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Posted on Jul 25, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest(31-40)

31. Feathers for  a fan

Location: Gleeba- Belly dance theater

(+) Talk with the man inside Belly dance theater
(+) He will ask you to get 3 hocus chimaera feathers
(+) Go to zere rocks L2 to find them
(+) Kill them until they drop 3 hocus chimaera feathers (it isn’t normal drop so you can’t steal it from them)
(+) Talk again with the man and he will give you magical skirt

32. Oil get it!

Location: Old man in front of Gleeba weapon shop

(+) Talk with the man and he will ask turbo toad oil
(+) You can get it by kill expload (found in Gleeba world map-near evencloth harvest point) using critical hit
(+) I suggest you to learn thunder thrust (spear skill) so you can get critical hit easily
(+) Give Turbo toad oil and he will give you 2000G as a reward

33. Lady of the dance

Location: Gleeba- Mirage mahal L1 (left room-library)

(+) Check the bookshelf on the leftside of the room
(+) Go to World map (outside Batsureg), kill goodybag until you see an event
(+) You can do belly dance trick now

35. All dolled up

Location: Batsureg-tent on the westside (near mayor’s tent)

(+) Talk with the man inside the tent
(+) He will to ask you to steal ragged doll from sleeping brainy badboon
(+) You can find brainy badboon on outside Batsureg (Iluugazar plains)
(+) Put them into sleep first (I use Snooze) and then use half-inch until you get the doll (Don’t worry if you get magic beast hide at first steal, you can still steal it; you don’t need to encounter another brainy badboon except the game is telling you that the baboons doesn’t have anything)
(+) Talk again with the old man after you get it and you will receive einhander as a reward

36. Little missy botsy

location: Swinedimples academy-in front of the church

(+) Talk with little girl here and she will ask you to bring her 2 royal soil
(+) See my world map to know where to get them
(+) Give 2 royal soil to her and she will ask you to bring her holy water
(+) Buy it from item shop if you don’t have one
(+) Give it to her and you will learn new party trick: Swinedimple Salute

37. Funghi for Fun guy

location: Pluvi isle – inside well

(+) Talk with the man inside the well
(+) He will ask 3 belle cap
(+) Gather it from harvest point (see my world map)
(+) Give it to him and you will receive Finessence

38. Muffled admiration

Location: Wormwood creek-weapon shop

(+) Talk with the knight inside (scarface) the shop
(+) You can find genie sanguini (Realm of Mighty), Pink Sanguini (Bloomingdale world map), teeny sanguini (angel fall world map). Kill them to give the scarf
(+) After you have finished, go back and talk again with Scarface
(+) He will give you Elfin elixir

39. Follow That Fish!

This quest only available after you beat the game once.
Location: Jona’s house

(+) Go to Port Llafan and talk with Jona
(+) She will ask you to summon Lleviathan. Go to inn and rest until evening.
(+) Go outside and you should see Ghost (old lady).
(+) Talk with her and then she will ask you to bring Watermaul wand, Silver shield, and flowing dress.
(+) Talk again with Jona and she will go to Lleviathan’s place
(+) you need to gather the equipment before you can meet her, so do these thing:

  • Watermaul wand => buy it from Bloomingdale Weapon shop
  • Silver shield => created by alchemy. The recipe are:
    • White knight’s shield => you have got it from west building in Realm of Almighty
    • Mirror stone x3 => you can obtain it from urdus marshland harvest point (go here from Swinedimples)
    • Mythril ore x2 => Mt. Ulzuun harvest point.
  • Flowin dress => buy it from armor shop in Upover for 18000G.

(+) Equip all of those equipment to one characters of your party (it seems you can equip flowing dress if you are female).
(+) Go to Twyll cave and then go to where you defeated Lleviathan in main quest.
(+) Talk with Jona there and you will fight with


You won’t have trouble fight this monster because Corvus is much harder than this one. When you already caused much damage, it will starting to to cast tidal wave. I recommend you to cast multi heal each turn since it cast Tidal wave because Tidal wave + massive swipe = 150-175 damage to all party members.

Normal Attack: 50-100 damage
Massive sweep: 60-80 damage to all
Tidal wave: 60-80 water damage to all
Head slam: He bang his head to the ground and cause very high physical damage to one character (256 damage but that is critical to me). It is very rare though.

See an event; you will get celestial skein and fygg fruit. Eat the fruit and you will gain ability to fly over the world map.

40. Man Eating Vegetables

Location: Angel falls

(+) Talk to the woman in the item shop
(+) You must equip ‘Herbalist’ Accolade and then talk to her to finish this quest
(+) Eat 100 healing herbs to get “Herbalist” accolade
(+) you will get Yggdrasil Dew x3 as a reward

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98 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest(31-40)”

  1. Owen says:

    Leviathan 2 is much harder than Corvus. Leviathan 2 has roughly a 25% critical hit chance and two abilities that do high damage to the whole team. The only main threat from Corvus was his magi burst.

    • Qiryn says:

      Yeah the guide says that as he gets hurt he’ll cast tidal wave, this is false i routinely got it on turn one and the fight is indeed much harder then corvus which is stupid seeing as this is the first epilouge quest

  2. Skyler says:

    How do you beat leviathan 2 with a paladin lvl 31 ,priest lvl 48, gladiator lvl 30 and a mage lvl 25

  3. Adrian says:

    turn that minstrel and warriors into gladiators, and get a priest/paladin.

  4. Kingdomaster14 says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about here. I beat corvus with a level 40 Armamentalist, a level 51 Paladin, a level 63 Priest and a level 52 Ranger, using Gigaslash, Multithrust, Mutliheal and Rain of Pain respectively. That method worked fine for me with the Leviathan too, but I used Oomph, Egg On and Phyche Up to boost damage.

    And regards to quest 39, you can buy the silver shield for about 30500g from the armour shop from the woman in Stornway, post-game.

    • Silverwolf says:

      My battle with Corvus was epic because I ruined him with a co-op de grace (all of the team at once) and I became completely invincible for a while. That was fun :).

  5. Bee says:

    How do I know how many Medicinal Herbs I’ve used for quest 40?

  6. dumby kid says:

    i still can not beat the dread master or the pink blob thingymagig need help…..

  7. dood says:

    You all have bad spelling. beat corvus with lv. 51 minstrel and martial artist, 47 thief and mage, took me 7 turns, used gigagash and oomph a lot, psyche up works well (go up to 20 tension and he won’t D wave you.)

  8. tbill says:

    I’ve beaten the whale and though you can’t really fly, you can summon the train to take you anywhere. However I have yet to find out how to get back to the Realm of the Almighty/Mighty so I can beat the giant trolls and become a sage. Also, I still don’t have all the recipes. Is there anything fun to do once you’ve beaten Corvus? I mean what’s the point? Some of these side quests are just silly.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You don’t need to have all the recipes, just input the ingredients normally (listed in alchemy section) and you ‘ll get the item. To go back just ride the train and press (something; I forgot which button) button and you should be able to see an option that offers you to go back to the realm of mighty. After that just talk to woman on the realm of mighty and she’ll offer you to go back to the realm of almighty. Hope it helps.

    • Alex says:

      When your in the starflight express hit a it will ask you if you want to get off click no then it asks if you want to go to the realm of the almighty say yes when there go to the palace and find celestria and shell ask if you want to go to the realm of the mighty=)

  9. shyguy says:

    are you fucking kidding me? Lleviathan is so fucking hard, took me three tries as opposed to Corvus, who I wrecked easily. Wth are you talking about?

    • Olivia says:

      eh? I did it in 5 turns and im a GIRL (ang im being sexist aginst myself) all ya have to do is get your warrior to 100 tension and use gigagash.

  10. Hi Mate (Jardeck HEre xD) I Just Completed The Game And im Trying to Earn the Abilty To Fly And I Wanna Know What Level to Be Before Facing Lleviathan Again?? Please Help, And i have the same Team as i have For the whole Game 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      If you can beat corvus then you should be able to defeat levi easily (it is easier than corvus IMHO)

      • Yeh I Defeated Corvus Obvs xD But i Just Cant Seem To Beat Him… My Preist It On Focus On Healing and He Dont Seem To Heal Enough :S Solution PleasE? 😀

        • zigger says:

          dont use a priest use people with good attacks like a warrior or martial artist maybe a thief but the other two are the best at a high level i beat him with only one guy and was a warrior level 94

        • DQN says:

          i killed corvus easy but i cant kill lev i dont think my team is strong enough:
          Minstrel(hero) lvl 48
          Ranger lvl 35
          warrior lvl 41
          warrior lvl 41

        • HazzaTheDestroyer says:

          i killed corvus #2 at lvl 43 and the whale thingy #2 at lvl 48 as a minstrel for both. All u need is shield scroll, miracle/uber miracle blade and around 220-250 magical mending for midheal. I have around 330 magical mending and midheal does around 120-150 hp 😀 BTW use life bracer as well

        • Jack the Awesome says:

          If your priest doesn’t heal enough, set him/her to FOLLOW ORDERS, do what you want to do, then put her back on FOCUS ON HEALING. That’s what I did with Corvus. And I just beat him today.

        • Jack the Awesome says:

          Also I made Erdrick’s Sword with the Rusty Sword, a lump of Orichalcum, and 9 glass frits. You can make other Erdrick’s items by combining rusty gauntlets/helmet with orichalcum and 9 glass frits to. Everything on this list is better than storebought and most alchemised weapons/armor. I found this on other sites.

  11. Raven says:

    Well idk what you all mean about Corvus being hard, i had a minstrel, theif, marital artist, and priest, and whooped him at around lvl 30 with no problem at all.

    • Olivia says:

      well for me he used magic burst 1st turn meditated used it again the next turn and THEN heled himeslff 500hp

  12. mystery says:

    corvus is a magical/ slight physical attacker and llv is a physi/slight magic attacker so the whole battle depends on what tactics you are using (playing not the pre made one)

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