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Posted on Nov 17, 2011

Cu Chulainn Matrix Level E Rani’s Route Walkthrough Fate Extra

Day 1

Read bulletin board and talk to Rani. Go to 1F and talk to Kotomine. Talk to Taiga to obtain another side quest (she ask for magazine). Go to 3F and talk to female student (she’ll ask you to find Student Council Badge). Continue to garden, and check the fountain to find lion badge. Go to 2F, talk to Rin and the boy who standing in front of library.

Go to arena entrance and choose

TIPS: The enemy is strong, from now, equip shockwave 2nd strike and always use it before you fight the enemy. Try to support your servant on the battle by cast shock (so it’s easy to get 3 consecutive hits). This is really important especially when you meet the enemy for the first time (only one action bar that can be seen).

Enemy’s attack pattern will be added soon, please be patient 😀

6th Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F

Once inside just head to blocked path and see an event (You can get student council badge on this day). Get out from this dungeon because you can’t pass the barrier yet.

Day 2

Archer User: yellow bubble dialogue on your private room (choiceless).

Go to 3F and give student council badge to the student who asked it before (you’ll get comic book as a reward). Talk to Rani and go to 2F to talk with the boy who standing near stairs. Continue to library and talk to Leo. Go to nurse’s office and talk to Sakura to obtain Ether Crystal. Head to the arena entrance


You can pass the barrier now. Take the trigger and other items from the area. Get out when you’re done.

Tips: If you’re like to use Shockwave 2nd strike, don’t change it to shockwave 3rd strike. The 2nd one is better than the 3rd because it stuns enemy for 2 action bars instead of 1 action bar.

Day 3

Event, your matrix rise to level 1. Go to commissary and back to your class. Go to 3F and talk to Rani. Now go to the arena entrance to train or get the items that you haven’t got before.

Day 4

Give comic book to Taiga and accept another quest from her (2 food data). Talk to Rani to obtain scarlet formal wear. Head to

6th Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F

Move to point (1) on my map and then press the switch to open the barrier. Fight Servant’s clone (survive for 3 turns), your matrix will rise to level 2. You can’t continue, so just withdraw from the arena for now.

Day 5

Go to nurse office to see an event. Now head to the arena where you fought the clone before. You can defeat the clone now. Continue to (2) and fight whale enemy called moby dick. It has a lot of HP but still easy to defeat (just spam skill on unknown action bars; it also tends to wait), but be careful of tis skill (Vortex; deals about 1000 damage and cause poison). You can equip Scarlet formal wear after defeating this enemy. Take 2nd trigger and 2 food data (Kofta Kebab and Spring Roll) then get out.

Day 6

Give 2 food data to Taiga to obtain goldfish bowl. Your matrix rise to level 3 and you don’t have anything that needs to be done. You can train at the arena or simply rest for tomorrow’s battle.

PS: My archer level 35 and it’s easy to defeat tomorrow’s battle by using brute tactic. So ti’s recommended to you all to train your servant to this level.

Day 7

Organize your information in your private room (2, 1, 3). Now talk to Kotomine when you’re ready

BOSS: Lancer Cu Chulainn

His noble phantasm (spear of impalement) is quite strange, it deals random damage?? Sometimes it can deals up to 3000 damage and sometimes only 500 damage. This makes the battle’s outcome determined by luck. Lancer’s skill

[0] Red bough wheel: add ? (leave comment if you know what is the function of the effect)

Rin’s spell:

[0] Call Gandor: deals about 100 damage and followed by Hammering Assault (deals about 400 damage). You can guard lancer’s attack (hammering assault) to reduce its damage.
[0] Call fortune: deals about 350 damage (reduce status) and followed by Median Lance (deals about 600 damage and has a chance to cause paralysis).

She only casts Call gandor once on the beginning of the battle, after that she’ll keep using call fortune. Try to defeat Lancer before he use his noble phantasm. Try to use your noble phantasm as fast as you can and then spam your most powerful skill on the unknown action bars. Use elixir at the end of action bars to replenish your servant HP and MP, so he/she can spam his/her skills again on the next turn.

Archer user: fake helix sword can deals up to 4000 damage on unlimited blade works mode. If you don’t have this skill just use wings of crane which can deals up to 3000 damage. Pre projection x5 as fast as you can, in my video I am not fast enough (his noble phantasm hit me; I am lucky though). REMEMBER !! Dont do dick move taht can kill you 😀

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33 Responses to “Cu Chulainn Matrix Level E Rani’s Route Walkthrough Fate Extra”

  1. Arian21 says:

    lancer(Cu Chulainn)
    1st SGG???(high probabilityA/BGB,low probability ABG or BAB)
    skill:red hough whell(successful guard will decrease mana of enemy for 20(?,or15) points)
    2nd (C)S?????(high probability 4/5 GG,3 A,2/6 for same movement like B,low probability SGABB?)
    code cast:call_gandor(64) probably stun
    skill:hammering assault probably paralysis
    3rd ??(C)S???(high probability GB/AorGGB/A,low probability B/AGorBBG)
    sometimes:(C)SGG??? like 1st turn
    code cast:call_fortune(128) high damage+probably luck_down
    skill:median lance
    4th:???EX?? or ?????EX
    for ???EX?? no more data
    for ?????EX 4/5 BA or AB for most,1/2/3 sometimes B/AGG,sometimes GBA/GAB
    EX:gae bulg 100%break, cause damage equal to 110% life remain (ie surely death)
    5th sometimes SGS??? no more data
    S1:hammering assault
    S3:median lance
    HP<5000:S????? no more data
    Skill: Ath nGalba( in Japanese 四枝の浅瀬),increase attack and defense,1 more time resurrection.

    I try to defeat him by Level 33(no CaladbolgII).
    A little hard for Archer, very easy for Saber.
    During that time, my archer's abilities are 128,52,15,38,11, pretty low yet.Wings of crane by increasing str and decreasing lancer's defense can cause 4000+ damage.Choose MP recover for continuous skill attack.

  2. danny says:

    i keep getting my butt handed to me and i play the battle with rin 10 times at least and even if when i guard it still does over 2300 damage every time it hits i am sorry but ur guide is good but i need another idea how to handle this fight or a set of formal wear to wear in battle

  3. 120891 says:

    when will you update this guide with enemy attack patern?

  4. ina-chan012 says:

    WHOA!!! Lancer’s giving me a VERY HARD time!! (I even died in UBW-mode T A T). Can somebody gimme any strategy or tips? Thanks!

    I use Female Protagonist, my servant is Archer and about LV.50.

  5. Noble says:

    On day six, if you talk to Saber in private room she will give you an Elixir.

  6. MrFadhilla says:

    Red bough wheel raises defense

  7. ina-chan012 says:

    Are the enemy lies beyond the gate stronger than those in the outer area from the gate? I had no problem with the outer ones (playing with Archer, about lv 45 ^^;), I ask this juz in case.

    juz pass the 1st day but can’t continue on because my mother keep my PSP due to my upcoming IGCSE exams.

  8. ninjastarforce says:


    Lu Bu, the rin rute boss is very easy.
    im archer lv35
    Atk :A
    def :C (its very low yeah?)
    agi :C
    you can use formal wear
    -Exorcist Blade (hack)
    -(formal wear that ++str , i use celestial blade because its 2nd playtrough for me)

    like ultimecia said, wait on 1-6,2-5,3-4
    and matrix lv.E show up 2-4 pattern, just use HACK on 1 of the bar.
    you can buff with STR++ at the beginning.
    HACK only require 16MP so its no problem with your MP.
    use 1 HACK everyturn, or if you have low HP : use item that gain 1000hp / pure ether(restore completly)

    you can slip Pre-Projection / Fortification if lubu use wait/guard
    you dont have to wait until lubu HP is low, just wait until his hp is around 1/2-1/3 then BUFF archer with STR++ and use your UBW,
    spam Winged Crane on every bar (my damage is 2800-3500 with atk:A and agi:C)
    (if you see GUARD, use BREAK instead)
    use 1 of your elixir next turn if you want instant win without risk, spam winged crane again and you will win easly 😀

    i have 3 elixir remain after battle.
    i think elixir is no use after this battle.
    next opponent Leo is very weak and Savior is not that hard.
    maybe elixir useful for ryougi shiki. so, safe a bit elixir for ryogi shiki battle.

    you can use sakura launch box/pure ether instead of elixir in the battle with savior 😀
    usebale item are not carried on next playtrough so use all of your pure ether and launch box 😀
    spam your elixir too if you are 1st playtrough :p

    • Torrigan says:

      Yes he is quite easy in terms of damage and such but the main problem is his noble phantasm. I had matrix level E fought him 3 times and the action bar never revealed his noble phantasm

      His noble phantasm did roughly 2600 dmg with a B ranked defense unblocked and 1400 blocked

  9. ArisBranwin says:

    I keep getting beat up but the nephlims and the birds.. so hopefully you’ll be able to put the enemy data up. I managed to get to the 2nd day and the nephilem chased me down and beat me up. T.T Sad day.

    • Azure says:

      The “birds” (Gammawave) attack pattern works in doubles, although they sometimes use a skill that can paralyze in the third slot. (Usually right next to a recommended “Guard” action.)



      The Destroyer tends to rotate around the attack circle.

      BAGBAG for example.

      The one that’s most problematic is the one that looks like a gator’s head. (Executioner?) The attack pattern is quite hard to nail down. It can go in doubles, rotate around the attack circle, or some mix of the two. It ALSO uses a paralyze skill on occasion.

      • Azure says:

        I haven’t forgotten about the Golem v 2.0, Phalanx. I haven’t nailed the pattern down, yet, but it does use “wait” bars, so don’t waste your Servan’s MP fighting it.

        • Azure says:

          Ok, got the phalanx “pattern.” There really isn’t one.

          Often, the 3rd and 4th turns are “wait” actions.

          The rest are either doubles. (AAWWAA)

          Mirrors (GAWWAG) or Random (ABWWAG).

    • Bloodya says:

      well about the nephilem… im not so sure about it… but at the first or second move is a skill that hurts a lot…. so i usually use guard at 1 and 2 (well if u dont know what will happend and the first turn is usually attack so is fine but the second is break so watch out) the 3rd movment is usually gaurd so u can use break… tahts what i know so far about it. i use saber with 3 thunderous applause i can kill the nephilem easly… (thunderous applause does aroudn 2000 dmg with str A) and the nephilem has around 6000 hp if i remember correctly… i wish this can help to some1…

  10. Ultimecia says:

    Holy crap, this round’s Boss on Rin’s route is HARD
    It’s Berserker Lu Bu.
    Hints to survive:
    – He got “Wait” commands in regular patterns. 1-6, 2-5 and 3-4. If he EVER uses wait command three times in a row or something outside this pattern, he’s going to use his Noble Phantasm sometime during the turn
    – He got a buff skill that adds stun to his Break and it leasts 3 actions
    – His skill can also stun if unblocked. Yikes
    – He also got a buff which can resurrect him after his HP hits 0 with around 3000-4000 HP.
    – If you got some Formar Wear with debuff, it might be an option
    – For Archers users: hold your UBW until he got around 6000HP or less and try to do so when he doesn’t have any buffs
    – I myself got Exorcist Blade so in the same turn he was going to use his own noble phantasm I activated UBW, unloaded Winged Crane, hacked his unknown action, used a single 7 rings on the other unknown action and kept using Winged Crane.

    • Ultimecia says:

      Oh, forgot to mention:
      – He tents to use his Skill during the 4 or 5th action
      – If you see a skill in the 1-2 turns, it’s usually a buff
      – Rani will keep on buffing him

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Thanks will add this on guide later In rin’s route

      • Zero says:

        I actually see him use the bow on the 2nd turn the most. But from what I can tell he NEVER uses it on the 1st or 6th turns….so that’s something I guess.

        Also be sure to have the audio up on this fight since Rani will actually declare her servants NP out loud so if you cant tell if there is more than 2 wait commands that will clue you in that his attack is about to hit you. It also seems that the only way Caster can survive that is with her defensive spell.

        And while I’m on the topic of Caster, an EXTREMELY important note is that her final skill has a typo in it that will easily get you killed (thanks Aksys). It says you can use the move only when Casters HP is above 30% but this is backwards, it will only work when Casters HP is BELOW 30%…which makes it pretty useless especially since it costs almost 3 times as much as her regular attack spells and does the same amount of damage. It does cause poison for a couple rounds though but its not really worth having Casters health so dangerously low IMO

        • Zero says:

          Note that poison seems to do about 1500 to him.

          Also it seems when he uses the wait command on the 1st and 6th turns then he will only use the bow on the 2nd turn.

          If he waits on the 2nd and 5th turns then he will only use the bow on his 3rd turn.

          If he waits on the 3rd and 4th turns then he will only use the bow on his 5th turn.

          If you are REALLY lucky then you will see his NP show up for you so you can get the 5 free hits since that move shows up with 5 wait commands and… sadly will appear on any of the 6 turn slots. So be careful if you cant see it.

    • Ankh says:

      umm true it is hard defeating lu bu..
      but just spam your skill and it’s over 😀
      though i’m using caster n her aphotic cave skill is very useful for surviving vs. lu bu’s skill
      *exorcist blade is useful too.. sword of repentance kind of useless..

  11. Zero says:

    wow…I actually had no idea about the shockwave that stunned for 2 turns. That’s a HUGE advantage since it single handedly eliminates 1/3 of your enemies battle actions…and if you add that to Casters skills then you could easily stun any enemy into submission…scary 0_0

    On a side note has anyone seen the Fate/The Fact get posted online? Gamestop didn’t feel like giving me my pre-ordered copy so I’m hoping someone is nice enough to scan it so I can at least read it >_>

    Also in case someone missed it, there is gonna be a sequel to the game

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I know that there is fate extra ccc, but the real question is will it be translated…… It’s slated spring 2012 for Japan. If it’s get translated I will make the guide for the game again :D. I really love this game even the monsters are just palette change 😀

  12. Joshua says:

    How do you use shockwave 2nd strike skill? I use it and i didnt see any skill.

  13. Grismak says:

    Hi, your site is great, good job ^ ^
    but I wanted to ask you something, you have found other enemies Nephilim: 0? I’m playing with a caster and wanted to find others …

    • noobbgodlike says:

      As far as I know Nephilim have random appearance. So, always explore every corner of the arena when you’re inside it. You should be able to find it (there is no specific time when they will appear; CMIIW).
      From my experience: they appear almost every day

      • Zero says:

        they aren’t random actually (or if they are then its oddly happening the same each playthrough for me), and they always appear on the same days (but only one) and always in the same spot on the dungeon – for example the week 4 Day 2 Nephilim ALWAYS appears right by the Shockwave 2nd-strike treasure chest.

        These are all of them as far as I know

        #1 – week 4, Day 2
        #2 – week 4, Day 6
        #3 – week 5, Day 3
        #4 – week 5, Day 5
        #5 – week 6, Day 2
        #6 – week 6, Day 3
        #7 – week 6, Day 4
        #8 – week 6, Day 6
        #9 – week 7, Day 1
        #10 – week 7, Day 3
        #11 – week 7, Day 5

        That should be all of them and week 6 has the most so keep an eye out for them. I also posted about the first two back in week four to give people a heads up that they were there so hopefully that helped.

      • Grismak says:

        thanks for answering ^ ^

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you’re welcome but read zero’s comment about nephilim’s appearance, sorry for my mistake :D. Please give Google +1 for this site (main page and this page) 😀

    • Grismak says:

      No. I thank them both, because both have helped me or tried to help me!

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