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Dead Space 2 Guide: Chapter 6 (baby..)

You start at the cult room (south part of my map). Go south to point (1), you can find a power node over there. Don’t forget to pick up random ammo/ credits that scattered nearby. Go north to point (2) to save your game. make sure you head to point (3) and check the southeastern part of this room to obtain a seeker rifle schematic. Continue north to a corridor. You can go left to a bedroom to obtain a credit/ammo. Go east to point (4) and enter the elevator.

From the elevator follow the path to a big room (6). Take random item/ammo that scattered in this room. Go north and you’ll meet with a new enemy (pregnant necro).

TIPS: Use stasis to stop its movement and aim its hand. I suggest you not to shoot his stomach, it will kill this thing faster but many small necros will come from it to attack you. So, it’s your choice man :D.

After you have killed one of the pregnant necros, there will be another one coming from south. Backtrack to point (5) because you’ll fight 2 crawler necros (3 times). They are quick (like licker from RE 2 if you have played that game :D).

After you’re sure that there are no necros around, continue north to a store. Buy a power node from the store (if you don’t have any) and continue west. You’ll see some kind of landmine before you reach point (7).

Tips:  It takes one shoot from javelin spear to kill this thing

Be careful when you’re go north through the red zone in my map. Land mine necro scattered in the red zone, so walk north (in aim mode) along the path and kill it when necessary. Check the door at point (8) and use power node to open it (I already told you to bring power node , right?). Grab ammo, items, credits, and bronze semiconductor inside.

Go east to the next area (to zero gravity area). Go north and you’ll see a burned entrance which makes you can’t progress further. To put off the fire you need to remove 3 batteries from the generator. Batteries 1 and 2 (B1 and B2) are easy to take out (located on 1st floor). Battery 3 located on the upper platform, so you need to float and then take it from 2nd floor.

Go northwest to the next door (you only have 120 second) while taking one of the batteries with kinesis (you need to un-kinesis it when you’re opening the door though, but don’t forget to take it again once the door open).

Go north and a voice will tell you that the battery needs to be replaced. So, replace the battery with the one you have brought. Enter the elevator then :D.

From the elevator, go east to the save point to save your game. Take a power node from the box on the south of this room. Break the fuse on the wall (1) and then go downstairs. Go to point (2) and you should notice familiar enemies coming at you. Backtrack to point (3) quickly.

Tips: The necro won’t be dare to enter the room in point (3) so it’s a prefect spot to fight these charger necro. Move forward a little and wait until the necro attack you (they will attack you individually). Shoot them and then move backward to room in point (3) (it will cancel their charge attack :D). You can also use stasis to kill them more easily.

I use javelin spears, so I only need to shoot one spear and then move backward while using electric shock (javelin spears special attack). You need to kill about 6 of them.

After you have defeated them all go to point (4) and hack the panel nearby (don’t forget to charge your stasis by using stasis charge nearby).

Note: I don’t include box location in yellow area, because I am too confused :D. But make sure you check the top of the box. Use kinesis to take an item and green boxes (I found one stasis pack).  Make sure you check blue icon in my map to obtain an extra items/ credits.

Continue west to point (5) to trigger an event with a woman. After event, don’t go into the elevator yet. Go to point (6) and you should be able to see and obtain the pulse round schematic.

Go to the elevator and you’ll arrive at save point and store (1). Take power node from east store.

Tips: use kinesis to lift a corpse and throw it to the necromine instead of destroying it by using your ammo.

Note: there are many necromines in this area. Use Kinesis at the corpse and throw it to them. Make sure you’re not  running blindly when you’re fighting necro in this room because there are many necromines!!.

Continue north and you’ll arrive at an interesting place (babycare center/school or whatever :D). Move to point (2), wait here and see through the window if you want to know why this game is rated for 18+ (Is she retard ???). Continue northwest to point (3) and you’ll meet new and cute enemies.

Tips: they are like an exploder necro which will explode when they die, so keep your distance when you’re fighting them (one bullet from pulse rifle will puff them). Move forward to a new save point (make sure you take text log over there).

Move to point (4), and explore this area (you may meet with one strong blacksuit necro; it takes more bullet to kill this thing, but it will reward you with 3000 credits). Go west to point (5) and hack the panel over there. After hacking the panel successfully, prepare to fight a bunch of baby and kid necros.

Tips: The most efficient weapon for this job is pulse rifle. You only need one shoot to kill them and it has a large capacity (I upgraded it once, so my pulse have 75 ammo) which mean you don’t need to reload much than using the other weapon.

Don’t forget to take an item from white box near the door before you exit from this room. Go to point (6) and obtain another text log in this chapter. There is also a flamethrower schematic in this room (yesss, a new weapon :D). Go west and enter the elevator.

You’ll find alot of ammo and green boxes around (it’s really obvious that something is gonna happen), so save your game. and continue to the next area. You’ll trigger an event in the big room. After an event you’ll face a giant necro.

Tips: Use stasis when he charging at you (don’t try to run away without putting him into stasis mode, he is faster than you :D). Always aim for the yellow spot (I use pulse rifle in this battle but you may find another weapon more effective than pulse rifle).

There is also stasis bottle or what ever it’s called on the east side of this room (w The direction based on where you first arrive in this room). Throw it to this thing (use kinesis). 3 stasis (1 from stasis bottle and 2 from your stasis ability) should be enough to kill this thing :D.

Grab ruby semi conductor after you have killed it. Continue to your objective (blue line in locator). Pick all the item and green boxes along the way (there is nothing important in here though; only ammo and credit). Continue until you arrive at blue corridor.

Shoot the blue device that emitting laser. At the end of the path you’ll meet with somekind of necro in the wall (there is also 3-tails necro over there).

Tips: Use pulse rifle special attack (grenade) to kill them instantly 😀

Enter the elevator nearby.

  • 2 power node
  • 2 text log
  • seeker rifle schematic
  • pulse round schematic
  • flamethrower schematic

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