Posted on Feb 5, 2015

Dragon Mania Legends Brick Dragon

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This trainer loves all his dragons equally .. but the phrase “dub as a brick” does come to mind when he’s trying to train the Brick Dragon.





320 1472


63 328


205 1062

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Habitat: Energy and Earth

Weakness: Void

Breeding Time: 10 hours

Hatching Time: 14 hours

Rarity: Uncommon

Buy Price: 425 gems

Sell Price: 4500 Gold

Breeding Formula:
[0] Energy + Earth
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment section

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6 Responses to “Dragon Mania Legends Brick Dragon”

  1. Cathy says:

    Straight forward Energy & Earth.

  2. LexLeo says:

    Armored + Telsa (both lvl. 11)

  3. Hayden Bare says:

    Can you breed the brick dragon by using the honey dragon and the earth dragon.

  4. Dkon says:

    Banana(25)+Agent (23) = Brick

  5. Viktoria says:

    Got it by mixing rainbow and faun, both level 8

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