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Dragon Quest IX Guide Side Quest

You can start doing quest after you back from Hexagon. You can know if person will give you a quest by notice blue icon instead of white icon.

1. One good turn

Location: woman near village church
(-) Talk with the woman, she will ask you for tangle web.
(-) Go outside from the village and head to location marked in the map.
(-) You should see a giant web, examine it and return to the lady.
(-) You will get reward: sleeping hibiscus

2. one pleased punch

Location: church in scornway
(-) Talk with the man on the picture (Scornaway church)
(-) He will ask you to do air punch. Do it by holding B button and choose air punch.
(-) Talk with him again and you are done with the quest.

3. we like to party

Location: Church in scornway


(-) After finish quest number 2, go out a while ( i do this after defeat wight knight)

(-) Talk with the same man, assign unique skill he ask in DOWN BUTTON.

(-) Do it in front of him.

(-) You got “pray” skill now.

4. Pick me up a panacea

Location: Stornway (near inn), you  can do this quest after get alcheminicon


(-) Talk with the man in picture

(-) He will ask you to make panacea

(-) Go to inn and create panacea (don’t worry it is easy, all material like super medicine can be created by alchemy too)

(-) Talk again with him and give panacea. You will receive reward (another recipe and item)

5. Herb list

Location: Scornway castle west tower (2f)
(-) Talk with the man, he will ask you to bring 3 items (antidotal herb, medicinal herb, moonwort bulb)
(-) You can find antidotal herb and medicinal herb from shop. For moonwort bulb, if you have followed my walkthrough you should have it one from village well or just buy it from store.
(-) Talk again with him to finish the quest.

6. Get well water

Location: same man from quest number 5

(-) Talk with him and he will ask you angel’s tear
(-) Return to village and talk with fat man (between 2 bridge). he will ask you for fresh water
(-) You can get fresh water from harvest point. (point 6 in map) near the waterfall
(-) Give fresh water to man on village and you will get angel water.
(-) Give angel tear to the guard and you will receive seed of life

7. Curious crevice

Location: Castle scornway well
(-) Talk with man with viking custom on sewer
(-) He will ask you for slimedrop
(-) You can obtain slimedrop by defeat healslime (dropped item, you can found them on brigadoom)
(-) Return to him and he will give you seed of strength

8. Don’t cry over spilt ink

Location: Castle Library
(-) Talk with the old man
(-) He will ask you for magic water
(-) You can get magic water from Lunatick (dropped item, you can find them on brigadoom)
(-) Return to him and you will get seed of magic as reward.

9. Labour of Love (thanks to darkspirit456 for this sidequest info and screenshot)

Location: Stornway Armors Shop
(-) Talk to the lady wearing a red robe
(-) She will ask you to get her an evencloth
(-) Evencloth drop near Zere and Ragged Reapers will drop them
(-) She will reward you with a “Pretty Betsy

10. wing of loves

Location: Stornway to coffinwell borderpass

(-) Talk with the man inside small and the only building here
(-) He ask you to get wing of bat
(-) You can get it from drackmage
(-) Reward 200G

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  1. Goresby-Purrvis says:

    evencloths either ragged reapurrers drop them(or linen gloves*you can steal as well*) or harvest point in gleeba.

  2. George says:

    Good job man! Keep up the great work

  3. Brian says:

    You can do Quest 1 (One Good Turn)infinite times! I wanted to let you know! And also, you can talk to the old man near the fire in the SW area of Dourbridge to get Quest 13 (All Fired Up)! And I don’t know how to finish this quest, so can as soon as you finish Quest 13, can you update it!

  4. Alex says:

    Got sidequest 009 (Labour of Love) from a lady in the Stornway armour shop after completing Wight Night quest. Just need some evencloth.

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