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Posted on Jul 23, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest(101-110)

103. Gladiator Graduator

Location: Alltrades Abbey B1

(+) Talk with old man with priest costume (outside alltrades inn)
(+) He will ask you to kill 3 slimes using dragon slash on super high tension state.
(+) Get out from Alltrades abbey. There are many slimes here. (I am not recommend you to kill the slimes in first village area because they will run away before you got a chance to build your tension).
(+) My tactics:

You will find a group with 3 slimes in outside Alltrades abbey but they tend to fuse and become slime stacks. Prevent this by keep killing them but left one slime to be killed by dragon slash. The slime will always call for back up so it is your job to maintain the numbers while you charging tension (use psyche up or any other tension skill). The tension will grow from 5-20-50-100 (super high tension, I use psyche up for this one. Don’t know if there are other methods to increase tension. When your characters reach super high tension they will unleash purple aura like DBZ super saiyan). Kill the slime using dragon slash. Repeat 3 times.

(+) Talk again with the priest and then you can change your vocation become Gladiator.

106. Taking Soul control

Location: Mirage Mahal L3

(+) Talk with female Paladin In the location (brunhild)
(+) Accept her request
(+) You must have Whipping Boy skill.
(+) Go to desert and cover your friends 10 times with whipping boy. (I suggest you to drop off 2 other party members so it is easier to protect your friend because whipping boy only can target 1 character per turn)
(+) Talk with Brunhild after you have finished the quest.
(+) Paladin vocation is available now.

109. Elementary Training

Location: Alltrades Abbey L1

(+) Talk with the man on the red cloth (Windy).
(+) He will ask you to kill 2 metal slimes after you have used magic ward.
(+) Go to Quarantomb and search for metal slimes
(+) My tactic:

Bring low level party to this dungeon. I brought 2 lvl 10 characters into this dungeon. That is to prevent metal slimes from running also you can raise their level in this dungeon (killing 2 bird with one stone :D). You must kill metal slime with a characters who has magic ward buff. It has 4 HP so you can help your magicwarder by lowering metal slime HP first. You don’t have to use mage to finish this quest but you must have magic ward (of course :D)

(+) Talk again with Windy, now you can become armamentalist.

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22 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest(101-110)”

  1. a person says:

    can you post quest 111, im not sure where to find one of the monsters, its called a magmalice, where can i find it?

  2. Nitroz says:

    hey im a fan so can u plz help me? is there an easy way to get critical pratfalls?

    thx =) —< <- he caught a fish

    • noobbgodlike says:

      CHange your ds clock into your birthday, then when you play the game it should show metal slime/another slime. This will boost your critical rate, drop item rate, etc. hope it helps. thank you for using my guide

    • Bob says:

      If u ever see an orange slime on the loading screen NEVER SHUT OFF UR DS.

  3. ubnub says:

    where do you start the gladiator level 15 quest?

  4. Dittmare says:

    The missing Gladiator quests:
    104.Glad to be of Service(need a level 15+ Gladiator)
    Location:Talk to Unscrupulus Maximus on the small island east of Swinedimples.
    He asks you to kill 10 Drackals after using double up. Drackals can be found near Gerzuun.
    Reward: Tactical Vest and Brawling Brynie

    105.Challengus Maximus(need a level 40+ Gladiator)
    Location: Same as quest 104
    Now you have to kill 3 Green Dragons with Double-Edged Slash while you are poisoned and under the effect of Double Up. Green Dragons can be found north of Upover.
    Reward: Scroll “Gladiators Guide”(Chance to attack twice per turn)
    IMPORTANT note: The Green Dragons have to poison you. It is not enough to enter the battle when you are already poisoned.
    And the dumbest thing: You have to cure the poison after every battle. Every dragon only counts, when he poisons you himself.

  5. LOl hi says:

    these quests are for paladin vocation.

    quest 107: off the record
    must be lvl 15 paladin. talk 2 brunhild, in gleeba (same person as u spoke 2 to unlock this vocation), and she will challenge u 2 defeat 3 infernal armours wiv pincushion ability, from virtue skill tree. these can be found in gerzuun, the batsureg dungeon. dont worry if u only seem 2 be defending, it should counterattack after a while, it might be that i had warriors workbook though, i posted the quests 2 get tht in side quests 91-100 section. when done, speak wiv brunhild 2 get holy mail and holy femail, male an female paladin armour.

    quest 108: top flight knight fight
    must be lvl 40 paladin. speak wiv brunhild again 2 receive another challenge, this time 2 use H-pathy 2 restore a party members HP from 1hp left, 5 times. this is quite hard, so i suggest u create a new companion, so they lvl 1, and get them poisoned from a weak creature like bubble slime or flython. let the poison damage them down 2 1HP, cure them, then fight a weak opponent and use H-pathy on them. repeat 5 times, then return 2 brunhild an u will get a scroll called paladins primer. put in ur inventory 2 access solar flair ability. this is a powerful light ability, deals 200-450 damage, 450 moreso against creatures weak 2 light. but very costly, uses 30 MP, like gigagash does.

  6. Ana says:

    I have a doubt on the “Gladiator Graduator” side quest.

    How am I supposed to complete that quest when the only character that has the “dragon slash” attack can raise the tension of everyone in the party except for herself? lol And none of the other characters of my party can raise the tension to none but themselves?

    This one’s going to be a tricky. lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Only your main characters have sword skill, so I suggest you get psyche up skill (also from gladiator skill tree) so you can boost your own tension. Hope it helps, if not please ask again. Thank you for using my guide

  7. Mager123 says:

    The other way to increase tension is with the egg on abiltiy which the mc can use

  8. joe says:

    sorry im confused for the quest 109 the skill magic ward….. is it wizard ward or magic ward???

  9. zack says:

    i have finished quest 102, i was hoping you could put it on after i tell you. what you do to complete the quest is:

    1) find 2 enemies (doesn’t have to be in the same battle) and use prat fall twice on ’em, it should say critical prat fall.

    2)go back to the ghost and talk to him, and he’ll say to make a person in stornway smile.

    3) go to stornway castle and go left when you first enter stornway castle, and go down the stairs.

    4) go to the last jail cell with the man by the door, open the door and talk to him, when you get to the yes or no option, choose no.

    5) once done, go back to the ghost in alltrades abbey!

    6) collect the minstrel’s manual

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thank you, but please wait, because I only update when one set of quest is finished

    • LOl hi says:

      how exactly do u get a critical pratfall? im havin trouble, it isnt automatic, is it just luck like scorin a critical hit?

      • LOl hi says:

        also, this is the minstrel lvl 40 quest. the lvl 15 quest is, ask the same guy 2 start it, and egg on an ally into a state of super high tension 5 times. u get a flamenco shirt and a dancers dress as a reward

      • noobbgodlike says:

        yeah it is just a luck like critical hit. This is what make me hate side quest from this game, depends on luck……

      • Ricco says:

        Just keep using pratfall until the text says that you scored a critical, you can even get both crits on the same group of monsters

  10. Kam says:

    This is really a stupid question, but what is magic wand that is needed to fulfill quest 109?

    Is this a weapon or magic?

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