Posted on Apr 5, 2010

Cho Aniki Zero PSP

Platform: PSP

Developer: Extreme Co.,Ltd

Publisher: Aksys Game

Genre: Side scrolling shooter

Release date: 25 march 2010 (US)

Media: Download

The story start in some far away planet, bad guy named Balzac has corrupted the planet by monopolized the protein in the planet. You can choose 2 characters to stop this nonsense evil plot.
The first is Idaten, a typical anime hero character with excessive muscle, Idaten has partner named Adon and Samson. The second one is Benten, another typical woman hero character and she accompanied by 2 cupid.

Both of them have their own minus and plus. Idaten have stronger power than Benten but his shot doesn’t have a wide range as Benten. Of character have their own super attack, Idaten have ridiculously powerful beam attack (it can end early boss in one shot) but Benten has ridiculously weak super attack but it is really huge area (not very useful). Both characters also have bomb attack that attack entire screen. What makes this game funny or disgusting (depends on person) is your partner, they really acting like a gay. And if you hit game over screen you will see what I mean. Game over screen not let you just press yes or no but force you to tap X button to give protein and while you tap the button there will be some ^0^ sound effect.

Aside from all that funny or disgusting aspect (I found it funny, I laugh every time I go into game over screen). This game has what we called insane difficulty. Yeah the boss has attack pattern but now it has attack pattern doesn’t mean you can easily avoid it. You can play easy mode if you are newborn side scrolling shooter, it only has 3 stages but don’t get proud if you only can beat easy mode. Try normal mode you will really admire the expertise of side scrolling shoot player. The normal mode contains 3 stages that same like easy mode but the real hell begins in stage 4 and 5.

Each stage has 3 parts and each part will face you with the boss. What insane in normal mode is you will fight every boss from stage 1 – 4 and fight more insane last boss. If you reach game “funny” over screen you will start the stage from the beginning.You can grab protein capsule to increase your shooting power which indicates by man doing his fitness near your score board , the more difficult movements that he does the more power you have. Team attack takes an ages to refill so use it wisely.

Graphic in this game is just average shooter. Your character sprite rendered in 3d but the background still 2D (it has some ^0^ background). The BGM and SE sounded hilarious but it will be memorable (I like The OST of this game).

I really can’t say how long this game will last but if you are never died run the stage smoothly this game only last about 1 hour. So the length of the game depends on how quick you learn to avoid that entire damn bullet and kill the boss before they kill you. Many people say that this game has gay looking but I think that shouldn’t be a barrier to prevent you to buy this game because it is really fun design and story. What you should you consider when buy this game are your skill and your toughness. I think there are no many people that can finish this game and if you are not patient enough you will give up sooner when you reach last stage in normal difficulty. For 20 US$ game it is not worthy if you can’t beat it or just give up after 2 hours trying to conquer this game.

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