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Dragon Land Episode 5 All Crystals, Keys, and Secrets Location Guide

Visit the video on you tube page, so you can navigate the level easily (through the timeline on the description).

==5 – 1==

Dragon Land 5 1 Crystal Location

Crystal, It;s on the spiky platform. There are 2 purple shooter guarding the gift box that contain the crystal.

==5 – 2==

Dragon Land 5 2 secret area

Crystal, it’s located on the bonus area. The portal is located on the lower area, jump down where you can see 5 seed shooters on the rail.

Key, defeat those 5 seed shooters to make a gift box appear. The gift box contain the key.

Dragon land 5 2 last crystal

Crystal, after getting the key, go inside the room (use dash ability). The last crystal located on this room (left of the entrance to the next area).

==5 – 3==

Crystal, destroy all the boxes near the sign that tell you to destroy the boxes… it will reveal a gift box that contain this crystal.

Dragon Land 5 3 last crystal

2nd crystal Keep going left, when you see a gap with many spikes to find a gift box which contain this crystal.

==5 – 4==

1st Crystal, Go left when you see stomping pillar for the first time on this level. Climb the wall to the left and you will find the crystal on the gift box.

Key, Go down when you see a spiky gap to find the key. There are coins that lead you to the bottom.

Dragon Land 5 4 last crystal

2nd crystal, keep going right when you can see the finish line. You will find the gift box at the end of the corridor.

==5 – 5==

1st Crystal, take the left path at the beginning of the game (where you can see the climb sign board). You will find the crystal through this path.

1st key, you will see this as you progress the game. It’s where you can see 4 black morning stars rotating. The key is in the middle of them.

Dragon Land last 5 5 key

2nd key, Use blaze to glide to the bonus portal. It’s very easy to find this one, because the way to the path is marked by coins.

This video is for 5 – 6 to 5 – 10. I suggest you to watch this video on youtube, because I have put the shortcut to each level on the video description.

==5 – 6==

Dragon Land 5 6 crystal on the left entrance

Crystal, at the beginning you will fall down to the tunnel with a tornado. Go left to find the secret path and find the crystal.

Key, after getting out the tunnel. You will see a sign board to glide. After gliding go left to find the key.

2nd Crystal, near the finish line there is a tornado. The gift box is located near the tornado.

==5 -7==

You will see all crystals easily on this level.

==5 – 8==

Key, It’s located on the area before you jump to the 3 moving wooden platform. Climb the wall to the left to find the gift box which contain the key.

Dragon Land 5 8 crystal

1st Crystal, stand on the cracked platform and you will find the crystal while trying to get out from that spot.

2nd Crystal, climb the wall on the finish line, you will find a new platform on the left side.

==5 – 9==

Crystal, as the level begin go straight (not to the right). Climb the wall and then break the box on the top to get the crystal.

Dragon Land 5 9 crystal

2nd crystal, it’s located near the finish line (see the screenshot above). Use the jumping platform to reach the gift box.

==5 – 10==

Only 1 crystal here, simply defeat the boss to obtain the crystal.

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8 Responses to “Dragon Land Episode 5 All Crystals, Keys, and Secrets Location Guide”

  1. Player says:

    5-9 doesn’t show the diamond location. Anyone mind telling me it?

  2. Meng Meng says:

    E5-L4 the 1st crystal no appear but shadow only. What should i do?

  3. Scooter says:

    E5-L9 Second crystal is on a ledge near the end. On the last set of tracks to jump over there’s crumbling blocks that will take you to its gift box. Or you can go the back way. Before you go to the final coin, there’s a small ledge leading around the back of the cliff.

  4. Scooter says:

    There is a third crystal on E5-L6. Towards the end there’s a platform where you’ll be with 2 flying enemies and 2 spiked enemies. Kill all 4 of them and a portal will appear to the crystal.

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