Posted on Jul 20, 2015

Dragon Mania Legends Storm Dragon

Thanks to Amanda for these pictures

Fantasy Forest Story Storm Dragon Egg Fantasy Forest Story Storm Dragon Growth

Dragon Mania Legends Storm Dragon Status

Dragon Mania Legends Energy Element SymbolDragon Mania Legends Wind Element SymbolDragon Mania Legends Void Element Symbol

Intended to create an unpleasant environment for battle, one cannot depend upon a Storm Dragon to perform. Their erratic moods make them highly unpredictable!

Visit THIS PAGE to know required food that needed to level up your dragon.

Your dragon can only learn skill based on their elemental attributes (ex: fire dragon can only learn fire skill). Visit THIS PAGE to know learn-able skill for your dragons.

Habitat: Energy, Wind, Void

Weakness: Void

Breeding Time: 22 hours

Hatching Time: 29 hours

Rarity: Epic

Buy Price: 1,750 gems

Sell Price: ??

Breeding Formula:
[0] Radiant + Wind
[0] Envy + Elemental
[0] Witch + Dust (both lvl 15)
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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11 Responses to “Dragon Mania Legends Storm Dragon”

  1. Emilia says:

    I think I got this dragon with rainbow level 10 and void level 10 maybe it’s still breeding for 22 hours I hope it’s this dragon because it’s epic

  2. stephen says:

    Radiant and Aquatic

  3. Sandy says:

    By accident radiant (19)+ regal (18). I wanted lightening but I got this dragon

  4. KYRIAKI A. PAPADI says:

    Radiant (19) + Regak (18) by accident. I was trying for lightening.

  5. Agent agave says:

    Wich lvl7+ wind lvl11

  6. jetli333 says:

    Nightmare(15) + Comet(20) = Storm Dragon 4me

  7. grigsgr says:

    Smoke Dragon + Aurora Dragon
    Both lvl 20

  8. Doomchicken says:

    Doom Dragon(lvl 10)+Black Armor Dragon(LVL 10)=Storm

  9. faiz says:

    Lightning and magnet both lvl 10 first try! !!!!!

  10. Valkyri says:

    Clownfish & Witch – not sure the levels (they’re in the breeding chamber) but I think witch was 15 and clownfish wasn’t even that high.

  11. Dkon says:

    Toxic + Typhoon = Storm

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