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Posted on Mar 21, 2012

Chaos Rings II Guide Sopia List, Location, and Description

Sopia List Location, and Description

You may need to defeat the enemies multiple times before you acquire the Sopia that listed below.

Red Sopia


Obtained From: Goggolori (Beyond the Rift)

Skill MP Effect
Weak Point passive increase critical attack chance by 10%
Beast wavelength passive escape 100%
Counter 20 counter after receiving physical damage
Divine Fist 120 critical attack at the end of the turn
Critical Pierce passive Ignores enemy’s defence on critical hit


Obtained from: Fire Drake (The land of desolate boss on third ceremony of selection event)

Skill MP Effect
Cremate 16 blaze based magic damage to single target
Format 18 Recover target from bad statuses
karma 40 blaze based magic damage toall targets
Blaze Attack Passive Blaze attack more powerful
Charge +1 Passive with +1 gauge


Obtained from: Nebula (The Falls of Acheron)

Skill MP Effect
Cremate 16 Blaze magic damage
Analyze 4 Display one enemy’s status
Rabbit Gate 1 Passive Luck +10%
Attach (Gale) 10 Give target an gale attribute
MP recovery Passive Recover MP after battle


Obtained from: Durga (Destiny’s Height)

Skill MP Effect
First Contact:Flay Passive Changes First contact to blaze
Shield Smash 25 decrease enemy’s defense for 5 turns
Attach (Blaze) 10 Give target an blaze attribute
Gladiator’s Pulse 25 Increase one ally’s attack for 5 turns
Phoenix Gate 2 passive Attack +15 %


Obtained From: Vs War Sidequest (April update)

Skill MP Effect
Divine Fist 120 critical attack at the end of turn
Perfect Counter passive Chance to counter both physical and magical attack
Shattered Shield 30 physical attack, lowers one enemy’s defense for 5 turns
Physical attack passive Enhances physical power
Red Rider’s Favor 25 Increase critical rate for 5 turns


Blue Sopia


Obtained from: Archaius (Forest Thickets)

Skill MP Effect
Magician’s Rule 25 increase ally’s magic for 5 turns
Dragon gate 1 passive magic +10%
Steal HP 100 Absorbs Hp from single enemy
MP charge 4 Restores own MP
Magic Block passive sometimes blocks magic damage


Skill MP Effect
First Contact Muse Passive Change First contact to aqua
Attach (Aqua) 10 add aqua attribute to target
Pendulum Bow 25 Decrease one’s speed for 5 turns
Mental Wall 40 Negates all magic damage until your next turn
Tortoise Gate 3 Passive Def +20 %


Obtained from: Wing Billiken (all places?? I found it on Destiny’s Height)

Skill MP Effect
Beloved’s Fortune 25 Increase ally’s luck for 5 turns
Collector Passive item drop rate + 20 %
Necrosis 24 damage one enemy to reduce remaining HP by 15 %
Rare Collector increase rare item drop rate
Sp up Sp gained +20%


Obtained from: Vs Death Side quest (april update)

Skill MP Effect
Ascension 38 May send enenmy to their death
Perfect Block passive chance to block both physical and magical attack
MP Charge 4 Restore own MP
Magic Attack passive Increase Magic Power
Guillotine 45 physical damage (may cause instant death)


Obtained from: Ceyx (boss on Destiny’s height on 3rd Ceremony of selection)

Skill MP Effect
Cocytus 16 Aqua magic damage (single target)
Dragon Gate 2 Passive Mgc +15 %
Absolute Zero 40 Aqua magic damage (all targets)
Aqua Attack Passive Aqua attack more powerful
MP 1/2 Passive Reduce Mp cost by half


Obtained From: Anemon like enemy (Invidia on all seeing eye), the falls of acheron etc

Skill MP Effect
Cocytus 16 Aqua magic damage
Magic Jammer 25 decrease enemy’s magic power
Fox Gate 1 Passive MP +10%
Attach (Aqua) 10 Give target an aqua attribute
OZ up Passive OZ +20 %

Green Sopia

Azi Dahaka

Obtained from: Argos (boss on Forest Thickets on 3rd Ceremony of selection)

Skill MP Effect
Mowe 16 Gale based magic damage to single target
Resurrection 140 Revives one fallen ally
Ruwach 40 Gale based magic damage to all targets
Gale Attack Passive Gale attack more powerful
Double Restore Passive Double the amount of HP and MP restored (item/spell)


Obtained from: Youtze (Jager, habitat??; forgot)

Skill MP Effect
Mowe 16 gale magic damage to one enemy
Healing 20 Restore ally’s HP
Tiger Gate 1 Passive Spd +10%
Sprinter’s Breath 25 Increase ally’s speed for 5 turns
Vanguard Passive Take your first turn before anyone or anything else


Obtained From: Vs Famine Side Quest

Skill MP Effect
Steal HP 100 Absorbs HP from a single enemy
Untouchable passive negate all status effects
Gangrene 48 Damage one enemy to reduce remaining HP by 20%
Physical Resistance Passive Reduce physical damage
Curse 66 Non-elemental damage (possible status effect)


Obtained from: Katydid (The Land of Desolate)

Skill MP Effect
Steal Item 10 Steal item from enemy
Seal Spell 20 non elemental magic damage (may cause Seal)
Beast Wavelength Passive 100 % escape chance
Encounter Passive allow encounter to be turned off or on
Alert Passive Prevent surprise attack


Obtained from: Tetradrachm (The land of desolate)

Skill MP Effect
First: Contact Wing passive changes first contact to gale
Steal Item 10 steal item
Attach (Gale) 10 add gale element to target
Secrets of Stealing passive increase steal success rate
Tiger Gate 2 passive Spd +15 %

Brown Sopia


Obtained from: Ironrock (The Curfew Tolls)

Skill MP Effect
Guardian’s shield 25 Increase one ally’s defense for 5 turns
Power Crush 25 Decrease one enemy’s attack for 5 turns
Tortoise gate 1 passive Def +10 %
Stone Wall 25 Negates all physical attacks on the next turns
Auto Defend passive Automatically defend when near death


Obtained from: Vs Conquest Side quest (April update)

Skill MP Effect
Mental Wall 40 Negate all magical damage until your next turn (reflect the magic)
Trickle charge passive Regen % % HP and MP at the end of each turn
Triumphal Song 50 Restore ally’s HP and remove any status effects
Magic Resistance passive Reduce magic damage
Pale Rider’s Boon 360 increase multiple parameters for 5 turns


Obtained from: Alraune (Destiny’s Height)

Skill MP Effect
Healing 20 Restore ally’s HP
Format 18 Remove poison, blind, or sealed from target
Lion Gate 1 Passive HP +10%
Resurrection 140 Revive one fallen ally
Life Trickle Passive Restores up to 5% of max HP each turn


Obtained from: Shoumu Houzi (boss on the remains of faith on 3rd Ceremony of selection)

Skill MP Effect
Counter 20 counter after receiving physical damage
Phoenix Gate 1 passive Atck +10 %
Solid Impact 30 extra powerful physical damage against single target
Lion Gate 3 passive HP +20%
Sacrifice 44 Use remaining Hp to attack one enemy


Obtained from: Legion (Abaddon)

Skill MP Effect
Out of Luck 25 Decreases enemy’s luck for five turns
Ascension 38 chance to inflict instant death
Triple Punch 125 Decreases several parameters for five turns
Rabbit Gate  passive  luck +20%
Exp Up +20 %  passive  Exp +20%


Obtained from: Mimas (Destiny’s height)

Skill MP Effect
Poison 20 non-elemental magical damage to enemy (may cause poison)
Attach (Blaze) 10 Give target an blaze attribute
Blind 20 non-elemental magical damage to enemy (may cause blind)
Fox Gate 3 Passive MP +20%
Skill Boost Passive Use More MP to deals more powerful sopia commands

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56 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Guide Sopia List, Location, and Description”

  1. Mustafasaadi says:

    Hey i already deafeted argos after 3rd ceremony and i didnt get that sopia and i really need it can i get it in another way????? Please answer

  2. h says:

    how do i get the crab sopia?

  3. C-town20 says:

    Been playing for almost 48h but i can’t find the 4 horsemen sopia maybe Amon’s too(who knows?). Please Help
    and also, i wanted to know if you get 2 sopia (like 2 dragon sopia)
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. MinatoNam says:

    How come my sprite sopia isnt giving me MP after my battles? Does it have to be equipped to Darwin?

  5. Darkwool says:

    Ok is there a trick to getting these sopia to drop that I dont know? I killed a ton of Goggolori and Tetradrachm and cant get either to drop.

  6. Troy Dau says:

    I’d got some sopias and equiped them to Araki conor and lihua. But then I sacrificed them and I lost those sopias. Can I find I agian if I follow your guide ?
    Espeacially the dragon sopia. I got it after beating the lvl 10 dragon at the begining of the game , but I never find it again although I’ve killed lots of drake then.

  7. nomadism says:

    You might want to add the sophia from the four horsemen.

    Conquest (Yellow): mental wall, Trickle Charge (5% max HP/MP restore at end of turn), Triumphal Song (Restore all HP and remove status effects), Magic Resistance (Reduce magic damage), Pale Rider’s Boon (Increase multiple parameters for one ally for five turns)

    War (Red): Divine Fist, Perfect Counter (counter both physical/magical damage), Shattered Shield, Physical Attack (Enhance Physical power), Red Rider’s Favor (Increase critical rate, 5 turns)

    Famine (Green): Steal HP, Untouchable (negate all status effects), Gangrene (reduce remaining HP by 20%), Physical Resistance, Curse (non-elm. magic damage + possible status effects)

    Death (Blue): Ascension, Perfect Block (block physical and magical), MP Charge, Magic Attack, Guillotine (Physical damage + may cause instant death).

    Added after “Mission 1: My Fang is All About the Magnum”

    • noobbgodlike says:

      okay will add it later, I just playing it thank you for the information

    • ChaosHeart says:

      You can get those? The Horsemen Sopia cores? I never got them, is it the update or?

      Also, the Sopia cores can be gotten from any of the species, not just specifics if I’m not wrong.

      And for Ooze, it’s gotten from the plant-like(that looks like Invidia at the All-Seeing Eye) apostle in the Falls of Archeron. The water elemental one. It’s quite common. Hope this helped.

  8. Kamokunz says:

    Azi Dahaka’s “Double Restore” restore double both HP and MP, not just HP. Which is totally AMAZING!
    This guide is also amazing, thx alot.

    • Kamokunz says:

      Another thing, “Double Restore” also works with Conor’s awakening. So both “Chocolate Pot” and “Poached Plums” is doubled. That makes him much much more useful!!
      and with his mother’s brooch, Conor has become my favorite character! =D

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thanks for the tips 😀

  9. TheRiff says:

    seems this game doesnt have panda sopia…
    why SE why!!

  10. Basilisk says:

    I ve mastered all of d sopias above n still didnt get its achieve
    Is that something i miss?

  11. Cimegs5088 says:

    I believe there are 40 sopias in total. I got the ach for maxing out half the sopias at 20 sopias.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm if that’s true then I don’t know where to find other sopia (Maybe we will see them on future updates :D)

      • Claudio says:

        I think so too, after all, it’s the same for the P.U.B. done all of that, and it says I’m only at 56% percent. My assesment=BIG update coming. Thank the neron!

  12. Sam Ghosh says:

    I mastered all the Sopia and the game center achievement still doesnt unlock… What gives?

  13. Randius says:

    I believe there may be one or two hidden sopias because I had obtained all sopias on this list and maxed them out but still couldn’t get the achievement for “having all sopias in world” unless it is a bug.

  14. Juice says:

    Guys, I got some recipes from doing the PUB quests, but can’t figure out how to use them to upgrade the sopia. Can anyone help out?

  15. Andrew159 says:

    I cant get the dragon sopia!!!!!! Will the sopia 100% drop?? The red drake only got 1 in the entire game???
    What do you mean by third ceremony ???

  16. Champja says:

    1) Can we fight firedrake again and again to get dragon sopia?
    Because I beat fire drake one time and I cannot find it when I went to the land of desolate later.

    2) If the answer is NO.
    I need to start new game and fight until I get dragon sopia. Is it right?

    Or this game have other dragon creature to get dragon sopia?

    Please help me. Many thanks.

  17. Ryant says:

    For the jager habitat are in The Falls of Acheron
    and for the last blue sophia are blennomorph from The Falls of Acheron too And one question are new game + will start us from the beggining?

    • Ryant says:

      And one extra question, are in new game + our character level will be resetted and all our skills that already unlocked are gone and must find it again by collecting sp?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        I don’t know about new game +. really sorry.

      • Randius says:

        Yes, when in new game+ the character level will be reset but the stats will be partially retained. So you will have enhanced stats right from beginning of story. All sopias found and levels earned are NOT reset.

      • Manesha says:

        Yes, the level will be resetted, but the skill from all of the Sopia + all items + all Oz will remain.

        • Ryant says:

          Thanks for all reply, it was really helpful!

        • Ureska87 says:

          your character will not be reset and all your items and oz.. they just add the final scenario and chapter so you can go back and fill your scenario achivement..

  18. Zstar says:

    I got my Hopper sofia from the Katydids in The Lands Desolate and the Ooze sofia from the jellyfish-things also in the lands desolate.

  19. Daryl says:

    The remaining 2 slots for the Legion Sopia is Rabbit Gate 3 (Luck +20%) and Exp Up (Xp gained +20%)

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