Posted on Feb 2, 2011

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 2 Train

You can buy a new weapon from the store in the train station. There is also a bench to upgrade your weapons, health, and stasis. Save at least 1 power node because you’ll need it later.

P.S: I upgrade my health at this point because I don’t know which weapon that I should upgrade at this moment.

Continue to the next room, you may find plasma cutter ammo in the escalator but be careful because there is a necromorph waiting for you. Move forward and you should be able to see a save point nearby, so save your game if you want. There is a locked door nearby that can be unlocked by a power node.Unlock it and take all items inside (ammo, text log, and schematic power node).

Continue to the next room, move forward a little bit and then check the left side of the corridor to obtain a power node. Follow the path to the elevator and then push the button inside. You’ll see another unlucky man while you descend :D. Continue right (left path is a dead end) and a familiar man will contact you (Remember to destroy/stomp the green box on the floor to obtain extra ammo/credits).

Continue and go to the left room (small bed room) to obtain some credits. Use locator and follow blue line. It’ll lead to a laundry, go to the left part of this room (washing machine) to obtain credits. Try to go to the next room and….

Tips: you may need to use more powerful weapon than plasma cutter to make things easier, so don’t hesitate to use your javelin gun or whatever :D.

Continue follow blue line from your locator to the another corridor. Move to the end of this corridor to obtain a text log. Backtrack a little to the elevator (I find small med pack near the corpse). Go down by using the elevator and you‘ll find a save point there.

Go to the small bed room on the left (You may find ammo here). Continue to the next area (you’ll see an explosion from a ship), proceed and kill all necromorphs that appear. You can get gold semiconductor from left side of the escalator (you need to use kinesis to obtain it). Try to proceed; you’ll hear some funny sounds. There will be an new type of necromorphs, shoot the glowing part of its body to kill this thing easily (don’t kill them when they’re close to your position).

The door will be opened after you have killed them. Continue and you’ll arrive at boarding area, go to the right side of this area and you should be able to see a blue glowing object on the lower ground (use kinesis to grab it; stasis pack schematic). Try to go inside the train and you’ll see a parasite (looks like a stingray) that can create a necromorph. Kill it first because it can continue creating necromorph from the corpse!!

Continue to the end of this train and hack the panel like you did before. The train will start to move now; prepare to fight necros while you’re boarding in this train. Your goal is to move to the other side of this train. Direct Isaac when he trying to reach the next train (don’t get hit by a door :D). Continue forward and keep killing necros that come to you. You’ll see an event and must fight necromorphs while hung up on the train.

Tips: always watch left side and right side !! and make sure you kill exploding necro while it still far away from you.

You’ll see a giant necro pop up from the train, shoot the glowing part of its body to kill it and end this chapter.


  • 2 text/audio log
  • 1 power node
  • stasis schematic
  • power node schamatic

main menu


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12 Responses to “Dead Space 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 2 Train”

  1. Mirza says:

    hey2…I just played the dead space 2 right now and I have the same trouble…I am at the part of the game in which I have to fly from 1 tram to another. I press “E” (like a mad man jerking) when the games signals so,, but I cannot get aboard the next tram just fall down in many times, Is there a tip or bug there..?or maybe there’s something missing on my game file?I need ur help to finish these game

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Just use walkthrough on the gamefaqs :D.

    • Rex says:

      Just change resolution (settings/visuals/resolution), and continue hitting “E” button. That will do. I am using windows 8. My resolution was 1600×900, 60Hz. I’ve changed resolution to 800×600, 60Hz, and fixed the problem. Once you accomplish the task, return resolution to previous setting. Keep in mind that this type of problem will arise few more time during the game. Solve the problem by repeating the same procedure.

      • GhostNoob says:

        Thanks. For some reason it worked. Just have to keep trying though. Try coming in high and to the right.

  2. chris leigh says:

    Hmm I have been trying for a week now thought about contacting the game company as it may be a bug. Im using Windows 7 is there a patch for this problem??? I cant get past it even used a high speed vibrating motor on the E key still no go it must be a glitch? Any one got any clue?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      DOn’t know, Many people seem to have the same problem as you do. Try to restart the game from the beginning or re-install the game

    • Marcelo says:

      Well, I’ve tried to solve that jump glitch (Dead Space 2 for PC) using whatever hints some people posted into the forums and it didn’t work. I was about to give up when I tried this and “Hey! He’s in!”. So, the way I did it is (using Res. 1024 x 768 x 85Hz):

      1. Before jumping, I re-assign the alternate Key for “activate” from “Intro” to one of the toggle switch (one similar to “Capital Bloq.” used for aim) on the keyboard like for example “Scroll Lock”. The program didn’t let me to assign that function to “Bloq. Num”. Main “activate” is still the “E” key.

      2. I open the door and Isaac jumps. After jump, while he’s dodging the exploding doors, I set the new alternate key “On”.

      3. Then, as usual, I start to strike the “E” key (while alternate is still set to “On”, you can see the led). In my case it worked and I hope it also does it for you. Perhaps the combination “filters” the program glitch, I don’t know but, as it worked, I really don’t care.

  3. ali says:

    when i jump from train to another and fly, it says press E when im near the train

    well i keep pressing E over and over, but he always fall down, ive been stuck in this since yesterday.

    any help please:/

    • Firgman says:

      Hiya , got exactly the same. Tried evrything and searched internet for an answer but still nothing works. Don’t suppose you have found an answer yet???

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