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Posted on Nov 8, 2011

Dan Blackmore How to obtain Matrix Level E Round 2 Fate Extra

2. Arousal/border alliance

Day 1

Check the bulletin board to learn about your next opponent. Head to rooftop and talk to Rin to learn about Noble Phantasm. Go downstairs and talk with Archer. Go to Nurse’s office and talk to Sakura to obtain Ether Shard.

Check item shop since there are new items (remedy, Shockwave-1st strike, and Armomatic Wood). Now go to the arena entrance (SAVE!!) and enter

Second Chimeric Lunar Sea first floor

Enemy Recommended action
Insanity GAAGAG
Swindle BAAABB ?AAA??

Recommended action: Actions that you input !!!! see opened action and see the table to choose which moves that you’ll use.

Your PSP screen will become fuzzy, you’re being poisoned. Your HP and MP will keep decreasing by 1 each time you take a few steps. You need to destroy a tree that located in this area. Go over there, at point (1) there will be an event that leads to 2 choices:

[1] Attack (do this if you have saved your game before for your amusement :D)
[2] stay quiet

They’ll be gone after that event. Now go to the tree’s location and destroy it. Grab 1st trigger that located in this area and then get out.

PS: I level up my servant up to level 14 at this point.

Day 2

There will be an event about Leo and Blackmore. Talk to the girl in front of your class (with yellow bubble). You’ll meet with Rani near the stairs, she’ll ask you to retrieve an item for next 3 days. Go to the Library to read a book about “Yew Tree”.

PS: yellow dialogue for saber’s user. Choose 3rd option (a beloved idol)

Go to 1F and talk to Ms. Fujimura to obtain side quest (obtain “Persimmon“). Go to the Second Chimeric Lunar (1st floor) Sea to obtain 3 items that reveal Blackmore’s servant. You can get the items from:

  • Yew tree location (2); Antique Arrowhead
  • southwest corner of point (4)=> (7) switch; Broken Arrow
  • Point (6); Feather fletchings

You can get Box of Persimmon from treasure chest at point (4) ; it wasn’t there before. Get out from this dungeon.

Day 3

Go to 1st Floor, you’ll be offered by 2 choices:

[1] run to schoolyard
[2] Escape into arena

I wonder how many of you that think run to schoolyard is a wise choice :D. It’s RPG game so I believe you shouldn’t run to schoolyard (what’re you doing there?? playing soccer??):D and it’s true, because if you run to schoolyard, you must load your game again :)). So choose to escape to arena.

At the arena go to exit portal on the north. You’ll see an event and your matrix will increase to level 1.

Day 4

Event and your matrix will increase to level 2. Go to Private room, you may see yellow bubble dialogue on your servant dialogue (I’m using archer, choose the third one to get the best dialogue IMO). Go to Library and read about Yew Bow. Give Box of Persimmon to Ms.Fujimura and then take another request from her. You can get 2nd trigger now, so go to the arena entrance.

PS: Make sure you have obtained 3 items that Rani requests. It’s the last day to obtain them.

Second Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F

New enemy

Name Recommended action

Take Demonic eye blocker (yeah, it’s glasses that Ms. Fujiwara asked for). Open locked door (1) to grab 2nd trigger. Get out from this dungeon.

PS: You’ll only get 99% map completion rate by following the map above. You can get the perfect 100% by seeing screenshot below.

Day 5

Event, go talk to Rani and she’ll tell you to go to the second Chimeric Lunar sea 2F to learn more info. Go over there and fight Blackmore at point (2); only last 3 turns :D. After the battle you’ll obtain 2 keywords (Sherwood Forest and Faceless king) your matrix will increase to level 3.

PS: Make sure you have obtained Demonic eye blocker.

Day 6

You’ll ask your servant about Noble Phantasm (I’m using Archer and then choose Future Victory). Go to Library and read about Faceless king and Sherwood Forest. Give Demonic eye Blocker to Ms. Fujimura and she’ll reward you with Decorative Plant. You’re free to do anything you want at this moment.

PS: I am at level 16 and it’s quite hard to face Blackmore

Day 7

Buy Remedy from the item shop (about 5). Go to your private room and choose to organize your information.Answers correctly (2,1,1) I suggest you to equip Exorcist Blade and Durable gym Clothes (MP+50). Head to 1F adn talk to Kotomine to enter the battle.

BOSS: Robin Hood and Dan Blackmore

First thing to remember is he always uses guard at the beginning of turn, so your first command will always be “Break“. You have equipped exorcist blade, haven’t you?? He usually casts poison shot at the second action every 2 turns, (Explanation: at the first turn if he doesn’t cast it, it means at 2nd turn he WILL CASTS it so use hack at this turn on the second action, on the third turn he won’t use it (use it to heal your servant) and on the 4th turn he’ll cast it again so use hack again :D; see the video if you don’t understand; really sorry if my english is not very good).

He won’t use his noble phantasm as long as you’re in perfect condition (not being poisoned; even if he uses it, it won’t have any effect on you since you’re in perfect condition), so make sure yo r servant is always healthy :D. Blackmore can cast Gain str which will raise Robin’s str (you can’t do anything about this so just let it be). He can cast another spell (wall of thorns) I believe it only does damage (about 200 ;my defense rating is C; so just let it be instead of casting hack).

It’s a tough battle (I died about 2 times) before I figure out his patterns (I just attack him brutally at the beginning :D). Watch the event

Tips From Kuron:

Archer was giving me a hard time as Caster, so I tried to see if he had some kind of attack pattern. It seems to be this,

G S 1 1 1 2 (seems to happen often)
G S 1 2 2 2 (seems to happen often)
G G G 1 2 3 (doesn’t happen often)
G 1 S 2 2 2 (not sure about this one, doesn’t happen often)

G = Guard, S = Skill, # = Random Move

– He always guards his first slot
– Most of the time, the 2nd slot is his skill
– When his HP is under ~1000 or red, his master casts a regen
– When his HP is under ~1000 or red, he casts a skill that lets him attack through your Guards (so buuurn him!)

Feel it. Think about it. Process it. Accept your doubts, but don’t be crippled by them.

Above all, accept the consequences of your actions, and turn all you learn and feel into strength.

Dan Blackmore

Save your game and see an event that leads to dead-end (overture chapter). 😀 good luck…

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  1. Lonewolfsinger says:

    Thanks for all the help and updates. Working with cute Castor chan on lvl 36, hoping to have her Noble Phantasm before facing Robin Hood and Dan Blackmore.

  2. Caster says:

    Swindle missing move: BAGA??

  3. Caster says:

    one action you must know at swindle: BAGA??

  4. keegs says:

    i know a trick if u got caster and unlocked chaos heaven. since he always uses guard as his 1st every time u can use chaos heaven to do good damage and stun his next move that’s his skill. so u can heal then to if need

    • Sakata Desu~! says:

      that skill deal low damage among all of caster spell. know it from seeig it with my own eyes and my lv 34 caster i know more -,-

  5. Saber says:

    there’s no line break between pradox/insanity/fishbite/swindle so confuse me a lot

    • Saber says:

      it’s become difficult which one is insanity/fishbite move(i died almost every encounter fishbite)

  6. Dan Blackmore says:

    Dan Blackmore is my name 😀

  7. ina-chan012 says:

    Excuse me, I just talk to Ms.Fujimura and just about to go to “Second Chimeric Lunar Sea to obtain 3 items that reveal Blackmore’s servant” (check Day 2 above), but I can’t!! The option disabled the Second Chimeric Lunar Sea option! what happened?

    BTW, your guide is very useful. thank you so much!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      3 items that reveal Dan’s servant located on 1st floor. You don’t need to go to 2nd floor to find them. the dungeon’s name is second chimeric lunar sea :D, it’s not on 2nd floor :D. Thanks for using my guide

      • ina-chan012 says:

        thanks back! ^^V oh yeah, at the “Answers correctly (2,1,1)”, u should put (Matrix lv.E). when I saw it, I was become afraid that the matrix wouldn’t increase. about my question earlier, it’s because I play the japan ver, since the US ver hasn’t come out in my country. again, thank you!

  8. Kai says:

    Another recommended moveset for Pradox: GAAGAA 🙂

  9. Silverwane says:

    tks 4 the guide… n i recommend trying ur best at lvling up 10 lvls b4 u reach the main battle wif other servants n masters…. it will help to make ur battle a little simpler….

  10. Ninjastarforce says:

    I found a very little mistake, its not ms.fujiwara but fujimura 😀

  11. izanagi says:

    hey Noobbgodlike I found a seacret path between the cube you get the fortune key and where the road inclines to an exe horn that creates a path. hope this makes it easy to get to the fishheads and other goodies. 🙂

  12. andrew says:

    how do i beat robin hood… I’m using a caster and its really hard
    whats his attack pattern… i need to no so i no wat to do and when to do it…
    also how do i get him down with out killing me instantly…
    i had got him dow to 250 hp… and i was at 633
    he killed me with attacks that were hard to predict…. so i died… so
    can any of u help me?

  13. SoulMagician says:

    I just realized one thing that might be useful or not depending on the situation…

    On the 3rd day of the 2nd round, head to the library and talk to the librarian to know of the usage of the [Square] and [Triangle] button in conversations….

    [Triangle] button to skip one’s conversation at the speed of light
    [Square] button to view said conversation VN style…

  14. SoulMagician says:

    Been meaning to ask, how do you restore a servant’s MP???

  15. drakanor dream says:

    Me again 😛 The listing for the Fishbite that goes: AGGGG? should be AGGGGG because I went for AGGGGB and got bitten.

  16. jasper says:

    thanks a lot for this round 2 guide you rock 🙂

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