Posted on Mar 19, 2015

Dragon Mania Legends Toxic Dragon

Thanks to Gerson for these pictures

Dragon Mania Legends Toxic Dragon Egg Dragon Mania Legends Toxic Dragon Growth

Dragon Mania Legends Toxic Dragon Status

Dragon Mania Legends Plant Element SymbolDragon Mania Legends Energy Element SymbolDragon Mania Legends Void Element Symbol

This poor dragon may be a formidable opponent in battle, but it longs for company and the other dragons run away in fear. This trainer makes a point of spending quality time with the Toxic Dragon, but always from within the safety of a protective bubble.

Earning Info (??)

Visit THIS PAGE to know required food that needed to level up your dragon.

Your dragon can only learn skill based on their elemental attributes (ex: fire dragon can only learn fire skill). Visit THIS PAGE to know learn-able skill for your dragons.

Habitat: Plant, Energy, and Void

Weakness: Metal

Breeding Time: 24 hours

Hatching Time: 28 hours

Rarity: Epic

Buy Price: 1850 gems

Sell Price: ??

Breeding Formula:
[0] Radiant + Agave
[0] Nightshade + Energy
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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15 Responses to “Dragon Mania Legends Toxic Dragon”

  1. DKING says:

    I got Toxic Dragon using Berry and Radiant

    Yes it took 24 long hrs and same 28 hrs for hatching.
    (Hatching is under process I’m so happy)

    You can add me for daily gift and help my code is 488cff

  2. Jesse says:

    A I breeding radiant + candy but it’s 24 and I have no idea what it is

  3. umer says:

    radiant (16) + cyborg (15)

  4. Jose says:

    Doom+plant both level 16

  5. Rafi says:

    Doom (18 lv) and Leaf (14 lv)

    He came out for the first time

  6. mmmmmm says:

    Radiant + Plant

  7. Dkon says:

    Nightshade(22) + Lynx(22)=Toxic

  8. jjjjj says:

    radiant + agave

  9. Dkon says:

    Radiant + faun = Alien, BT 22h, HT 26h

  10. ebony says:

    I just breed radiant and orange and got a toxic dragon.

  11. nicole says:

    Toxic= radiant + faun

  12. adamo adamo says:

    Please,4guide gamers! How to breed agave dragon ?

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