Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Dragon Mania Legends Dragon Days of Summer

Dragon Mania Legends Dragon Days of Summer

The purpose of this quest is to obtain Summer Dragon, you can also get Cherry Blossom dragon from this quest.

The quest will ask you certain thing, but you can’t finish them in one go. Example, when the quest ask you to collect gold in order to get the item (20 times), you can’t simply tap 20 habitats in one go, because when you tap your habitat, the game will stop give you the items and need you to wait for few hours (2-4 hours) before you able to collect the item again.

How to use/read the guide

Collect Gold (20 times; 4 at a time)

it means that you need to gather 20 items. You can only get about 4 items in one go, then you need to wait for 2-4 hours before able to get the items again.

Rewards 1: Plasma Dragon

Quest 1: Collect Gold (20 times; 5 at a time)
Quest 2: Feed Dragons (12 times; 4 at a time)
Quest 3: Breed Dragons (2 times: 1 at a time)

Upcoming Quest will be updated on this page. So bookmark the page if you find it useful :).

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