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Dragon Land Episode 6 All Crystals, Keys, and Secrets Location Guide

==6 – 1==

Dragon Land 6 1

Crystal, jump to destroy invisible box on the screenshot above. It will reveal coins and crystal on the boxes before.

Key, defeat flying enemies before the finish line. They don;t have blue aura though.

==6- 2==

Crystal, on the place where you fight 4 blue aura frog, there is a gap (between waterfall), jump down to obtain the crystal.

Dragon Land crystal 6 2

2nd crystal, when you climb the wall with a spike trap, go left to find the bonus portal.


Dragon Land 6 3 crystal

Key, in the beginning of the level, there is a small platform with a gift box (before the spiky windmill).

Crystal, after passing the rotating windmill mentioned above, you should see other small platforms on the left side (with 4 coins), follow the path to find the bonus portal.

Crystal, after clearing the bonus area above. Climb the hill and find the crystal on the highest platform nearby.


Only one crystal, collect all blue coins on the spiky windmill to reveal gift box which contain the crystal.


Dragon Land 65 crystal

It’s on the gift box on the small platform, where you see the first red jumping platform on this level.

Key, go right after you pass a lot of flying enemies (they’re circling around like a DNA)

last crystal, before the finish line. Go right before passing the stomping trunk to find the bonus portal.


After passing flying enemies, you will find a secret path (before the stomping trunk). Follow the path to find the crystal.

Dragon Land 6 6 crystal

After getting the 1st crystal, move till you find the bomb enemy. Climb the platform to find the cannon and enter it. Follow the path to get the crystal.


1st Crystal, at the beginning of the stage, there will be a lot of steel boxes, climb the wall to claim the gift box.

Dragon Land 6 7 crystal and key

2nd Crystal and key, it’s on the cannon area. The key is on the box (need to use blizzy to stomp it), the crystal is on the gift box.


Kill all flying enemies before the finish lines. the first 6 (with blue aura) will reveal the 1st crystal, the last 6 (without blue aura) will reveal the last one.


Dragon Land 6 9 crystal

Key, You will see the key while you progressing on this level (it’s on the area with a lot of wooden elevator). The key is on the “transparent” platform. So, wait until you see the platform available to get the key.

Crystal, break the box using the Blizzy’s ability, there are coins below these boxes (it’s really obvious). Follow the path to the bonus area to get the crystal.


Defeat the boss to get the crystal.

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  1. JessicaLiew says:

    For episode 6-1, where is the red crystal? Can’t find it….

  2. Eric says:

    I can’t find the purple gem for level 6-1. I’ve played the level 50 times and there aren’t anymore secrets. Where is it?

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