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Dead Space 2 Guide: Chapter 5 (Daina..)

I won’t tell you the location of the enemy on the map because it’s a horror game. It will ruin your game if I told you however maybe some spoiler can’t be avoided (I try to minimize it :D).

From save point go north and you’ll arrive at the area that on the map.

Important: I don’t know whether the destructible panel location is fixed or not (I have tried it 2 times and it’s fixed but if you find it random please tell me by leaving a comment).

Destroy the panel to obtain an item. There is nothing out of ordinary or puzzle in this area so just proceed to part 2.

Move to brown area in my map and take a text log near the gravity panel (you can’t do anything on the panel though). Go down by using a cargo lift. You’ll see a lot of stasis charge below and you’ll need it later :D.

Grab the ripper schematic (located on the northeast of this room). You need to do some puzzle solving in this room.

1st. hack the panel in the panel to trigger a giant mechanism (there is a power node)

2nd. Cast stasis at the giant ring and then use kinesis at the kinesis symbol (see the screenshot) to stop the ring’s movement. You need to activate all the kinesis system to solve this puzzle (the ring must be kept in “stasis” status). Don’t forget there is a lot of stasis charge nearby so use them :D.

Once you’re done and the room will become a zero gravity room. You can float again now (alt button in PC) and go up. Use stasis at the giant fan so you can pass through it. Keep going up and use stasis again so you can go to top area (there will be a coffin coming out from the hole, so wait until that coffin pass through and then quickly move through the hole.

On the top area, there is a med pack schematic. MAKE SURE YOU OBTAIN IT BEFORE YOU LAND AND RETURN THE GRAVITY BACK TO NORMAL (land at the nearby platform and check the panel). Enter nearby door and follow the path to the store (buy a ripper if you want, it’s pretty good).Continue to big wide room.

You can go left to obtain random item (I get 100o credits ) use kinesis to move 3 things that blocks your save point and the duct entrance.

Crawl inside the duct until you fall from it. Take 10.oo credits on the northeast of this room (see the map). Continue to the next area and pick the line rack schematic. There are also 2 random ammo on the opposite side of the schematic’s location. Don’t forget to destroy a green box to obtain item. Exit through the left door.

Follow the path in this corridor and kill a new type of necros that appear. Continue follow the path until you arrive at a big room.

Tips: I use Javelin to kill this thing (it takes 1 normal shoot and 1 special attack to kill this thing.

Shoot the yellow part of the giant necro until it runs away. Go upstairs to the place where the giant necro fled and take med pack health over there. Continue until you go  inside into the elevator.

Tips: You’ll be attacked by a bunch of necros when the giant necro has fled. Use pulse rifle to kill kid necros easily (it only takes one bullet in normal difficulty, so don’t waste your ammo).

Get out from the elevator and save your game on nearby save point (look at my map). There is also power node and detonator schematic in this room. Continue northeast when you’re done here to see an event with Daina.

Event and

Shoot the yellow part of the giant necro to make this thing let you go. Run to Kinesis symbol and use Kinesis to move the door to the left. Keep running away until you trigger an event. Shoot the red canister to end this chapter.

Awesome 😀


  • 2 power node
  • 1 audio/text log
  • detonator schematic
  • line racks schematic

main menu


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