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Posted on Jul 23, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest (91-100)

91.Critical Appraisal

Location: Wormwood creek – farmer near the town entrance

(+) Make sure your warrior reach level 15
(+) The farmer will ask you to score 2 NATURAL critical hit to enraged enemy (use “Whistle“; Warriors skill too)
(+) This is one of those annoying quest that depends on luck, so good luck to finish this quest
(+) My tips:

(0) Choose medium enemy (not too strong and not too weak) and a group of same enemy (whistle target group of enemy)
(0) Make sure you have got increase critical skill for the weapon you use
(0) I recommend you to use 2 hit weapon (like falcon sword)
(0) You don’t need to kill with critical, you only need to score critical. So it doesn’t matter who does the final blow
(0) Every natural critical from other members are counted, so attack with all of your characters
(0) always visualize critical hit when you attack the enemy (“The secret” reference :D)

(+) You will get Warriors Armor as a reward

92. Warriors three

Location: Wormwood creek – farmer near the town entrance

(+) Make sure your warrior reach level 40
(+) Talk to the farmer from quest 91
(+) He will order you to kill 10 enraged mandrake marauders (Use Whistle again)
(+) You can find it at Magmaroo
(+) You don’t need to kill them with critical attack this time, so don’t need to visualize, or etc 😀
(+) Talk to the farmer after you have defeated them
(+) you will get “warriors workbook” as a reward

95. Free the Faerie two

Location: Alltrades Abbey inn

(+) You must have Mage with level 15 or higher to do this.
(+) Sleep in the Alltrades abbey inn.
(+) The faerie will ask you to kill 10 monster with frizz.
(+) Now go to whenever you want and kill 10 monsters with frizz (you must equip the wand which they gave). I recommend you to kill slime or other monster that has low HP.
(+) Sleep again in Alltrades abbey inn
(+) You get Fizzle retardant blouse and suit as a reward (thanks to jakondite)

96. Faerie Nearly There

Location: Alltrades Abbey Inn

(+) You already solved quest 95 and have mage with Level 40 or higher.
(+) Sleep in Alltrades Abbey.
(+) They will give you Faerie staff and ask you to kill 10 wight Priest (Physical attack).
(+) You can find Wight Priest in Swinedimples oldschool (they appear on 1st floor).
(+) My tactics:

Mage with oomph spell and anyone who can wield the staff. Wight priest have about 100 HP and they usually appear in number of two. I cast Boom (80 dmage) and let my priest (boosted with oomph) do killing blow by physical attack (about 30-40 damage). It is up  to you how to kill them, you just have to kill them with faerie staff.

(+) Sleep again in the Inn after you had finished killing 10 wight priest.
(+) you will get a scroll that grant your mage new spell (you must equip the scroll inorder to use the spell). It is weakening wave (lower enemies attack, not worthy IMO).

97. Cry wolf

Location: Alltrades Abbey entrance

(+) You must have lvl 15 martial artist or higher on your party
(+) Talk with Brusque Lee in the entrance
(+) He will ask you to kill 5 scarewolves
(+) You can find them in eastern part of the forest, near Bad cave (North from Bloomingdale).
(+) you must have war cry and kill the wolves before “the scarewolf is frozen by a terror” appear. It doesn’t matter who kill the wolf but you must do it before the text appear.
(+) My tactics:

Use War cry, the wolf is affected. My mage cast Frizzle, the battle ends. You must have minimum 2 characters who has high agility (surpass scarewolf’s agility). Scarewolf has about 80 Hp so it is easy to kill them.

(+) Talk again with Brusque Lee after you have killed 5 of them and get Slick slacks as a reward (good Leg armor; has high agility)

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19 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest (91-100)”

  1. James says:

    Ive done every nearly every quest and ive got a level 53 warrior called Mercy!lol =D

  2. James says:

    Oh and to show off ive got every 5 star rated clothes item and weapon! like Hypernova Sword FOR FREE!

  3. James says:


  4. James says:

    I KNOW its at the top of a moutain next to bowhole TRAIN NEEDED after you (spoiler ahead) Beat Corvusand get the figg from Lleviathan (story Mission) and fly there its unreachable unless you control train! ive done it so yeah!

  5. Spordniar says:

    Missing #93 & #94 can be found in the town well of Wormwood Creek, #93 is straight forward, but #94 can be quite tricky, you need to bring your team mender from the edge of death using Moreheal during battle, yes must be during battle. If you do this the normal way trying to take dmg from monsters, you either have to wait forever until the weak monsters bring you down to the edge of death, or you need to try your luck with stronger monsters, hoping they’d hit you just right to the edge of death. Either way it is a PIDA. So the trick is to go to any poisonous swamp that does dmg to your chars, and after 1 or 2 chars are at the edge of death, whistle to summon nearby monsters, and have your priest cast Moreheal on the dying char to score, easier this way eh?

  6. sunque says:

    need guide for quest 98

  7. LOl hi says:

    couple of quests missing:

    quest 91: critical appraisal
    must be lvl 15 warrior. talk 2 guy in wormwood creek, near the town well, an he will ask u 2 enrage either 2 or 3, sorry cant quite remember, monsters wiv whistle (from courage skill tree), an then kill em wiv a critical hit. unfortuately, warrior coup de grace doesnt count. return 2 the guy 2 get warriors armour.

    quest 92: warriors three
    must be lvl 40 warrior. go 2 same guy as quest 91, he will tell u 2 kill 10 enraged mandrake maurauders, thankfully just wiv normal attacks this time. use whistle again to enrage em, they can be found in the magmaroo, upover dungeon. return 2 the guy in wormwood 2 receive a warriors workbook, put this in ur inventory 2 auto counterattack sometimes.

  8. Rising_Revenge says:

    Quest # 100
    Must have level 40 thief. Go talk to Buster in pub in Dourbridge. Go to basement level of Gerzuun (near Batsureg). Use Half-inch (aquistivness skill) on sorcerers until aquire lunar diamond. Go back to pub get Thief theory and 10,000 gold.

  9. Shroomz says:

    quest 95 rewards are fizzle-retardant blouse and suit

  10. devilishone says:

    Quest 099 B-Coming One Of The B-Team

    Location: Dourbridge Pub (Bottom left inset door)

    (+) You must have Thief with level 15 or higher to do this.
    (+) Speak to Buster in pub
    (+) Buster asks to steal back tycoon’s trove from hunter mech in the Bad Cave north of Bloomingdale
    (+) Return to Buster and you get rogues robes (male and female)

  11. tokya says:

    Pls, if you have traveled all around the world in DQ, do you know where we can find a RED SIGN POST? I’m doing a quest in Swimdimples that requires 30 sword skill point and it asks me to find a RED SIGN POST. Thank you very much for your help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Haven’t found it yet. Please wait until I finish that quest and update my guide. Thank you for using my guide

      • tokya says:

        Someone had told me that even if you have traveled and searched carefully every spot in DQ, you’ll never find a RED SIGN POST what so ever, you’ll have to look at the BACK of the sign post( well, I don’t know which but I will find it)
        BTW, that quest is #63 quest and it is given by the man inside the church in Swinedimple. It requires you 30 sword skill point.

        • Syl says:

          The red sign is on the island on your map where you write the word HEXAGON ….dont forget to read both side of the post

        • MyNameis says:

          The Red Sign post is on the island next to the Bowhole. Hope this helps 🙂

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