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Dead Space 2 Guide: Chapter 3 (Cassini residence)

Go back to where the train fall and check the shelf nearby (leftside) to obtain the pulse rifle schematic (there is also a destructible box below of it).  You can also find power node from the wall southwest of this area. Continue to save point and enter the door nearby.

You’ll see a shadow on the wall, kill necro that appear and grab an item from the white box on the wall. Continue and you’ll arrive at toy store area. Go right to take credits on the floor, continue north and there’ll be necro kid attacking you.

Tips: run north so you don’t get attacked from both sides and then use stasis to slow their movement.

There is a store right of the door, so organize your inventory and buy a new weapon if you want. Now go inside the elevator and you’ll arrive at a shopping area. Go left (follow blue locator line) and take a text log near the salon. Keep following blue line until you can see a yellow symbol on the wall (there is a text log right of it). Hack the panel beside the elevator to fix it.

Enter the elevator and descend, take another text log from the table near the elevator exit. Move forward and a group of necros will attack you. You can easily kill them all by shooting the glass behind them. It will create a vacuum and you need to shoot the red triangle to trigger an emergency gate. If you want to obtain some credits or ammo, kill them manually which I don’t recommend because you’ll also lose some ammo when you’re fighting them. Enter the duct nearby after you have defeated them.

You’ll arrive at the new area; destroy green boxes on the edge of the corridor. Go right and you should be able to see a video about kinesis (try it on the necro that hung up on the wall). Ignore “zero G Garbage Compactor” room for now. Continue follow blue line from your locator and you’ll arrive at small room with a bench and a save point. Check the panel to shutdown the garbage system.

Now go back to zero G room and move toward to the next area. You arrive at zero gravity area (press alt button to hover around). Go to southwest room first to obtain a power node and some items from the white locker. Go northeast to continue and check the panel at the end of this corridor to open a new path. Go back to the previous area and go to the path you just opened.

Keep going while avoid all the things that coming to you. There is a door on the rightside of this area, so go there (cassini tower). Follow the path and destroy the green boxes before you turn to the left. The light will go out, so continue carefully. Use kinesis to pick up the blue glowing object and put it on the left socket.

You can also unlock the right door by using a power node. There is credits, ammo, and medium health pack inside.

Now go to the elevator and go down. Check the glowing object near the elevator to obtain a power node. Continue to the next door (you should see “objective complete”), enter the north room and take a text log from the table left of this room. You‘ll meet a new type of necros in this room.

Tips: use stasis and then stomp them, so you can save your ammo for more important thing :D.

Go right following blue line to the bloody bedroom. Head to the next door and turn to the right to obtain stasis pack. Back track and enter the door ahead. Daina will contact you and you’ll see a ship. Keep following the blue line until you reach the elevator.  Get out and save your game, continue to a big room.

You’ll face a group of necros in this room (WATCH YOUR BACK). There is a Javelin spears schematic on the bottom left (northwest) part of this room (go left immediately from where you arrive). Go right when you have killed them and obtained all items in this room. Run forward when you’re being shot by a large ship. You’ll arrive at a churchlike room and Daina will contact you.

  • 3 power node
  • 4 text log
  • pulse schematic
  • javelin spear schematic
  • 1 node locked door

main menu


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