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Posted on Mar 26, 2012

Chaos Rings II Guide P.U.B Side Quest and Happy Ending

LVL Side Quest How to get Reward
0 Flavor Research 1 Give 10 Chocolates to Jessica Blue Recipe
0 Flavor Research 2 Give 10 Plum Jars to Jessica Azure Recipe
0 Welcome To P.U.B Talk to Piu Piu Red Recipe
10 Boreal Ruins Talk to Piu Piu to fight him Gateau Chocolate
15 Vs Sassy lassie Talk to Piu Piu to fight him ??
15 Hit Contract 1 Defeat Wyvern (1st fire drake location) Green Recipe
20 Vs Midnight Bikers Talk to Piu Piu to fight him Plum Jam
20 Hit Contract 2 Destiny Height (1) boss location Close Targe
25 Vs the World Prettiest Flower Talk to Piu Piu to fight him Yellow Recipe
25 Hit Contract 3 Forest Thickets (1) Boss location Pearl
30 Vs 7th sky Batallion Talk to Piu Piu to fight him Longevity Booster
30 Hit Contract 4 The Remains of Faith Sopia Core location Talisman (Blaze)
35 VS Gelatin League Talk to Piu Piu to fight him Emerald Recipe
40 Vs Middle Management Talk to Piu Piu to fight him Spirit Booster
45 Outer Space Skirmish Talk to Piu Piu to fight him Last Supper and Impervious Title
PN; 0 Mother’s Brooch Talk to Piu Piu to fix the brooch (30.000 OZ) Rose Brooch (only Conor who can equip it)
PN; 40 Phantom Leap Go to the falls of Acheron to find Shi Hou (Boss spot) Phantom Leap awakening (lvl 2)
PN; 55 Bloodblossom Go to The Curfew Tolls (War’s fight);
You can steal Fey blade blasphemy from this boss
PN; 65 Tiger of the Heights Go to flower meadow (where Orlando and Li hua met first) on Destiny’s height.
The tiger is easy even though it’s slated as lvl 65 quest
Crimson Recipe
PA;- Heroic Recipe Go to Library at the allseeing eye, check first book on T7 Gold Recipe
PA; 50 Ophanim Shrine (The Sabre Wulf) Defeat Ophan Orlando at all seeing eye.
You can find the Ophan on the middle path (before crimson crystal location)
Speed Booster
PA; 60 Ophanim Shrine (Holy Mother) Go to Falls of Acheron  (Death’s battle) to fight her Magic Booster;
Lvl 61-80 unlocked
PA; 70 Ophanim Shrine (The Ogre Toll) Go to The Curfew Tolls  (War’s battle) to fight him Attack Booster
PA; 75 The Rogue Panda Returns You can find it on All Seeing Eye Auryn (replica)
PA; 80 Ophanim Shirne (The Unicorn) Go to Beyond the Rift (2)  (Famine’s battle) to fight her Luck Booster;
LVL 81-100 unlocked
PA; 85 Subjugation Round 2 Go to Zenith Bound and fight tentacle Neron’s Fang (Can be used on all characters)
PA; 90 Ophanim Shrine (The Feng Huang) Go to Drifting Sorrow (Conquest battle) Defense Booster
PA; 100 Yours Truly Starring Talk to Piu Piu to start the battle with him Happy Ending;
Super MV

Tips on finishing the quest:

Flavor Research 2

You need 10 Plum Jars to finish the quest. You can’t buy it from Piu Piu Shop. There are 2 ways to obtain this item (As far as I know; leave comment if you know another method):

[0] You can find it on treasure chest on high level dungeon (51-70)

[0] Equip Cupido Sopia for “Rare Collector” ability. Go to All Seeing Eye and wwandering around crimson crystal (middle path). Sometimes you’ll fight anemon enemy called invidia. You can defeat them easily and if you equip rare collector ability you should be able to get about 2 Plum Jars per battle.

[0] You can Steal Plum Jars from LVL.20 Calipash at Destiny’s height. (I haven’t tested this method yet, thanks to deoxys for the info)

Ophanim Shrine Bosses

Ophan Orlando

HP: 34.250; steal: Vin Brulee (VDQS)

He can attacks 3 times per turn and very fast. His storm fang can cancel your attack, so unless your characters’ speed surpass his speed you’ll have a trouble facing with this boss. Easy solution is to have Emerald recipe (3 green sopia) on your fastest characters and then keep using pair attack, so his storm fang doesn’t get a chance to stop your action.

Ophan Marie

HP: 10.000

Steal Vin Brulee (VDQS), regenerates HP

It has only 10.000 HP but it can regenerate 10.000 HP per turn. This means you need to deal 10.000 damage on one turn. If you can’t defeat her quickly, she will use eternal sleep and it will kill you. It’s easy to do but here are some tips:

[0] Use pair hot pepper on first turn and then boost your attack via spell or item. Just wait until you reach charge level 2 and then use Collbrande. It should kill her unless you’re under leveled. Equip Dragon sopia so your charge level starts from level 1.

[0] Equip magic counter and counter skill. Attack her with opposite elements and then hope you’ll counter her attacks :D.

Ophan Araki

HP: 42.500; steal: Vin Brulee (VDQS)

Targets those with High HP. Use defend on the next turn after you have seen him using demonic strength (You only need to use defend on Character that is on lower HP than the other character). The most dangerous attack is “empathy attack”… this is why you should never use pair attack because it can make you see a game over appear on the screen. Revive the dead character on the very next turn  (he rarely uses this attack in a row).

Ophan Conor

HP: 31.500

Critical magic skill

It’s just ordinary battle. He attacks 2 times per turn and can cast variety of magic. Just build your charge level attack and use Godslayer to kill it :D. He’s fast but still slower thatn Ophan Orlando.

Ophan Li Hua

HP: 38.000; high physical defense weak to magic; steal: Vin Brulee (VDQS)

She’ll use Mental Wall after a few turns. From now use attack item on your inventory to deal damage to her (it won’t be reflected back). Make sure you have a lot of attacking items (ember breach, chill breach, etc); you can buy them from Piu Piu shop. Steal Hp bypass mental wall so you can equip Chameleon Sopia to help you.

It’s best to bring Marie on this battle. Equip her with Dragon gate 3 skills. Don’t use physical since it probably deals a petty damage (mine was 0 ). Don’t use pair attack because her attacks going to hurts you a lot and don’t give a chance to heal your character.

Yours Truly Starring

You need to solve all side quests first before able to take this side quest.

Piu Piu lvl 100

HP: 28.000 from analyze but I’m pretty sure it’s more higher than this number.

Steal: Piu Piu Collection DVD

He attacks 2 times per turn and regen 1400 HP perturn. Speed is very important in this battle, make sure your characters can move faster than him. He can seal your Sopia and Item commands which is very very dangerous, so DON”T USE PAIR ATTACK IN THIS BATTLE. Don’t depends on attack and sopia command to do damage because he can cast stone and mental wall (block magic and physical attack; item attack will pierce this buff).

Build your charge level to 3 while trying to move break gauge to “player”. Use “break beat” whenever you can. boost your attack with spell or items, and then use Godslayer. This should kill him now (I deal about 8000-13000 damage per hit with 1600 strength status; Player break gauge, opposite element with Piu, and attack pheromone).

Additional tips from CY:
one big thing that helps with these battles is Gigas’ sacrifice. Max out Araki’s HP with sopia/accessories, use sacrifice, use last supper(Vin Brulee VDSQ if he dies), repeat. I killed Piu-Piu in two hits (about 17,000 damage each with Araki at ~12,000 HP, level 82). It also killed Orphan Marie in one hit, even when under-leveled. You can also cast mental/stone wall on him with a faster character to minimize damage to him before he casts sacrifice.

You’ll get Super MV as a reward (very nice Jewels; in terms of function). See the ending (it’s funny dude; BACHS’ Hat, LOL).

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  1. Raul says:

    I have a problem. I didn’t care much for pub quests and now I cannot get to Hit Contract 3 Forest Thickets (1) Boss location Pearl

    I go to boss location but thhere is a Boss. I beat him, go to Piu Piu and nothing changes. I’m playing with Lessica the Save the World – No part.

  2. toma says:

    Hopefully someone’s still checking this… anyone know how to unlock the Orphanim pub sidequests? Already got the bad end and i’m just bout to fight orphanim lessica and amon.

    And just before unlocking all seeing eye, most of the pub sidequests (full at that time) are the lvl 100somethings and I’m only at 70+. After defeating the panda king, it was replaced by the Heroic recipe. After getting that, there’s one space available. I tried Subjugation Round 2 and managed to complete it but still no new sidequests.

    Is there some sort of requirement? Do I need all routes filled up? Or do i need to get the true end first?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      All the quest area already covered on this quest. Try visiting the main page of this guide. I already forgot about the game, so I can’t tell you which section.

      • toma says:

        Yeah they seem to be in the April/May updates. Completely missed them. Took a quick look but it doesn’t really answer my questions. I can only assume I need to get the True Ending first that will prompt me to save the game like the other ending then load it to unlock those sidequests.

  3. michael says:

    where is the place of flavor reasearch 3? help me please. than you

    • €]-[r1$]/[ says:

      I’m looking for this too & it’s not listed above.
      Where’s a good place to get or steal 10 Last Elixirs (heal all HP & MP).
      Can you eventually buy them?

      • Babz21 says:

        No. You can’t buy them. Go grinding in Abbadon. Use cupido sopia. Then fight wyverns and the other boss. I forgot its name. Sorry! 🐒

  4. Ring says:

    Do you know where to read the recipe : blue recipe, red recipe, yellow recipe … ? I find and don’t know where to read those to match the sopia ?

  5. banagherlinks says:

    just unlocked the chapter select option, may sound a stupid question, but if you choose a particular chapter, are you obliged to play that chapter way up to the present(where the scene after you defeated neron) just to go back to that scene? Or its just a small cut chapter. Its kinda hard to explain but simply put, is there an instant way to teleport back to the present chapter??

  6. Playerofchaosrings2. 14yrs.old says:

    Help me noob godlike how to get side of neron in scenario
    Sorry for the English grammar

  7. Peter says:


    I need help, iam searching for the heroic recipe , but i dont understand what mean. Check on the first book on t7. Please help

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