Posted on Mar 19, 2015

Dragon Mania Legends Mercury Dragon

Thanks to Gerson for this pictures

Dragon Mania Legends Mercury Dragon Egg Dragon Mania Legends Mercury Dragon Growth

Dragon Mania Legends Mercury Dragon Status

Dragon Mania Legends Metal Element SymbolDragon Mania Legends Water Element Symbol

These hot-tempered beasts will blow up at the slightest agitation. Luckily, they can be calmed down with a tall glass of water and a few soothing words. It only took this trainer four hours to make this discovery.

Earning info (??)

Visit THIS PAGE to know required food that needed to level up your dragon.

Your dragon can only learn skill based on their elemental attributes (ex: fire dragon can only learn fire skill). Visit THIS PAGE to know learn-able skill for your dragons.

Habitat: Metal and Water

Weakness: Plant

Breeding Time: 12 hours

Hatching Time: 16 hours 50 minutes

Rarity: Rare

Buy Price: 900 gems

Sell Price: ??

Summoning Formula (it’s all about chance, visit THIS PAGE to learn more about summoning factor):
[0] Razor + Cloud
[0] Candy + Tesla (Both lvl 15)
[0] Candy + UV (Both Lvl 20)
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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56 Responses to “Dragon Mania Legends Mercury Dragon”

  1. Angie Crotwell says:

    razor 15 on left melon 15 on right first try

  2. jaybegood says:

    I breed metal dragon with snow and got mercury. Dragon egg

  3. Brittany says:

    I tried lots of different dragon combos and finally got a mercury dragon with my war and ice on the first try

  4. Jose says:


  5. Ayush says:

    I got the mercury dragon by breeding metal lv 10+ Boiling level 13.Got it in 1st try!!!!!

  6. Katie says:

    Candy (level 13) and tesla (level 11), first try

  7. Sarah M. says:

    Tornado Lvl 10 & Cloud Lvl 12

  8. Michele says:

    Agent 19 and Candy 11 and got Mercury dragon first try

  9. Matt says:

    amored+ jaws both 10

  10. Crimson siren says:

    Razor lv.15 and Eel lv. 15

  11. KissDragon says:

    War Dragon (level 10 or higher) + Eel Dragon (level 10 or higher). Higher levels are give better results though.

  12. parth says:

    Steel Dragon+jaws Dragon

  13. rohit says:

    please help me…… My dragon mania legend game apps need a mandatory update but i am unable to do that so how can i solve this?

  14. CrixusMurmillo says:

    trying to get thevtyphiin dragin using minotaur (lvl8) + cloud (lvl12). got merxury dragon onbthe first try.

  15. jjjjj says:

    Viper & Ice

  16. sunraegrrl says:

    I was trying to get the Go Green dragon by breeding the Venom dragon with the Ice dragon and I just happened to get the Mercury dragon! This formula also got me the Regal dragon! Good luck to everybody 😀
    Also, if you have an iPhone please add me in the game center! sunraegrrl

  17. Shadowdragon says:

    Candy (11) + War (11)

  18. Lori Harville says:

    Lvl 17 melon + lvl 17 war

  19. jamesroca says:

    Regal dragon lvl 15 + Ice dragon lvl 15

    VIP breeding time a little over 9 hours
    VIP hatching time 13hours 20minutes

    Thanks to star’s help I found the combination but I made sure that they were at the perfect level to breed the right dragon.

  20. Star says:

    Regal + Ice

    12hr breeding, 16h50mins hatching

    • jamesroca says:

      Thanks for posting this combo I have been trying all the different combos that I could find to breed this dragon for about 2 months and I was unsuccessful until I tried this I posted what I did so others that are having trouble like I was can use it and know exactly what to do. THANKS AGAIN!

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