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Dragon Quest IX Guide Best Normal Leveling Place

This only can be done after you get ability to fly over the world map. The location is north of angel falls village.

In this place you can find metal slime family (metal slime, metal medley, liquid metal slime). There is no metal king slime though :(.

It seems rarity of metal slime in this area determined by your party average levels (CMIIW), also metal enemies tends to run away if you too high leveled. So I recommend you to use this place only to level up your characters from Level 1- 38. After that I recommend you to go to Tower of Nod because the mosnters in tower of nod usually give about 2000-4000 exp point per battle and there is metal king slime there. After you reach level 45 or above, you should search for highest level grotto you can handle.

You can level up your party from level 1-24 in about 30 minutes (my longest time) and if you are lucky maybe you can reach it more quickly (my quickest time is 10 minutes from level 1-24, it is because I met with bunch of liquid metal slime). To reach level 24 you need about 40.000-50.000 experience so it is so easy because one liquid metal slime worth 40.000 exp so if you manage to kill 2-3 of it, you do the math. Usually there are 3 liquid metal slimes in one battle, focus on metal enemies and don’t kill other enemies (king slime, healslime,etc) because if you kill those monsters liquid metal slimes probably run away from you.

In my experience, this place is the best place to find metal enemies, but if you think you see more liquid metal slimes in bowhole then just level up in bowhole :D. My suggestion is to train each job up to level 24 to get all important abilities. See here for the tips.

Hope this helps you. Thank you for using my guide.

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  1. landthedragon says:

    try the bowhole, I beaten all bosses (one try except the gittingham and corvus.) I was level 23 then I was level 45

  2. The guy says:

    ok, just saying but my current party is lvl71 warrior (main character) lvl 60 warrior lvl 55 gladiator and lvl 27 priest (i changed her vocation) i have also gained a few fource abilities and tension abilities with my main char. At the moment i am trying to lvl up to get fource abilities , but im never getting as much xp with my main character as much as my others, is it because my current lvl is too low? by the way the armamentalist in training is lvl 17

    • sol95 says:

      The higher the level of the main character the more experience it gets atleast in my experience

    • slimelord99 says:

      Yeah…i apparently thought corvus would be hard, so i spent like 150 hours power leveling on slime hill…everyone in every vocation was lvl 50(at least) and had full skills(almost) for everything…truth be told corvus, and even greygnarl in grottoes is kind of a let down now!!!

      • slimelord99 says:

        Also the mage ability wizard ward, warrior ability war cry and very high charm (luminary is good for that) help keep slimes from running away…if it doesnt work for you im sorry, it works for me…

        P.S. metal slash,falcon slash with a falcon blade, any of the other multi hit moves and one hit K.O. moves are my preferred methos… as long as you have good agility or acceleratle you should be fine.

  3. Hey guys. I’ve had Dragon Quest XI for a while now, but still haven’t completed it. I’m up to what, the second last boss? I have
    the Starlight Express, but I just don’t remember (or know, actually), how to get up on Slime Hill. Can someone help me here?
    Also, when I started out I was obviously a complete noob at the game, so I recruited new characters for their looks.
    My characters and their levels:
    Lvl 39 Minstrel. (My main character).
    Lvl 38 Thief.
    Lvl 38 Warrior.
    Lvl 38 Priest.
    I now need a Mage, because my Thief dies too easily (WITH best Thief armour possible). And seeing how Minstrel’s aren’t too good, I was thinking of changing vocation, but I’m worried if I’d lose all those awesome moves and skill points I worked so hard to get.
    I have Giga Slash with 88 ponits into Sword Skill. So yeah, I need advise here. I’d appreciate it if anyone would help me. Thanks.

    • Alright, well I’m now up to beating Corvus with my Minstrel at lvl 47 and the rest are around 44. I know now how to get the SE to fly over the world map so no worries. I’ve kept my Thief, seeing as how he’s turned out a lot better and once his tension his high, he’s unstoppable. Am I the right level to be defeating him? I died the first time because I didn’t get to refill my HP and MP. I didn’t try again and now I’m just trying to level up my Martial Artist (because I changed vocation to see their strength). Turns out they aren’t so good.

      Okay, now for the main reason I’m posting again is to ask if anybody knows the best way to kill a LMS or just any MS really. They keep escaping. I’m looking forward to your answers.

      • SLIMEluv says:

        ok, you keep skill points when you revocate, and i reccomend you be a martial artist to get psych up, the be a glatiator, who has high attack and good hp and defense. they can equip swords so the skill pints wont die, the downside is thier abmyssal mp, so if you want to span gigaslash be an arimentalist. they can use swords too. they have the fource, so they are really good in battle.

      • sol95 says:

        Skills like have a ball, boomerang metalicker, sword use falcon blades with metal slashers, insta crit moves and instant kill moves and weapons if you use assassin’s dagger with the skill assassins dagger then you have double the chance to get that killing blow off or demon spear with multithrust etc

      • sol95 says:

        As long as you have multiheal kabuff and about 250 hp you should be able to take corvus last playthrough I used an armamentalist a sage a paladin and a priest my sage used to be a mage they where all lvl 45ish

    • sol95 says:

      Slime hill is near angel falls above the antidotal herb spawn point summon the express using the whistle and then go to the out of reach area above said spawn point

    • Blaze says:

      I’d say you could switch vocations and make sure you can gain enough skill points to put on sword skill and get the final skill to have a sword on any vocation

  4. Dec says:

    Ow and guys who are struugling beating liquid metal slimes.learn the ability thunder thrust it is a spear move it misses often but went it does hit you get a critical hit.that way you could possibley take out 3 liquid metal slimes with 3 moves and at least 24 mp because the move uses 8 mp.

  5. POPCORN says:

    Hey can I defeat the upover boss my team is

    Minstrel lvl37

    Mage lvl 35

    Preist lvl36

    And my warrior is lvl 33

    • dazza says:

      yeah you should be able to i defeated the boss of upover at minstrel lvl 34
      mage lvl 34
      minstrel lvl 33
      warrior lvl 34.
      if u cant beat the boss with ur party just go lvl up in the strongest way possible.

  6. bobby says:

    Is it to late to get an armentalist cuz I have a lvl 35 mage???????

  7. lala says:

    i have around lv 38 paladin, gladiator, priest, and mage. can i beat the boss at upover?

  8. SOME RANDOM GUY says:

    hey man how do u even get up there cuz u say all we have to do is go there but i cant get up to is like i cant get on that land platform

  9. jjjjjjjjjjj says:

    i have
    64+1 -gladiator
    68-kung fu dude

    i cant kill hammibal in grotto

  10. HELP!!! says:

    As I just said, HELP!!! I really need help on this. I’m stuck at Larstastnaras (The boss for the 6th fygg) I’ve tried beating it twice, and I died both times. Here’s my team:
    Minstrel, level 23
    Mage, level 23
    Martial Artist, level 23
    Priest, level 23
    Please Help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      buy latest equipment available.

    • riley says:

      swap mage for worrier and level up then use egg on to the worriar till 100 tension then use falcan slash it helps try it

    • sol95 says:

      Make better equipment she’s easier then dread master my team at this point is lvl 25 minstrel warrior priest and paladin use buff and magic barrier

    • kenji says:

      hey i deafeated the larstastnaras my team is
      ministrel is lv 41
      priest is lv 41
      minstrel is lv 44

      matrial artist is lv 44

    • Shibudooba!!! says:

      I think your a bit under levelled-I was, what, level 30?

      Also, I think my team is OP.
      Sage- Bow/Wand

      I use sage to kabuff, paladin uses forbearance constant and takes damge (catotropic armour helps) and uses knights watch with forbearance while Glad uses double up and uses firebird throw constantly. My priest heals and sometimes uses force.

  11. Dude says:

    Help my team is:

    Warrior: lvl 23
    Warrior: lvl 34
    Warrior: lvl 35
    Warrior: lvl 34

    I’m stuck at Gittingham Place what should I do

  12. dqstriker says:

    actually, I figured out that a high-leveled Fisticuff skill on 1 metal slime can almost take it out.

  13. DJD says:

    If you, as a Mage, get a boost in Natural Magical Might from Spellcraft and you change your vacation into Sage, do you still get the boost from Spellcraft?

    • Van Lynn says:

      Yes. All skills you get in one Vocation transfer to all other Vocations thereafter. The only thing is is that if you leveled up a weapon in one Vocation, but didn’t get it to 100, and the new Vocation can’t use that weapon, you end up having no real damage to dish out until you either get another weapon tree maxed or max the one on the other Vocation before switching.

      The specialty skill tree that is unique for each different Vocation is kind of different. It’s true that no two Vocations have the same specialty, but that’s where it end in comparison to weapon skill trees. The specialty trees give abilities that can be used by any Vocation, and their stat buffs are also transferred to any other Vocation. Oh, and the stat buffs from your weapon trees only count when you have that kind of weapon equipped. This is why it’s usually the best idea to level up a weapon skill tree to 100 before anything else. I hope this helps. 😀

  14. Im Someone says:

    I’m at Batseurg and I wanna know if I can beat the boss.
    Minstrel, lvl 35
    Ranger, lvl 28
    Priest, lvl 31
    Mage, lvl 30
    Also, where can I get Sage class!?

  15. baku310 says:

    is this party good enough to beat king godwyn mynstril,sword
    martial artist,claws(low defence but very agile and good attack)
    warrior,sword(good defence medium attack and low agilty)
    mage,wand still training because i replaced it with fisticuffs martial artist so anyways could i just survive it?

  16. beat corvis 35 says:

    How do u level up fast in the vary beginning of the game

    • Van Lynn says:

      You go to Quaruntomb(sp?) (northwest of Coffinwell, IIRC) and fight the random Metal Slimes that spawn there until you’re about level 20-23. Then you go to Bad Cave (north of Bloomingdale) and fight Metal Medleys until around 33-35/36. Then you can just fight the important battles until you get to Wormwood Creek, at which point you should go directly west and follow the road to The Bowhole. There, you should fight Liquid Metal Slimes in the one special place that’s easiest to fight them. (Look that up on YouTube; there are many, many videos of it. Lol) Post-game, however, you’re better off leveling at the Metal Slime Hill thing northeast of Angel Falls (requires the ability to fly around, manually, in the Starflight Express, which you’ll be able to do immediately after finishing the final battle and watching the scenes (IIRC)). After a while there, you can either go fight high-leveled Grottoes (namely, the ones with King Metal Slimes and, much later, Platinum King Jewels (requires regressing in one Vocation per character at least 10 times, IIRC)) or go to the Tower of Nod.

      I hope this answers your question quite thoroughly. Good luck! ^-^

  17. jordanew says:

    hey so where do u find the metal things to level up so fast like ive seen then but not on occasion. and also wat r u talkin bout grottos r those things u get after u beat he game?

    • Pie Lover says:

      No, noob. You can get your first grotto ingame after completing the quest for the guy on the stairs outside of Zere Rock.

      • Van Lynn says:

        There’s no need to call people names, bro. Just say what’s important and leave the nasty bit out of it. Thanks.

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