Posted on May 31, 2012

Chaos Rings II Walkthrough

 Chaos Rings II Walkthrough

Release Date : 15 March 2012

Genre: RPG

Platform: Iphone/Ipad

Developer: Media Vision

Publisher: Square Enix

 Main Guide


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
First Sacrifice Event
  • Araki (you’ll obtain Darwin Awoken Level 2)
  • Li Hua
Chapter 3
Second Sacrifice Event
Chapter 4
Third Sacrifice Event

Yours Truly Starring (Happy Ending and Side quest guide)
  1.  April Update Part 1 (this part covers: The Graybeard awakes, Flavor Research 3, Vs Neron, Li hua, Death, War, Famine)
  2. April Update Part 2 (this part covers: Vs Conquest, A Couple’s shadow, Brother’s shadow, A sister’s shadow, Vs Herald, Level up tips and Character suggestion
  3. May Update Part 1 (This part covers: Create Manly Muscles, Digging for Diary, Quest for Octopus Balls, and Treasure hunting 101)
  4. May Update part 2 (This part covers:: To Remember Them, We’re not Your Bait, The Legendary Hero, and The Final Pedestal of Earthly Desires)

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270 Responses to “Chaos Rings II Walkthrough”

  1. Alan says:

    I went back to the past using Chapter Select

    How do I go back to where I was originally playing?!

  2. Bibimbap ^_^ says:

    Hi! Just wanted to thank you for this guide, it’s awesome and I probably wouldn’t be able to beat the game without your guide 😀 Oh and since Chaos Rings 3 recently came out, do you think you’ll be able to play it? ^_^

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Haha, I am only 2 hours in Chaos rings 3, I will try to make a guide about it :). Please check the site again in few days (On the top bar there should be a chaos rings 3 🙂 ).

  3. Neoalffx says:

    I have a question, don’t know if you remember or not though haha. The P.U.B. requests on the list are lvl 0-100, but the other P.U.B. requests in the April/May updates are well over. Do I need to do those requests too to unlock the good ending? Thanks!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Sorry totally forgot about that T_T.

      • Neoalffx says:

        That’s fine, I just thought I saw somewhere that I just need to complete all the P.U.B. requests other than the update.Thanks anyway

        • Neoalffx says:

          It’s right that you suggested to go off against Rogue Panda at lvl 80. I just fought him with Darwin lvl 75 and Marie lvl 73. I won with a margin with Marie dead and Darwin with 188 life left…lol. After finishing Allseeing Eye, I’ll try to see if I can complete “Yours Truly Starring.” But something tells me that this request is not going to show up…

        • Neoalffx says:

          Btw, the P.U.B. request screen only consist of requests that are lvl100 and up, while ophanium requests that requires lower lvl did not show up…do you know how to get the order straight so I can do the lower lvl requests first?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Really don’t remember T_T….

        • Neoalffx says:

          Np, thanks anyway

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You’re welcome :). It’s been about 3 years T_T…

  4. Neoalffx says:

    Hey, I know you may have forgotten about the game…but do you remember what you meant by “You need to retry 2 times to complete the scenario flowchart.” After I beat Neron the first time and chose whoever I want to escape from the planet’s core? (I’ve watched the bad and normal ending already). Thanks!

    • Neoalffx says:

      Btw, it’s the first paragraph under the title: “Posted on Mar 24, 2012 Chaos Rings II Guide All Seeing Eye and Amon.”

      • noobbgodlike says:

        IIRC, it has something to do with your scenario flowchart. Open it and you will understand, in scenario flowchart sometimes you will see “??? symbol , it means you need to replay the game partnering with other characters to remove the “??”, it’s only for completion :). It’s kinda blurry in my mind so you maybe confused XD.

        • Neoalffx says:

          Icic, haha, there are already too many ??’s under Ceremony of Selection in my game anyways…haha. There’s no way to get back to it once I saved after the scenarios right?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          IIRC, you can travel back to past by talking to Piu Piu (not the on on the shop).

  5. Neoalffx says:

    Hi, does your guide have a section on the recipes? Also, are seeds simply to increase stats by 3, and zine/CDs are simply to sell at Piu Piu’s for a high price? Thanks!

  6. Neoalffx says:

    I seem to have played this game 3 years late…lol. But late is better than never right? Hopefully you still reply to this post…if you do, I’m stuck (though your thorough guide helped a lot!) Right now Darwin just collapsed after the fight with Famine and I am controlling Marie and Li Hua (my 1st sacrifice was Araki). I read your guide on the 5th Sopia. There are 4 sopias each has its own bossed: Dragon, Azi Dahaka, Kraken, and Gigas, which you suggested to “catch-em-all.” But when? Right now I killed Ceyx at his lvl 20, and his element was blaze, and I didn’t get the Kraken Sopia. Rather, I got a Close Targe…I didn’t save the game after that afraid that Ceyx and Kraken Sopia are gone for good…So can you please tell whether I can kill Ceyx at this point in game and still get the Kraken Sopia later? When is the earliest I can get all 4 of the above mentioned sopias? Thank you so much!!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I still read the comment, but I have totally forgotten T_T. IIRC you can get them all on post game (after the main story has ended).

      • Neoalffx says:

        Thanks! So maybe only one of four sopias for now huh? Which one of these 4 would you recommend?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I am really sorry since I already totally forgot about the game T_T.

        • Neoalffx says:

          I found that during my stage of the game (Darwin collapsed and I’m using Marie at lvl 30), I cannot fight Argos at Forest Thickets. The Boss site is blocked.

    • Marc says:

      You can get all the 4 sophias if you reply the Chapter selection 2 times and select the other 2 palces that you didnt select before and you can obtain it…

  7. Layna says:

    Just wanted to say about some item drops.

    Paradise apple: skill can be found mostly in destiney heights by the Durga

    Paradise apple : wisdom can be found as a drop mostly by the owl/eagle enemies

    Paradise apple: body can usually be found as a drop by the mantis/cricket things

    I am finding both speed seeds and vin brulee (vdqs) are being stolen most often by the youze in beyond the rift after the 3 sacrifice.

    That is all for now!

  8. Tran Anh says:

    Do they save game in iCloud ? I want update new firmware ios and I don’t want lose save game.

  9. Tiouze says:

    Hi Noobbgodlike,
    I’m only playing the game now, but thanks a ton for the walthrough, really clear & useful!
    Greetings from a french froggy!

  10. common85 says:

    Hey dont know if your still answering these,but Im trying to find out when there is a next weapon update in the game.So far I have went to the store to buy something new only once.Is this the only time you will be able to purchase anything? If so I feel this is such a waste of time.Could you help me out,thanks

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