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Posted on Mar 25, 2012

Chaos Rings II Guide Panda Gang Members Location

Panda Gang Member Location Character Method
Panda Thug Drifting Sorrow (2) Darwin
Panda Moll The Land of Desolate (2) Darwin
Panda Punk The Remains of Faith Conor Shoot all aim devices
Panda Warlord The Curfew Tolls Araki Use Iai on 4 clones to reveal the real one
Panda Scout Destiny’s Height Marie Use Mystic rto reveal him
Panda Runner Forest Thickets Li Hua Use Fa jin to shrink the Panda
Panda Queen Beyond the Rift Conor Use Aim to disable the switches
Panda Prince The Falls of Acheron Marie Use Mystic to make him fall

PS: You can steal Cupido’s Robes from any Panda on the list above.

You need to defeat all these pandas to unlock P.U.B quest “Panda Gang Returns” .  Accept the quest from Piu Piu and then you can find Panda King at All Seeing Eye (middle path)

Panda King; LVL 77

HP: 19.925; Carries great OZ, exp, and SP.

First of all, kill panda prince and queen first because they can heal each other and cast variety of spells on you. NEVER EVER USE PAIR because Panda King can cast cast ascension (blowout if it hits). Focus on one panda at a time and then use your awakening attack (Don’t use Godslayer when there are a lot of targets because it’ll deal a pity damage; divided to 3 targets).

Panda king also can cast Extreme healing but he doesn’t use it until His HP dropped below half. I recommend you to fight him at level 80 (complete 4 Ophanim quest first until you unlock lvl 100 area). Use paradise apple items when there is only one panda left.

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32 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Guide Panda Gang Members Location”

  1. luis says:

    al panda grandote como hago para pelear con el?

  2. NHKsoul says:

    I found cola panda at secret stage.he atk me 3000+ and i can’t steal item 3 time when i try to finish him…escape 😀

  3. Carlos says:

    Yo, awesome guide. 5stars.

  4. Say"Amon"2mylilfriend says:

    What do you want to be in the next update?

  5. Doggiie says:

    Panda Queen can also cast Ascension. Although she has only tried casting it on me once.

  6. teros says:

    I killed all of the gang members but Piu-Piu never talked to me or gave me a mission. I went up to him and talked back at the base place but still nothing, what do I do?

  7. meany crystal says:

    erm….i dont seem to get cupido’s robe from warlord, thug and moll…does these pandas dont carry it? ?i save in front of the panda….and kept stealing pearl from it…i tried to restart and fight>steal again,still same! !help

  8. Yuan196 says:

    Hey. Sorry if this is a very noobish question. I wad about to go fight the giant panda.. But how am i supose to use fa jin on it when li hua’s already beem sacrificed?? Did i make a mistake somewhere?

  9. Ziv says:

    Thank you for the great guide, but I seem to have some trouble with the destiny’s heights’s panda.. There are 3 pandas in a line, the middle one stands on the marie’s mystic control.. How do I take him off it? He keeps saying to me “there seem to be pandas watching on you” or something.
    Thank you in advance for help!

  10. TheRiff says:

    This panda king isnt hard. It is more annoying than hard. It reminds me of Death and Conquest. Conquest does attack stop + magic stop + item stop + defence stop, and then when u are about to OHKO him, he goes arrow of dominion, bam 1.5k HP damage.

  11. OSR says:

    For any trouble with Pandas using Ascension on your people, I recommend equipping Ascension Targe on both characters to avoid instant death. 🙂

  12. Manesha says:

    Don’t forget to steal from Panda Prince in the All Seeing Eye, he got Cupido Robe, a very good robe for Marie. I forget what do you get from the king and queen, but it’s nothing special.

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