Posted on Mar 15, 2016

Dragon Land IOS/Android Guide

Dragon Land Guide (IOS/Android)

Dragon Land Guide Featured

Secrets Location (Keys and Crystals)

You need to use gem to evolve your dragons, ways to get gem:

  • Clear the quick play, you will get a gem when you reach certain points. The points will be reset after a while so you can start farming the gem again.
  • Always collect the gift every 4 hours and make sure you watch the trailer to double the prize
  • Watch the trailer 5 times (from the menu) to get 1 gem in the end.

The guide is far from finished bookmark this page so you can re-check again if it’s updated.

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3 Responses to “Dragon Land IOS/Android Guide”

  1. Veronique Potier says:

    I need help to find the location of the key in dragon land episode level 7-8, its the revised version of this level which has 1 gem (I found it), 3 green Rubies (I found them) and 1 Key.
    Please help me.

  2. Peyton says:

    In episode 2 there are some bonus levels above 4,5,6. Where is the gem in that bonus level up there. I can’t find it. Looked everywhere. Thank you!

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