Clash Royale Guide How to Counter Goblin Barrel |
Posted on Apr 26, 2016

Clash Royale Guide How to Counter Goblin Barrel

How to Counter Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel is one of the most dangerous card if not countered properly. It has moderate elixir cost (4), but can deal about 800 damage easily (more or less depends on the card’s level) if not handled properly.

Way to counter goblin barrel.

Using spell cards

IMO, arrow is the most effective way to counter the goblin barrel. Because it cost less than the goblin barrel (3 vs 4), this will leave you with 1 elixir advantage. However, the timing is a little bit tricky.

The goblin barrel and arrow spell are not instant. They have long spell animation, you need to cast the arrow when the barrel  has crosses the bridge (see the video above).

Sometimes your opponent may trick you by throwing the barrel to the edge of the arena, your arrow will go to waste if you shoot your arrow on the center of your tower. To avoid this thing happen, aim for the spot like shown on the video or screenshot. The key is not to shoot your arrow too fast

Zap small AOE clash Royale

Tips: You can also use zap, the zap will stun the goblin and your tower will finish them all without taking single damage. The problem is the range of zap is very small and takes more skill compared to arrow, so It’s better to use arrow.

Deploy Troop Card

Unit to fight goblin barrel

By deploying troop card (any) on the right time the goblin will attack the unit instead of tower. However, it’s a little bit hard to do. It’s also ok if you miss the timing, because that troop will attack the goblin and reduce the damage from the goblin barrel.

The problem with this method is if your opponent has a freeze spell. If you miss the timing and the goblin attack the tower immediately, which cause a lot of damage to your tower. So the safest way is simply use the arrow.

You can also using wizard if your opponent like to target certain spot (not targeting the middle part of the tower which will split the goblin far away from each other). Wizard’s attack will kill them all in one hit, and then you can set up a counter attack.

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