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Dragon Land Episode 4 All Crystals, Keys, and Secrets Location Guide

==4 – 1==

Dragon Land Bonus Portal 4 1

Crystal, near the finish line. It’s on the bonus portal, you can find this after white disappearing platform.

==4 – 2==

Dragon Land 4 2 crystal

Crystal, It’s on the top of the hill, where you can see “shadow” jump to that shadow to reveal steel box which can be used to reach the top.

Key, fall to the cracked platform, where you see purple shooter enemy. Follow the path to get the key.

2nd Crystal, It’s on the bonus area, the portal is located near the finish line, jump down after passing the spiky floor.

==4 – 3==

Dragon Land 4 3

Crystal, at the beginning of the game you should be able to see a gift box below the bridge (there are many bombers with blue aura).

==4 – 4==

1st Crystal, there is a cracked wall where you jump using the yellow jumping platform(there are 3 jumping platforms). Break the wall by using nature dragon’s dash.

Dragon Land 4 4 crystal

2nd Crystal, destroy a lot of boxes with your attack. There is a jumping platform and “attack” box there.

Key, before finish line there are 3 cracked walls. Break the wall on the right side to find the key.

==4 – 5==

Dragon Land 4 5

1st Crystal, Break the boxes on the left (where you fight brown dragon).

2nd Crystal, use the red jumping platform (where you see many cannons shooting to your direction) to reach the platform where the crystal located at.

==4 – 6==

Dragon Land 4 6 key

Key, use the red jumping platform located on the screenshot above.

1st crystal, after getting the key, continue through the cracking floor on the screenshot above. Destroy the brown box on the right to reveal the bonus level.

2nd crystal, near the finish line, collect all blue coins where there are 2 flying enemies rotating on the cracked platform. Try to kill the flying enemies first.

== 4 – 7==

Dragon Land 4 7 gift box

You can see the gift box near the spiky wall on the beginning of this level.

Key, there is a bonus area, the portal is located just before the moving wooden platform with spike (there are a lot of brown dragons too).

==4 – 8==

Key, You will see the key while progressing this level. Really hard to miss because it’ side scrolling level

1st crystal, enter the cannon on this level, you will find the crystal on that cannon area.

Dragon Land 4 8 secret path

2nd crystal, enter the bonus area. You can see the bonus portal as you progress the game. Simply move forward and wait the platform descend to find the path to the portal. The crystal located on that bonus area.

==4 – 9==

Dragon land 4 9 key

Key, on the stomping trunk.

Crystal, near the finish line. You will see it before reach the finish line platform.

== 4 – 10==

1st crystal, very hard to miss, you will see it while progressing this level.

Last crystal, obtained after defeating the boss.

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  1. Scubaprincess0423 says:

    I don’t understand why I keep dying in the portal where the second crystal is. Even if I only get hit by the spikes once and move away…. I just keep taking hits until I’m dead. I have also tried using the shield and invincibility. Any suggestions?

  2. Scooter says:

    E4L7 is mixed up. I just did the level and the crystal was in the portal room.

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