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Dead Space 2 Guide: Chapter 1 (Escape from The Hospital)

After you have seen the event, run toward north quickly. Go through the narrow corridor (you should see a wheel chair) ant then go left immediately when you have passed this corridor. You should see another wheelchair and a new path (to the secure area :D), turn to the right and follow the path to the right. Follow the path and there’ll be a surprise (TAP THE BUTTON that appears in your screen repeatedly; for PC version it’s an “E” button). I believe your health is red now :D.

You can save your game by checking the wall nearby (camera icon). Enter the door nearby (right of the save point). You’ll see 2 unlucky guys :D, go northeast and keep following the path. Go upstairs and then enter the door nearby. You’ll arrive at bright room, go either right or left and then follow the path (red line in the right screenshot) so you can continue (you can’t go north immediately because the path is blocked).

Enter the door nearby; go through the corridor to the new room. You’ll see an event in this room, check the yellow board to obtain small med health (you’ll be instructed to use it immediately) and our awesome flashlight :D. Our friend‘ll do some “performance” here, so go to the next door and enter the elevator.

Continue and use your indicator (B button for PC). Follow blue line to the dark room. Use your flash light (aim button; RIGHT CLICK in PC), keep moving forward until you see a locked door. You can find an audio log near that locked door. Continue following the blue line to get out from this room. There is a save point here, so save your game mate :D.

Enter the door nearby and keep following the path. Check the duct entrance so you can go inside. Just crawl in the duct until you fall from there. Check the panel near the body of the unlucky guy nearby.

You’ll obtain a new ability (kinesis; Aim button then “F” in PC). Grab anything in this room (patient body :D??) and then throw it to the glass wall nearby. It’ll trigger necromorphs coming toward you. You can defeat them by using stick + kinesis. You can get the stick from where the patient was before (one stick should be enough to kill the enemy). After you have defeated them , follow blue line (locator) to the elevator (there is a small med pack inside the elevator).

Press the button inside the elevator so you can descends (it’s not automatic). Get out and there’ll be another necromorphs attack you. You can find many deadly stick in this room (right of the elevator), so it’s easy to kill them. Go to the lowest platform in this room, there is a white box in the wall on the left end and right end (total 2; one on each side). Go to the next room when you’re done (right of the elevator; you can reach the room by going to the lowest platform first).

Follow the path and make sure you stomp (space button in PC) every corpse you find throughout the game to obtain credits or ammo. Use melee attack when you’re being told to do it  at the corpse in the wheel chair.  Go to the next room.

You’ll hear someone screaming but don’t go there yet. Go to the right room first and then check the box on the wall (you can’t open the red one!!). Go north and then enter the room next to the room where the person scream and then check the table nearby to obtain plasma cutter ammo.

Enter the room where the patient screams and then check the panel behind him. You’ll obtain plasma cutter, kill 2 necromorphs that coming to you (You can aim for their head or try to cut their limbs). Don’t forget to stomp them to obtain extra ammo or credits. Continue and kill the necro which lies on the bed. Go to the room nearby it obtain plasma cutter ammo and item from the white box (500 credits for me).

Continue enter the door behind the necro. Go to the next room to find a save point and continue to the door nearby. You’ll see an aquarium (it’s bulletproof LOL :D), take the right path. Follow the path and then go to the left room (there are a corpse?? behind the blanket) to take 1000 credits.

You will be attack by 3 necros but you already have a plasma cutter, so too bad for them. Go north and you’ll see another branching path. Go right first, check the white box and don’t forget to stomp the corpse (I get plasma cutter ammo). Backtrack and then go to the left room.

Take the plasma cutter ammo before you progress further and then keep following the path until you arrive at another branching path.

-left path: there is a text log in small room.

-north path: dead end with 2 locked doors (I find plasma cutter ammo on the table and small med pack on the northeast part of the area). You can also find a white box.

-right path: continue your journey.

You’ll arrive at a room with a red light. There will be a person calling you, follow the person while you’re taking all items along the path. The door will be closed when you’re near the person. Stand on that place and prepare for the necro attacks (you need to kill about 4-5 necros). Go north and then go inside the new unlocked door. Check the desk to obtain power node, plasma cutter ammo, and text log. Go to the next room, you can save your game in this area. Continue to the next room.

Check the panel nearby to trigger a puzzle. You need to press fire button(left click in PC) when the light on the panel become blue (you’ll also hear a sound when it becomes blue), do it 3 times. There will be an enemy appear. Use your stasis (aim then C button) to stop its movement and then kill it immediately.

Stomp the corpse to obtain item and a text log. You can recharge your stasis by checking the panel on the left or right side. Check the panel in the middle of this room to open the door and then cast stasis at the door so you can pass it.

Continue and you‘ll meet a new type of necro in the corridor, they are tougher than ordinary necro that you have fought. Go inside the red light room and then check the table to obtain power node(2) (there are also 2 white boxes on the wall). Continue to the elevator (maybe you need to wait a while before the elevator can reach you).

Get out from the elevator and there’ll be another branching path,

– North part: check the table to obtain power node (3) and you can also obtain text log from the floor nearby.

– West (left) part: dead end

– East (right): Continue your journey

Enter the door where you can see a caution board on right of it (I find plasma cutter ammo nearby). Enter the room and it’ll trigger an event (shoot the red triangle lockdown to trigger an emergency door). Continue to the next door; go to the end of the corridor because you may find plasma cutter ammo. Backtrack a little to the save room. SAVE YOUR GAME and buy engineering armor from the store. You can also find a power node in this room (north of the room entrance).

Keep following the path until you arrive at a big room go north to the pile of junk and you’ll be attacked by a large necro. Shoot his arms(or legs??) to kill this thing quickly (Use stasis to stop its movement so you can aim it more easily).

Tips: you can destroy many green boxes in this room to obtain ammo. There is also a stasis charge in the south part of this room, so don’t hesitate to use stasis when you were fighting this monster. Don’t’ forget to take gold semiconductor after you have killed this thing.

Continue through the corridor until you arrive at the small room. Check the room for scattered credits (I get 2500 credit total 😀 ). Go north and remove the board from duct entrance (kinesis) so you can go in. Follow the path and you’ll arrive at small room with a store.

4 power node

Main menu


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17 Responses to “Dead Space 2 Guide: Chapter 1 (Escape from The Hospital)”

  1. Josh says:

    Hi are you gonna post chapter 7 through the end of dead space 2? Lost without your guide, used it for the first 6 chapters now I’m lost!

  2. Sims says:

    I beat the boss at chapter 1 . Used the b button to see where i needed to go and found out the door i was going to was locked. I am in the same room where i beat the boss. Now im stuck in here. I restarted this level more than 10 times and im still stuck. Do you think this is a glitch? If so, how can i fix this?

    Thank you

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, I really don’t know what caused your problem, yes maybe it’s a glitch but I am not sure …

      • Sims says:

        I tried over and over but it wont open. its the door just before you go to the the train or whatever it is

      • Sims says:

        After Daina stops talking about the tram station, I have an added objective . I follow the blue line to the door and its locked. Isnt it supposed to be open? I watched a walkthrough video on this and the door was opened. However in my game its locked. Is there a way to get through this?

        • Sims says:

          Also, i’ve read your guide. My question is what is the gold semiconductor for? Is it some sort of key?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you can sell it for money at the shop

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Please reply in the correct section next time. Tram section is at chapter 2, isn’t it?
          Yeah the train door should be open, Just go to the door (follow the blueline) and you should see a parasite infected a human, then the train door should be open.

  3. eno says:

    {ontinue through the corridor until you arrive at the small room. Check the room for scattered credits (I get 2500 credit total 😀 ). Go north and remove the board from duct entrance (kinesis) so you can go in. Follow the path and you’ll arrive at small room with a store.}
    man Im stucked here in the last thing in the firest chapter I used the kinesis on the board but nothing happens, the door still closed!!

  4. badkarm4 says:

    What he meant was, he had caplocks on and couldn’t use any swtiches! 😀

  5. Rzezacz says:

    Im trying to do the first part but i cant open the door i tried to tap the e button slowly then when the cross opens then very fast but the door wont open :/ pls help

    • noobbgodlike says:

      do you read my guide???I think I already wrote the solution on it. If You believe that I am not write it please tell me the exact location where you stuck (tell me after which sentence you have stuck, so I can tell you how to overcome the problem).

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