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Dead Space 2 Guide: Chapter 4 (Unitologist Church)

From the main entrance, go left first to a big room (you’ll see a pop up message about advanced locator). Go right and enter the door nearby to obtain a text log in a small room. Go upstairs and ignore save room (green line from your locator), go to another door that leads to the library to obtain power node and another text log.

Tips: Upgrade your equipment and re-organize your inventory at the save room

Go back to the starting point and go to the right door now. Enter the small room on your left to obtain an audio log, go upstairs to a corridor. Kill the parasite quickly before it infects more corpses in this corridor. Follow the path to the lower floor; you should see 2 parasites in the area. Kill them quickly because there are many corpses scattered in this room. Go to the elevator that located in the middle of this room.

Get out from the elevator and follow the path to a branching path. Ignore the right path (it’ll tell you to break the fuse to open the door, but it’s useless because the door leads to previous area). So, go to the big door in the middle, grab all random ammo that scattered in this room. Now enter the small room on your right. Take the text log near the corpse, your goal is to move small circuit (kinesis symbol) from panel 1 to panel 2.

Get out from the room and necros will come to attack you. Shoot the window behind them to trigger a vacuum room (shoot the red triangle to trigger an emergency gate). Use stasis at the door when it’s in a close position so you can quickly pass it when it goes up (there is a stasis charge near the door in case you don’t see it). Save your game and move forward, check the shelf on your left to obtain  the security suit schematic and random ammo. Go inside the duct now and follo the path until you arrive at the outside.

Grab a power node from the table and go to the next door. Left door will leads you back to the area with a big door (one room before you shot a window).So, go right to the dark balcony, there is an ammo and 2 green boxes at the rightmost of this balcony. Backtrack a little and go inside the cargo lift.

When you have arrived at the lower floor, follow blue line from your locator. The door will be broken and Daina will contact you. Try to go to the middle of this room and immediately go back to the broken door when you’re able to see a new type of necro coming. This necro will charge toward you and then run away when it already hit you :(. So, it is important to fight it in a small and narrow room (the broken door area is a perfect spot to fight them). You need to kill 4 of them to trigger a dialogue with Daina.

Tips: Use your stasis to stop their charge. I also use javelin secondary attack to kill it quickly.

Use your locator and follow blue line to another cargo lift. Hack the panel beside the cargo and go inside the cargo. As you get out from the cargo, go left to obtain a power node and then go right to the next door. Keep going to the end of this corridor (ignore the big door for now; your locator destination). Destroy the fuse and enter the door. You arrive at the room that leads to the library and save point (gift shop) at the beginning of this chapter.

Tips: save your game and don’t forget to buy a new armor (security suit)!! I suggest you to buy the pulse rifle now if you didn’t buy it before. I also upgrade my javelin spears (I really love this weapon :D).

Backtrack and enter the big door which you ignored before. Move forward and prepare to fight a bunch of necros.

Tips: Use pulse rifle to kill small necros and use stasis to hinder the movement of the normal necros.

Continue forward the back of this room and enter a small room. Save your game here.


  • 3 power node
  • 4 text/audio log
  • security suit schematic

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