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Dark Meadow Guide, Walkthrough and Tips

Exploration Tips:

[0] if you’re playing the paid version of dark meadow, SAVE ALL YOUR BOMBS AND FIRST AID FOR THE LAST BATTLE. The game has very steep difficulty (very easy at the beginning and become insane at the end of the game; 1-2 hits from bosses can kill you, so unless you want to keep re-fighting the boss to study their attack pattern it’s best to use the bombs when fight them; I will tell you when you should use sun bombs).
[0] always check every cabinet on every room, it usually contains gold. The same applied with fire extinguisher cabinet.
[0] you can get a lot of money by opening big treasure chest. You can refresh this big chest by restart your game (exit and then enter the game again).
[0] proceed this game carefully (look carefully for the gem). Gather 10 gems to obtain 10 bonus status points.
[0] always re-enter every sun room after you have died or restart your game. You may find notes, journal, etc that will explain about this game better.

Enemy Tips:

[0] some enemies will have deceiving attack movement. It’s best to block their attack than dodging it (you’ll get better at dodging them as you progress at the game).
[0] Gold monster: this monster is easy to defeat and will give you a lot of exp and bonus exp (25 slash).
[0] Suicide monster: small and easy to kill (only with bow). It gives a lot of gold.

Status distribution tips:

[0] Put all of your statuses at melee until you reach level 30-35. After that put all of your statuses on block. My strategy needs you to have at least 50 block status on your character without any +block modification equipment.
[0] At level 1-10 you get 2 status/level, 11-20 : 3 status/ level, 21-30 : 4 status/level, 31-40: 5 status/level, 41 – 50: 10 status/level. If you collect 10 gems you’ll obtained 10 status but it’s really hard to find one after you have found 9 (phosphor games want to force you to buy  the gems…..)


You’ll see many locked doors. You need to find key to open them. Go to BOSS location on the map. You’ll meet white witch that will attack you. You’re probably going to lose against this creature.  It’s a good thing; you’ll be awake on your room and see a key hang on the wall. Take it, now you can explore 1F freely.

Train and your character up to level 10 and buy latest equipment you can afford at the store. Now go back to BOSS location and fight her again.

BOSS 1: White Witch

Most of her attacks can be dodged by going either right or left (she prefer to attack you from the middle). It’s a good thing if you have about 15-20 blocks ( You can achieve this by change your equipment).

Go upstairs

From now on you can warp to 2F by tap the picture on S1 (1F).


You need to do the same things as you did on 1F. There are many locked doors at the beginning. Head to BOSS and meet white witch. Lose and you can find bronze key on your room (S1 at 1F). Explore 2F while leveling up your character. Try to level up until you reach about lvl 25 (I have 156 melee attack status before trying to challenge her). Her attack patterns is still same as the first version, so good luck :D.


There is only straight path on this section. Keep moving forward and defeat all enemies that appear on your way (16 enemies total). You’ll encounter a powerful angel boss at the end of this area. The boss is very hard……. I suggest you to be about at level 35-40 before challenging this creature…. (I use 8 sun bombs to defeat him..). If you don’t have any sun bombs then raise your block status and keep blocking its attack and counter when you get the chance.

Floor 17

Last area on this game, fight 3 enemies while moving forward and you’ll meet with

Trickster 1

Very easy….low damage and health. Take treasure chest beside him after defeating him

Trickster 2

Things getting harder in here…. His damage is insane but he only reduces your block a little (1-2). I suggest you to have about 80 block statuses on your characters. Take first aid kit on the wall and then continue

Trickster 3

It’s not much different than Trickster 2. If you manage to beat trickster 2 then you should be able to defeat this one too.


There are 2 endings on this game. The first one is by touching the white witch and the second is by click on the pool on behind you. Try to touch the trickster if you want to know what happen :D.

Congratulations you just beat this damn game. It’s good but really go downhill after the update they make.

You can play at new game +. You keep all statuses, items, and wapons, but your level reset to one and all library scripts are gone too. Try to gather as much money as you can first, the enemy will gives you a lot of experience but their gold is really low.

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28 Responses to “Dark Meadow Guide, Walkthrough and Tips”

  1. Mariza says:

    I can’t kill the trickmaster. Please tell me how! I Have been trying but not posible!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s just like what I have described on post above. Try to level up and gather more moneys.

    • Popo says:

      Just Get the sword of montclaire. ItS not impossible. I did it via getting the best extra gold items equipped altogether. Ittl make all bosses easy. Also get defence. Its better that block.

  2. Augustoo says:

    Hi all!
    just a question, it was just me or someone else also saw a 7 and a 8th combo in those x’rays boards, i forgot to write it down and now i cant find it anymore.
    Those anyone else saw that ?

  3. trebor says:

    I ended the game and went for the negame+. I am really disapointed as it is now very difficult to collect gold (while I got like 1k gold per bag, now I get only around 100). I though I had to level up to overcome this problem and now I’m level 35 but it had no effect. Can anyone tell me how to get more gold? Thx!!!

  4. Herr Schrodinger says:

    What is the total amoumt of med packs you can carry?
    (I play the free version)

  5. michael says:

    excuse me how many sum bomb can kill that angel ?
    I said i didn’t do combat on it because I only have 35 sumbomb
    I also want to know how many sum bomb can kill the trickster 2
    and in good ending may i fight the trickster 3??
    sorry i have many question?
    because I take all my sun coins to buy 35sun bomb T0T
    I’m free version

  6. LindsaY says:

    The game is Terri my long and I can’t wait around to level up and experiment with my deaths. What happens if you click the trickster??!!
    So curious.

  7. player-1 says:

    what happens if you tap on the trickster at the ending?

  8. toon says:

    i think this game is so less story less information less reason
    they have only 2 boss white witch and trickter this game is easiler then infinity blade small room mean no need to write backgrond like infinity blade less move [like infi 1]
    but the infi 2 is better

    this game is too hard for free version

  9. toon says:

    i play in free version so i will tell you they just same
    but the sun coin you need to buy with your money but in paid version you can buy sun coin with coin that good!
    i still paid 50 dollarUSA for 8750 sun coin in free version
    the game is so easy [if u have best weapon like me]
    but a monster can kill easily by using 1 bomb but the boss ithink
    need 10

  10. Schmidt says:

    I play the free version and I think that its very similar, though I’m not sure about the weapons and stuff at the store. I challenged the witch for the elevator with only 90 melee damage with all the buffs on levels. I got to the trickster and defeated him as the old man then when he transformed I died with only two hits. I stopped the fight coz I ran out of sun coins, I was only lvl 18 with a hammerhead sword. The angel boss is quite hard but his moves are simple if you familiarize with his slashes, also I used two sunburst bombs on him and needed some medkits too, haha. I need more sun coins for medkits to finish the trickster… Right now, I’m back on the first floor… Getting ready… 😛

    • noobbgodlike says:

      On paid version you can buy sun weapons using your gold. Sun coins only used for bombs and first aid kit. I suggest you to buy the paid version to support the developer, the game is worth the money IMO. The angel attack patterns is simple but if they hit you then….. I dont want to waste my time to climb the tower again

      • Schmidt says:

        I defeated the trickster. I am level 29and used 16 medkits with no sunburst bombs. Lol. I only have 36 blocks so I dodge. Epic game!!!!

  11. Carmela says:

    I’m still at powerful angel boss on the 16th 🙁 err.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm what version do you playing? if it’s the free version then I really have no idea what kind of equipment they give to you. But if you play paid version you should have 15 sun bombs, use them to kill it :D. The angel is really hard.. (harder than last bosses..; probably the hardest boss in game). If you play paid version, make sure you update to latest version and gather sun coins (it’s become easier since the latest update :D) and then buy sun bombs to kill it.

    • Crystal Foxc says:

      I don’t blame you. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOO TOUGH!

  12. mojibun says:

    Thank you. So good walkthrough.

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