Clash Royale How to Use Goblin Barrel (Goblin Barrel Combo) |
Posted on Apr 29, 2016

Clash Royale How to Use Goblin Barrel (Goblin Barrel Combo)

For the beginning, we will talk about where you need to spawn your goblin.

Clash Royale Mid spawn Barrel

The most optimal position in my opinion is on the mid of the tower, because it will make the goblin split so they can’t be targeted by area damage unit (such as wizard).

To be able to use the goblin barrel effectively you need to use it with another card. Such as

Goblin Barrel+ Minion Horde

This combination will force your opponent to use their arrow/zap on the goblin barrel, after that you can follow up the attack using minion horde (or the opposite).

Goblin Barrel + Skeleton army

This will also will force the enemy to use their arrow on one of these cards. However make sure that you spawn skeleton army on your base while defending. Using it while attacking is not that good because the enemy may have bomb towers, or other area damage (which make them don’t cast the arrow).

Goblin Barrel + Freeze

This will freeze the tower so the goblin will attack the tower without getting damage. Make sure that they have already spend their spell cards.


Unless your opponent have 2 spell cards, it’s a little bit hard to defend against those combinations, And if they do have 2 spell cards or more, simply wait for them until they run out of the spell cards.


Goblin barrel is a nice bait card to waste enemy zap/arrow spell. This will make your other cards (which also weak to the spell cards such as minion hordes) becomes really thrive on the battle.

Those are all you need to know about using goblin barrels. If you have any more questions or suggestions, please leave comment :).

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