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Dragon Land Episode 2 All Crystals and Keys Location Guide

Dragon Land Episode 2 All Crystals and Keys Location Guide

All the crystals and keys location are included on the video, so simply watch them if you still can’t find them after reading the guide.

==2 – 1==

Dragon Land Episode 2 1 crystal location

Only 1 crystal here, near the finish area where you are told to glide using blaze. Go back and climb the hill (using rocky) to find the gift box which contain the crystal.

==2 – 2==

Dragon Land Episode 2 2 crystal location

The crystal, after passing cracking platform there will be a high hill. Climb the hill, it’s before the gate with a lot of flying enemies.

Dragon Land Key 2 2 Location

The key, climb the spiky hill near the rotating wooden platform, see the video for the guide.

==2 – 3==

Dragon Land Key and 1 st crystal 2 3

Key, You won’t miss the key. You will see when you progress the level normally.

1st crystal, near the place where you obtain the key, head back a little to find a portal to a secret level. Complete it to obtain the crystal.

Dragon Land last crystal 2 3

2nd crystal, You need to kill all flying enemies with the blue aura to make the crystal appear. See the video if you need a hint on how to do it.

==2 – 4==

Dragon Land Crystal on episode 2 4

Only one crystal, you can get it on the secret level (blue portal) which located just before the finish line.

==2 – 5==

Dragon Land Secret Area 2 5

Secret area: climb the hill with coins (where you see pale brown dragon moving around). There are no crystals on this secret area.

Dragon Land 2 5 1st crystal

Crystal, on the spiky area, take the bottom path. You will find the crystal there.

Key, after jumping the rotating platform (after finding the crystal). Move pass the stomping pillar, you will find a platform, jump and follow the path to find the key.

The video below is a guide for 2- 6 to 2 – 10


Dragon Land crystal location

1st crystal, defeat enemies with blue aura to make a gift box appear. You will get the crystal from that box. You won’t miss the enemies because you will pass this place if you want to finish this level.

Dragon Land 2 6 2nd crystal

2nd  crystal, it’s located on the bonus area. The bonus area portal located on the spiky area on this level.

Dragon land 2 6 key

Key, near the finish line. Open the gift box above the spiky floor to find the key.


Dragon Land 2 7 crystal

Crystal, defeat blue aura enemy which located on the rightmost, to break the fence. Climb the top to get the crystal (Note: the crystal is not on the gift box, keep climbing to the top)

Dragon Land the 2 7 Last key

Key, Climb the spiky wall near the finish line to find the key.

==2 – 8==

Dragon Land Secret path 2 8 to blue portal

Only 1 crystal on this level, it’s located on the bonus area. You can find the portal to the bonus area, near the area where you see the cannon. Move forward a little bit and you should see a small pit with a coin. Walk to the left to find it (see the video for the exact location.

==2 – 9==

The crystals on this level are really hard to miss, you will see them all but may have a little bit of problem to get them. See the video for a hint.

==2 – 10==

Dragon Land 2 10 crystal

You can see the crystal immediately when level start. Use the small platform on the right to climb the higher ground so you can jump to the left hill to get your crystal.

The last crystal can be obtained after you defeat the boss.

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  1. Elisabetta says:

    Hi I used to use samsung and i have recently got iphone 6s (my first iphone finally) and i have realized that there is an update for ios so can you please make a walkthrough of level 2-2 (5 levels instead of 10) because i can’t find the last key anywhere thanks in advance

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      Hi, I want to update the guide but the main problem is I can’t replay the old level because it already says that I already get all keys. So, I don’t know the location of the new keys.

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    u miss a crystal at 2=7

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