Posted on Apr 25, 2015

Dragon Mania Legends Tribal Dragon

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This dragon may look pretty tough with its war paint on, but this trainer once had to remove a splinter from its paw and it didn’t look very tough then.

Visit THIS PAGE to know required food that needed to level up your dragon.

Your dragon can only learn skill based on their elemental attributes (ex: fire dragon can only learn fire skill). Visit THIS PAGE to know learn-able skill for your dragons.

Habitat: Fire, Earth, and Wind

Weakness: Water

Breeding Time: 12 hours

Hatching Time: 5 minutes

Rarity: Rare

Buy Price: 850 gems

Sell Price: 75 gold

Breeding Formula:
[0] You can obtain this dragon easily simply by registering your facebook account. It’s the reward for that quest.
[0] Smoke + Dust
[0] Leave your breeding formula on the comment

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49 Responses to “Dragon Mania Legends Tribal Dragon”

  1. Kevin says:

    Bee lvl 10 and Dust lvl 10

  2. Charlie says:

    My breeding time says 12 hours, so I think I have got I, using the bee(level 20) and my tree (level 13)

  3. rohan says:

    lenx and rezor dragon use

  4. rene says:

    I tried smoke 12 and earth 12,,and it 12 hours breeding,, i think it works.

  5. Error_Inside says:

    i am trying with lava (lvl 11) & wind (lvl 8)…
    7 hours to breed….

    fingers crossed 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. karen says:

    I am trying Salamander (Fire,Earth elements with the Wind dragon. I hear just breed the same exact elements to acheive sucsess. I will let you know. Looking for friends too, I play daily code f86d0a
    f86d zero a .

  7. josuaonte says:

    why my water dragon is not compatible in my metal dragon?

  8. M.REZA says:

    Hi can you tell me why im cant a tribal dragon i try any formul but dont breed a tribal

  9. DML says:

    I am trying to breed my 2nd tribal dragon.
    I want 2 of them.
    I bred my 1st one with smoke lvl 5 + earth lvl 5

    • Abrar Khan says:

      Did it work I mean dis you get a Tribal Dragon for sure by breeding Smoke and Earth dragon!!

  10. Moiz S. says:

    Hey just try bee and earth dragon you will get it maybe

  11. belle says:

    I’m just trying smoke and earth right now, breeding time for these two dragons (second time trying) is 12 hours…. Fingers crossed 😊

  12. sophie says:

    I don’t know why I still can’t get that type of dragon, even if I’ve levelled it up the maximum stage.

    So sad….

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