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Posted on Aug 2, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest(21-30)

21. Spud-She-Like

Location: House on south side on Stornway’s well

(+) Go inside the house and talk to the old lady
(+) She will ask you to find sunstone
(+) You can find how to create it in item alchemy
(+) Give it to her and you will get Saint’s ashes as a reward

22. Mantle a La mode

Location: Stornway’s armor shop

(+) Go inside armor shop and then talk with musician there
(+) He will ask you to get Macabre mantle

  • Dark Robe (Buy from Upover armor shop)
  • Wing of Bat x4 (drop or steal from bat like type enemy, see bestiary)
  • Terrible Tattoo x3 (steal or drop from bloody manguini, barbatos)

(+) Show it to him and you will get seed of deftness
(+) If you give him macabre mantle he will give you Lunar fan

23. Research Assistant

Location: Stornway castle library

(+) Talk with the old man inside the library (same old man on “spilt the ink” quest)
(+) Go to treasure room (Stornway L3, go upstairs behind king’s throne if you forgot)
(+) Check the treasure here (even though  it is empty)
(+) Talk again with the old man and then buy 3 magic water
(+) Give it to him and you will get 3 seeds of sorcery

24. Battering batterflies

Location: Zere (church area)

(+) Talk with old man outside the church
(+) He will ask you to CHASE away batterfly
(+) Go to world map to find batterflies (South zere)
(+) My tips is to chase them first before you enter the battle (“!” mark) and then just defend until they flee (The higher your level the easier it will become)
(+) After 10 of them run away talk with the old man and you will get seed of defence

25. Warbling wellard

Location: Zere (church area)

(+) Talk with the thug beside the church
(+) Give him Birdsong Nectar. See item Alchemy how to create it
(+) you will get Gleeban Gold as a reward

26. Doug and the sluggers

Location: Coffinwell (near mayor’s house). Thanks to Pharab for this quest info

(+) Talk with the old man beside mayor’s house
(+) He will ask you to kill 10 sluggers
(+) Just go outside from the town and kill them
(+) Talk again with the old man and then you will get mini medal as a reward

27. Big Headed-Bard

Location: Coffinwell (near armor shop)

(+) Talk with the bard near armor shop
(+) He will ask you to bring him Technicolour dreamcloth
(+) See item alchemy to know how to create it
(+) Talk with the bard after you  created it. He will ask you to give it to the nun inside church
(+) Give the dreamcloth to the nun inside the church
(+) Talk again with the bard and he will give you Elfin charm (accessory that prevent unwanted status)

28. Desert foxes

Location: Gleeba world map

(+) Read back side of the signboard ( world map, near gleeba)
(+) You will received the quest number 28 if you done it right (remember from the backside)
(+) Kill those perched peckerels in this area
(+) They will drop dune berry (Don’t worry the drop rate is high, you can see how many you have gathered them in “important item”)
(+) After you gather 10 dune berries read the board once again and go to Gleeba
(+) Talk with the girl on the bar (dance theater room)
(+) She will give you platinum ore as a reward

29. Fool’s gold

Location: Gleeba- Southwestern building in the town

(+) Talk with the soldier here(on the left side of the room)
(+) Accept the request and go outside to world map
(+) You can find gold golem near evencloth harvest point. See my world map for the detail (C3)
(+) Keep killing them until you trigger an event like in screenshot above
(+) You will get 1000 Gold as a reward

30. Wrapper’s Delight

Location: Gleeba-southwestern building 2F

(+) Talk with the soldier here
(+) He will ask you 5 Grubby bandages
(+) You can get it by steal/kill Mummy type enemies (I hunt blood mummy in bowhole because other type of mummies always flee if you are at high level)
(+) After you get 5 grubby bandages talk again with him
(+) You will get Ruby of Protection as a reward

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  1. Aria says:

    For quest 24, that old man isn’t there so I can’t even start the quest. I’m lvl 25, but am I missing something?

  2. The lord of thieves aruval says:

    In fools gold in the gold golem pit there’s this little s
    Circle space in the corner I go there and the fake gold golem was always there

  3. Nitroz says:

    were is the sign board plz tell me

  4. dragoon9000 says:

    on quest 22 do you alchmise those items if you do it doesn’t work for me

  5. Brian says:

    In Quest 22, you need 3 Terrible Tattoos to make a Macabre mantle.

  6. Pharap says:

    quest 26 – doug and the sluggers

    1 – Talk to the old man standing to the left of the mayor’s house in coffinwell.
    2 – He will tell you that he is upset because his daughter told him he looks like a slugger and will ask you to defeat 10 sluggers to ease his woes.
    3 – Defeat the sluggers and he will present you with a snakeskin

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