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Dragon Land Episode 3 All Crystals, Keys, and Secrets Location Guide

==3 – 1==

Dragon land 3 -1 key

Key, climb the wall near the climb sign. It’s near the starting point of this level.

dragon land 1st crystal 3 1

1st Crystal, climb the spiky wall with the climb sign.

Dragon Land last crystal 3 1

Last crystal, jump down to the land below the waterfall (near the finish line, there is a jumping platform). Enter the bonus area and take the crystal there.

== 3 – 2 ==

Dragon Land 3 2 key location

Key, in the beginning of the level you will see rotating flying enemies and a black dragon. There is a key on the hill nearby.

Dragon Land 3 2 bonus level to get crystal

Crystal, near the finish line jump down to the right land to find a bonus area. You can get the crystal there.

== 3 – 3 ==

Obtain all blue coins near the finish line, you won’t miss these blue coins, they’re easy to find.

== 3 – 4 ==

Dragon Land 3 4 1st key

1st key, destroy the boxes where you can see 4 bombers.

Dragon Land 3 4 key 2nd

2nd key, on the green platform, where you can see a lot of cannon.

Dragon Land 3 4 crystal 1

1st crystal, climb the wall where you can see many square stone with face.

Dragon Land last cryastal 3 4

2nd crystal, before descending to the finish area. There are 2 spiky rollers, you probably see it without my help anyway :).

== 3 – 5 ==

3 5 dragon land crystal

Only one crystal, it’s hidden by the wooden platform where you use the purple flower to jump.

== 3 – 6 ==

Drgon Land 3 6 key

Key, under the wooden platform. Break the box to get the key.

Dragon Land 2nd crystal

2 Crystals, after getting the key. Continue a little bit you will see a lot of stony platform. The first crystal is located on the left and the right. They’re hidden by the cliff.

== 3 – 7==

You will see the crystal as you progress to the finish line. It’s surrounded by the enemies. The key is located on the gift box right after you get the 1st crystal.

== 3 – 8==

Dragon Land key 3 8

key, it’s on the top of the flying enemies, where there are many moving wooden platform.

Dragon Land crystal 3 8

Defeat blue aura enemies which located before the cannon to reveal the crystal.

== 3 – 9 ==

Dragon Land crystal 3 9

Crystal, It’s on the box where you see 8 spiky enemies.

Dragon Land 2nd crystal and key 3 9

2nd crystals and key can be found near the finish line. It’s on the small cliff you need to jump just right before you reach the top.

== 3 – 10==

Dragon Land 1st crystal 2 10

It’s on the gift box, before the blue portal. You can see this spot from the highest ground on this level. The last crystal is obtained after you have defeated this level boss.

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