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Posted on Jul 23, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest (11-20)

11. The Not-so great escape

Location: Well in the coffinwell (you need ultimate key to unlock the door)

(+) Get the ultimate key from Gorfortress.
(+) Go back to Coffinwell.
(+) unlock the door and then talk with him.
(+) he will ask for Hammer Handrills.
(+) You can create it by Alchemy.
(+) Alchemy recipe:

Hammer handrills:

  • Handrills: can be bought in Gleeba for 7600 G
  • Iron ore: harvest point (east from Port Liaffan)
  • 5 iron nails: Dropped by shocktopus(west island from Gleeba, djust desert area) and killing machine (gittish empire area). I use Half Inch(steal) from shocktopus (they also carried magic beast horn so keep trying).

(+) Talk again with the man to obtain the reward (unhappy hat……). After all of those trouble stealing iron nails only for this equipment. 🙁

12. Putting on the glitz

Location: Port Llaffan Inn

(+) Talk with bunny costume girl in Inn.
(+) she will ask you to dress in certain way in order to impress her.
(+) change your equipment and then talk again with her .
(+) Ican’t finish this quest LOL. I am too lazy to try equipment one by one 😀

13. All Fired up

Location: Dourbridge

(+) Talk with old man in the southwest of the town.
(+) He will ask you something that can stokes his fire.
(+) Give him Toad oil (it is up to you. You can also give him horse manure :D).
(+) You will get 1 gold as a reward 😀 (it seems the reward is same eventhough you gave him different item).

14. Snug a Thug

Location: north house in Dourbridge

(+) Talk with the thug in the north house
(+) He will ask you to bring him something warm.
(+) Give him Lambswool (dropped by lamb type enemy. I.e. battering ram in batsureg area)
(+) You will get utility belt as a reward

15. Collapsus’s call

Location: Heights of Loneliness L7 (one area before zere rocks)

(+) Go to Heights of Loneliness talk with him (collapsed on broken stairs).
(+) He will ask you for Special Medicine (it is easy to create it by using alchemy).
(+) Give it to him and you will get Treasure Map as a reward.

16. Help Meowt Here!

Location: Bloomingdale Inn 2F

(+) Talk with the cat in that location
(+) Go to Armor shop (street vendor) in Bloomingdale and buy cat ears(1150G)
(+) Equip it on your main character and then re-talk with the cat.
(+) It will give you Kitty shield.

17. You shouldn’t have …….  Really

Location: First House in Angel Falls village

(+) Go inside the house.
(+) Talk with woman there.
(+) She will ask you for 5 Fisticup and 5 Belle cap. Gather it from harvest point.
(+) Talk again with her again and she will give you the lunch
(+) Go to Hexagon L1 and talk with researcher there.
(+) Retrun to the girl and she will reward you with Prayer ring.

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27 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest (11-20)”

  1. welshy94 says:

    how do you make your charm go up

  2. Yuffie says:

    For the 12th Quest:
    The “Equipment” doesn’t matter, as long as your Charm is above 230 Points.

  3. DQ Player says:

    For quest 12 I put on the best vest which you can purchase from the Bloomingdale armor shop and I completed it.

  4. Mushroom says:

    I finished the main quest and it seems kinda crap that all you can do is grottos and quests – plus the hermany place was very dissapointing, they should at least have a new town. And what happened to the almighty ’cause there is only celestria.

    Oh and a question do you know what the deal is with the “first copmlition records” thing … does it mean you can play the game again and keep that?


  5. Wingler says:

    Quest 20

    Use alchemy pot and make Papillon Mask

    You will get stiletto heels and Jaguarment

    Where: woman at house in stornway

  6. Wingler says:

    Quest 18: Our Precious Precious

    Where: mountain pass, woman at north
    What to do: find pet slime

    – make Slood and gooey gear
    – equip hero with it ONLY
    – defeat a slime

    Reward: life ring

  7. Rika says:

    quest 12

    if you put on king or emperor kind of equipment (which you can make with alchemy or cheat) and a crown of some kind you can complete the quest. you get a majestic mantle for completing it.

  8. Pharap says:

    quest 19 – moving house

    1 – Talk to the old man standing next to the house above the top left corner of the stornway inn
    2 – He will give you a strength ring and ask you to turn it into a raging ruby
    3 – To make a raging ruby, alchemise the ring with a corundum*
    4 – Give him the raging ruby and in return he will give you a life ring

    *Corundums can be found in 2 places:
    -The top of the waterfall near dourbridge. Simply zoom to dourbridge, travel east until you arrive at some stairs, climb the stairs and head north until you reach a waterfall.
    -After you have obtained the boat, zoom to alltrades abby and get on the boat. Head north by north-east and there should be a gap in the rocks where you can disembark. The corundum can be found by a mass of large pink crystals on the most south-easterly point on the island.

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