincarnation of Rick.

Reward: Gateau Chocolate x 10 (Damn useless….)

We’re not your Bait

My characters:
[0] Darwin lvl 174
[0] Lessica lvl 172

Panda Grudge

[0] Hp 64.444 weak to holy
[0] Steal: Mandragora bulb

You need to equip Auryn to block the curse effect, He uses “blow of regret” which may cause blowout (it seems auryn also blocks Blowout attack, because I never blown out after using Auryn). Make sure Darwin always acts first (3 green Sopia and sprinter’s breath spell). For Lessica, let her cast mental wall on each turn. Always act solo, until you reach charge level 3. Use  divine punishment and kill it.

Tips: I can’t use sacrifice on this monster. It always misses.

Reward: Plum Jam x10 ……

The Legendary Hero

[0] Darwin lvl 182
[0] Lessica level 180

Talk to Piu Piu to start this quest

Knight 41.000 weak to aqua; steal chocolate

Main attacker, it acts twice/ per turn. It deals about 2000-4000 damage to single target (My Darwin has 1775 defense and Lessica 1445). Sometimes it cast chocolate to heal… (only 500, consider you’re lucky when it uses chocolate :D).

Black Mage 28295 weak to gale steal plum jam

He’s the main caster on this party. He casts elemental spells and have the lowest speed on this battle.

Monk 29950 weak to blaze regen 1498 Hp every turns steal Vin Brulee (VDQS)

Supporter, He usually casts supporting spell (gladiator’s pulse, sprinter’s breath, etc). His only attack is Sanctus which only deals about 2000 damage.

I suggest you to kill black mage first because he is the easiest to kill. ALWAYS ACT SOLO ON THIS BATTLE. I believe your character will act faster than them (except for Knight, he has high speed). Let Darwin do all attacking and healing (equip Marie’s Sopia to have Healing hand which will heal HP to full), Use Ruwach (you have it from Azi Dahaka Sopia) and switch to Breeze breach when Monk have casted Mental Wall. Lessica always casts Mental Wall on Darwin (it’s important to keep Darwin alive since he’s the healer). Prioritize your healing over attack (always maintain your HP above 6000).

Tips: Just in case you don’t know, mental wall will reflect all target spells even though there is only one character that has Mental Wall status.

Use Divine Punishment when you reach lvl 3 charge attack. It should kill Black mage, if not then kill it now. 2nd target is Knight, just do anything to kill him. The last one is Monk which is very easy since its role as supporter.

Reward: Vin Brulee VDQS x 10

The Final Pedestal of Earthly Desires

My characters:
[0] Darwin lvl 182
[0] Lessica lvl 180

You can find him at the last area of All seeing eye. Use portal to go there quickly.


[0] Hp 100.000
[0] Steal: P. Collection DVD

Attack Patterns:

[0] Vitality Vacuum: Lower your parameter and Steal your HP about 3k-4k
[0] Know your Pervert: His most powerful attack deals about 5000- 8000
[0] Gene shift mage: attach aqua
[0] Dirty and Dirtiest Word: Deals damage based on your Max HP percentage (about 5800 for 13k HP).

The last battle is very easy. You only need to use pair Triumphal Song on every turns until your charge level reach lvl 3 and then use divine punishment to end this battle (use Gangrene and stressor first instead of using sacrifice immediately; gangrene will deals about 19 k damage when he’s at full HP).

Reward: Piu Piu item Collection (zine, CD, DVD) x 50

Congratulations You just complete all of side quest on this game :D. you’ll get “Saint Piu Piu” and “Sovereign of the Night” achievement.

Thank you for using my guide   while playing this game. This guide won’t be finished without all of your supports :D. Hope my other guides can also help you :D.

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23 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Guide May Update Part 2 The Final Pedestal of Earthly Desires”

  1. Izayoi26 says:

    Thank you for this guide. Very useful. I’ve used it from the very start until the end. That Libido though 😀

  2. Lollipop says:

    Can I ask you something? When I finished The Treaser Hunting 101, I can’t do any p.u.b quest like legendary hero , to remember them blabla~ It’s I can’t do any quests after The treaser hunting 101. I’m a newbie and I don’t know much. Please help me :3

  3. toma says:

    Finally finished this with all pubs/lvl200. Thanks for the great guide. Only did one route so I didn’t get 100% and unless there’s another ending, I won’t bother. Only finished Chaos Rings once and I found this game much better and not to mention easier. I think I died alot in random battles in part 1 lol.

    I’ll be using your Omega guide if i can manage to install it (gave up after getting a data is broken message after 4 downloads/installs). Good thing I bought it on sale…

  4. banagherlinks says:

    finally managed to reach 100 percent achievement, though I’m still having a hard time with the bandit grudge pub challenge. Darwin is on level 198 and marie on 193 yet they still fall on its cursed black out. Guess I’m gonna follow your strategy

  5. Victoria says:

    I completed all pub quests and these quests just doesn’t appear. They are all in gray and when I go ser Piu Piu,he says he doesn’t have new pub quests.
    What do I do? Please replay me ^^

  6. Chris says:

    Thanks for the guide.

    I completed all the Pub quests at level ~130. This game does not require much grinding, you just need to have a good strategy and understanding of the sophias and accessories.

    The standard approach I used for most of the Pub quests was:
    Gigas sophia (for sacrifice)
    Month (for skill boost)
    Flower (for Quilgate & Lion gate 1)
    Use the +1000 HP accessory

    Marie sophia (for healing hand) / sometimes can switch Li Hua’s sophia for provoke or Lessica’s sophia for the advent
    Cheetah (for vanguard)
    two red sophia (for Lion gate 2)
    Use the Super MV accessory

    Use Pair sacrifice. I call this the Pair sacrifice combo.
    This combo will basically one-hit ko most bosses.

    In some instances, you may want to use Araki solo sacrifice and Darwin healing hand (Marie sophia) to heal. I call this the Solo sacrifice combo.

    The first difficulty I had was vs dark Darwin and Lessica. I changed to the following setup:
    Conor (surprise!) for auto-revive
    Triple green sophia for maximum speed (Cheetah sophia is a must)

    Araki – same as before

    Pair sacrifice dark Darwin – 1 hit KO
    then dark Lessica will 1 hit KO Conor and Araki
    that’s when auto-revive come in handy
    Conor will revive, then he can resurrect Araki
    Solo sacrifice combo, done

    The manly muscle quest was real hard. If the boss uses counter or devotion, its second move will always act faster than you (even with vanguard). So this battle is luck-dependent. Conor must have physical resistence (famine sophia) to avoid being one crit hit ko.
    Solo sacrifice combo + some Gangrene (famine sophia) + lots of luck (real luck, not the luck attribute) did the trick, just keep trying

    Starting from the “to remember them” quest, I changed my strategy. I used Li Hua (who is usually overlooked).

    Li Hua
    physical resistence (famine sophia)
    magic resistence (conquest sophia)
    perfect block (death sophia)

    Marie sohpia (for healing hand)
    triple blue sophia, get absolute zero

    Li Hua can also use the accessory talisman (blaze resistence) for this quest.
    Li Hua cast provoke can then just keep defending.
    Darwin keep absolute zero the enemies and healing hand (marie sophia) when needed.
    I call this the tank combo.

    For the black panda quest, Li Hua must use the Aryun accessory.
    I used the solo sacrifice combo, 3 casts, 1 miss, 2 hits.

    Legendary hero is super easy if you use the tank combo.
    Darwin can use Araki’s setup and solo-sacrifice to 1 hit kill the black mage and the monk, cast healing hand in between to heal.
    Li Hua just provoke and then defend.
    The hard time is when only the knight is left, and the effect of provoke wore out and Li Hua is low on health. Just be patient will slowly heal up. You will win eventually by using the solo sacrifice combo.

    The last boss is a joke. I followed the guide with some modifications. I used Araki and Darwin.
    Araki’s set up as above.
    Darwin with Lessica’s sophia for the advent.
    Darwin gets physical and magic resistence (famine and conquest sophia)
    Pair heal until full charge gauge
    Lessica’s Advent
    Pair Healing hand
    Pair Sacrifice (70K damage)
    Pair Healing hand (the boss then awakes)
    Pair Sacrifice(you will get hit by the boss first, so this sacrifice will not deal full damage, but still enough to kill)

    Hope this helps people who do not want grinding/enjoy completing the quests under level.


    • Ein says:

      Actually for the last boss, I cannot keep up Darwin & Araki HP without using Last Supper. Moreover, there are chances that the boss can kill them using “Know your pervert” + Dirtiest Words combo (my both chars’ HP were 15k+ at lv 134-129)

      I used another tactic to beat him which relies on mere luck 🙂
      Equip Orlando’s Sophia to Darwin to get “First Critical Strike”
      Equip 6 yellow sophias + Longivity Booster + SuperMV to max out both chars’ HP.
      Pair cast “Demonic Strength” on first turn
      Pair cast “Empathy Attack” on second turn
      If your characters’ HP are low enough (but not to be killed) after taking 4 attacks from boss, you will see 99999 pop out 🙂

  7. Saberlarry says:

    Can you upload your save file?

  8. Kai says:

    Thanks for your guide

  9. KengThailand says:

    Thank you very much.It’s a good guide I like it!!!

  10. Y says:

    what does mandra bulb do?

  11. Carlos Alberto says:

    Probably this is a question previously answered -somewhere else-, but, I still cannot get the achievements related to having all the weapons/jewels/armors. Did you?

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