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Posted on Mar 16, 2012

Chaos Rings II Guide Prologue and The Falls of Acheron

See an event and you’ll enter a battle against ???. You can’t win this battle just stay for 3 turn and the battle will end by itself.


== The end Begins==

Go left and you’ll encounter 3 mantis. Choose ‘Solo’ attack to kill them quickly. Continue west and check the sparkling spot to obtain an item. Continue west until you enter a tutorial  battle.

Awake: this is the new feature on Chaos rings 2. It’s special attack that can be used after your chain gauge reach certain level.

Use Tri fang and the enemy should die now. Continue west and event.

Mysterious Castle (Base Camp)

Event and you’ll fight Ophan Orlando, defeat it and you’ll obtain Orlando’s Sopia. See another event and…

Start by talking to Marie and then talk to Lessica to know more about what has happened. She’ll create a portal that leads you to your first real dungeon on this game.


[0] Before using the portal talk to everyone to learn more about Orlando
[0] Go to Piu Piu’s store to buy items and equipments
[0] Go to Darwin’s room and check the chess board to obtain Emergency Exit (you can check here everytime you have returned from any dungeon to obtain Emergency Exit).
[0] Go to Library to learn more about rite

Now head to

The Falls of Acheron

The falls of Acheron (1) Map

Go south from starting position to point (1). Tap the platform so you can jump through it. Go west first to obtain the item. Continue south to the next area. You can jump down quickly through the cliff but you may want go east to obtain the item.

Continue to point (2) to learn about ‘Mystic’ tutorial. Switch your characters into Marie (tap arrow icon on the upper left part of your screen) and then use ‘Mystic’ to obtain 2 items on this area. Go south and prepare to fight

Boss Qitian Dasheng (Lvl 3; 50 EXP; 10 SP; 330 OZ)

Even it’s a boss battle; this is only a tutorial battle about break gauge. Darwin has a gale element (because of Orlando’s Sopia), and the boss has water element which cause an advantage against him. Wait until your break gauge is full and then use awake to kill him (or pair attack). This should finish him by now. Attack Patterns:

[0] Tera Blow: 140-150 damage to single target
[0] Heal: recover 350-400 points of HP

See another tutorial after this battle and go back to your base camp.

Chaos Rings II Main Guide 


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3 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Guide Prologue and The Falls of Acheron”

  1. ChaosHeart says:

    Whoever is your leader of the party can enter their own room to get their respective item at the coffee table. Just a small tip! Most of the time your leader will be Darwin, and sometimes Li Hua and Marie, rarely Conor or Araki.

    Respective items;
    Darwin – Emergency Exit
    Marie – Plum
    Li Hua – Lavender
    Conor – Chocolate
    Araki – ? [He was my first sacrifice so I never had him as my leader]

    [Spoiler Alert!]

    That’s about it. At the end of the game, you gain the freedom to choose your party, and the leader can be whomever. Orland doesn’t have a room hence no special item for him. Darwin’s Emergency Exit will always be there. As for the other characters they may not be there all the time.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thanks for the info 😀

    • ChaosHeart says:

      Sorry for the info, seems like you do NOT need to be the leader. Whenever you return from a mission(you can just leave and return from somewhere via. the transporter immediately), you can enter each room to get one of the selected items. If you took, for example, Darwin’s Emergency Exit, you’ll unable to get Plum from Marie’s room. It’s only fair I suppose. (:

      Also. Araki’s room gives an awesome Attack Pheromone. Early on you would prefer the Plum as it’s expensive, rare and much needed until you get the Chameleon and Sprite Sopias maxed out. But later on this will be the only item you will want. Lavender is extremely pointless as Serums are common drops and found in treasure cases all the time in the main storyline.

      Emergency Exits should be gotten about 10 times and you’re fine for the rest of the game. Plum and Chocolates are important early on. Just small freebies, even if you don’t take them it won’t impact the game as much. For those who’re cost-efficient and need help with saving Ohmz for equipment or more important stuff(such as Conor’s P.U.B request). This might be helpful, note that these items can also be sold to Piu-piu for an immediate profit.

      Good luck.

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