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Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest (111-120)

112. Ranger Changer

Location: Height of Loneliness entrance

(+) Talk with the man in the entrance
(+) He will ask you to kill 3 hocus chimaera by envenomating them using Toxic dagger (need 3 skill point on knife tree to use this skill).
(+) You can find Hocus chimarea in Height of Loneliness area 1 and 2.
(+) My tactic:

Hocus chimaera has about 65 HP. So I suggest you have someone who can deal about 60-62 damage so it dies at the same turn (4 from envenomate damage). I use my mage with knife (total attack status 118 and then I boost it with oomph. When he hit the chimaera it deals about 62 damage). It is all up to you how to do this, just make sure they die because of poison not because of your toxic dagger attack. Repeat until you  have killed 3 hocus chimaeras.

(+) Talk again with the man and then you can change your vocation into ranger.

115. Sages in Pages

Location: Bookshelf in Gittingham palace (right wing L1)

(+) Go to Gittingham palace L1 (right wing)
(+) Check the bookshelf and accept the quest.
(+) You must kill 5 Great trolls with Frizz spell.
(+) You can find them in last dungeon (I find them in Realm of Mighty L2 and L6). Don’t be mistaken by killing troll in Gittingham palace, the troll in Gittingham is boss troll. You need to kill GREAT TROLL
(+) My tactic:

Great troll has about 600-700 HP. So gauge how much damage you can cause by Frizz spell (mine was about 40). Let other characters attack the troll about 600 damage and cast frizz to kill it.

(+) Back to Gittingham and check the bookshelf. Now you can change your vocation into Sage.

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42 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest (111-120)”

  1. unnamed person says:

    I’d like to give you the level 15 quest for the armamentalist vocation. Once ur @ lvl 15, go back and talk to windy at alltrades. He will tell you (basically, minus all the posh stuf about beauty and simplicity) to find ten white trigertaurs (total, obviously, not in one battle – you can, according to this guide’s bestiary, find them in snowberia near swinedimples), successfully use sap twice in a row on it, use Fire Fource (here’s hopin u put some points into fource!:) ) , and kill it with a regular attack before your fire fource wears off. I have not beaten this quest yet, lacking the essential ship to actually get to snowberia, but I would assume you get the fancy jacket that windy wears, along with whatever the girl version is.

    • unnamed person says:

      It seems I was correct,you get a fencing jacket for guys and a fencing frock for girls. I just also want to say that yes, this quest is as easy as it looks at first glance. You just have to find the trigertaurs. They’re also common in low – level ice grottoes.

  2. Edgarz1165 says:

    what lv grottoes do the moai minstrels appear?

  3. Ricco says:

    Hey i need some info on quest 113 – Horse wispere the one for lvl 15 ranger.

    How do you anger the monster, and do it have to be focused on the player calming it down?

    ty in advance

    • unnamed person says:

      To get it angry, use whistle (courage skill, 22 or 28 points, can’t remember). Idk if it has to be on that player, just get the skill on that player to be on the safe side and save a LOT of time.

  4. Mio says:

    Need saint’s ashes but I don’t know how to get that

  5. DQ Player says:

    Hey, guide4gamers, what do you think is the best strategy to beat Hootingham-Gore? Plz, I really need this info!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I already wrote that in guide section. PLease check that 😀

    • unnamed person says:

      Focus on the Bad Karmours with sap/kasap and metal slash/deliverance/falcon slash. Cast bounce early on to reflect magic damage. Don’t bother casting sap on hootingham gore himself, it doesn’t affect him, plus he can cast bounce.

    • Tetra says:

      Do you have anyone in your group that has multi attacks? If so use those. Also set the weakest person in your group to attack the knights surrounding Hootingham-Gore.

  6. Rena says:

    I want to have a sage before I trudge on to the realm of the mighty… is it possible to go back down to the protectorate to finish the quest so I can start leveling up a sage? I barely made it through purrvis -__-

  7. Hi Mate, Is There Any Chance You Could Tell Me Locations Of Infernal Armours PleasE? Im Really Stuck On Quest 107 (Off the record) And i Wanna know were to Find em 🙂 Thnx Hope U Can Help

  8. cardle99 says:

    how do i become a luminary

  9. sunque says:

    I need a different location where I can find boss trolls.
    Like maps or something?

    It would be a great help..

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Boss trolls is regular enemy in realm of mighty. in 4f IIRC. just wander in raelm of mighty and you should find it. You can return to realm of mighty by talking to celestria.

      • sunque says:

        how can you talk to celestria? no one’s there…

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Sorry, if you want to meet boss troll you can find one in oublette.
          For sage you need great troll realm of mighty (COrvus place). You can return to this place after obtain the train express, agree when you are asked to go to realm of almighty, you should be able see Celestria there. Hope it helps

        • unnamed person says:

          Remember the place where you offered up the figs? go there. That’s where you can talk to her.

  10. sunque says:

    oh no….
    I finished the game before the quest to become a sage.
    what can I do?

  11. Fellaini25 says:

    Do you know how to get Rhapthorne or Dhoulmagus’ Legacy Boss Grotto Map? I’ve heard it’s a quest or something.

  12. Gamble says:

    amazing guide 🙂 not enough info but keep at it and dont give up. Hint: (weapons, armour, ect.) Alchemy Guide

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I didn’t get full recipe list for armor and weapon guide but will working on it after i get them. For the item alchemy, i have got it all so I can create the guide about it.

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