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Posted on Aug 8, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest(41-50)

41. Style Gooru

Location: Angel falls

(+) Talk with Dr. Slimon near the dog on angel falls
(+) He will ask you to get flower from slime
(+) Go out from angel falls and kill slime until they drop some kind of flower (goododendron)
(+) give it to him and you will get seed of agility as a reward

42. Letter Getter

Location: Stornway

(+) Talk to collapsed man on the outside Stornway Church (you need to complete quest 47)
(+) He will ask you to get a letter
(+) You can get it by defeating Bling Badger on high level water grotto
(+) You will get Glomborelo as a reward

43. Maid to Wait

Location: Stornway: First house on town entrance

(+) Go inside and talk with sick old man
(+) He want to meet with his maid
(+) Go to Secret shop (dourbridge) and then buy Maid’s mop and maid outfit
(+) equip it on female character (I don’t try it on male character) and talk to him
(+) You will get Halo as a reward

44. A climber for climber

Location: Coffinwell

(+) Talk to the high class woman on the north of Coffinwell
(+) You must kill Treevil (Urdus Marshland; South of Batsureg) by using Stone’s throw (Fisticuff skill)
(+) Treevil has about 100 HP, so measure your damage in order to kill treevil by using stone’s throw
(+) You will get Weird beard when you kill them, but you need the beard at least 100 cm long to finish this quest, so just keep killing Treevil until you get it
(+) You will get Mini medal as a reward

45. Tale of Paper Trail

Location: Coffinwell

(+) Talk to The woman on the southeastern part of the town
(+) Go outside (Coffinwell area) and kill any monsters until they drop the items (you must get 3 items)
(+) Go back and then talk to the woman, you will get Brainy bracer as a reward

46. Puttin ‘Em in Platinum

Location: West house in Coffinwell

(+) Talk to the lady inside the house (North of church)
(+) She will ask you to gather platinum equipment
(+) You can get them from:

  • Sword and head: gleeba weapon and armor shop
  • Shield: Bloomingdale armor shop
  • Armor: See armor alchemy section

(+) Return to the lady and you will get divine dress as a reward

47. Dozy Mayor

Location: Port Llaffan- Mayor’s house (only available after you beat the game)

(+) talk with fat boy near mayor’s bed
(+) He need something that can “cure all disease”
(+) Gather fresh water from harvest point (see my world map)
(+) Go to angel fall and talk with a man between small bridge
(+) he will create angel tears for you
(+) Give it to mayor and you will get seed of magic as a reward

48. A Task for Cask

Location: Slurry Quay

(+) Check the barrel south of the harbour
(+) It will ask you for Holy water (Buy in item shop for 40G)
(+) Give the water and it will ask you again for fresh water (see world map harvest point)
(+) It will ask you again for magic water (Port Llaffan item shop for 500 G)
(+) You will get seed of defence as a reward

49. Rock on

Location: Zere rocks

(+) Talk to the boy on the northwest of zere rocks
(+) He will ask you to bring Ressurock, Enchanted stone, and Agate of Evolution
(+) See world map for resurrock harvest point, and item alchemy for enchanted stone and Agate of Evolution
(+) You will get Rusty Shield as a reward

50. Confession of ‘Cin

Location: Bloomingdale

(+) Talk to Sister Cindy inside church
(+) You need to get Dead Man’s Dagger
(+) You can get it by killing Bloody Mummies in Bowhole
(+) you will get Seed of Therapeusis as a reward

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15 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest(41-50)”

  1. The slime says:

    For quest49 do u have to give him the rocks

    • The slime says:

      Ya I finished that quest and got a rusty sheild and I didn’t have to give him the rocks just show them to him

  2. Jape27 says:

    In made to wait, a male character CAN equip the maid outfit,and I think they can still do so after the quest.

  3. Mars says:

    how do you unlock quest 46? when i go to the house no lady is there.

  4. Jumpintoit says:

    Well there is no sick old man on any bed here!! do i need to do any other quests to make the old man sick???

  5. Edward LI says:

    when you say “beat the game” for quest 47 as a requirement, do you mean post game after you beat Corvus and taken control of the sky train?

  6. cardle99 says:

    just so people know rusty sheild+ orinthicalum+ nine glass frit = edrricks sheild for quest 49

  7. kai says:

    Has anyone finished Quest #42??

  8. sunque says:

    can somebody put a guide for quest 46, Puttin’ em in platnum?

    I need to know how to get a platinum mail (gold mail)

    • CJ says:

      To get the gold mail, you need to alchemise the following items: Silver mail(bloomingdale)gold ring and gold bracer(both in porth llafan) alchemise one of each of these items and you should get a suit of gold mail.

  9. J.P. says:

    Quest 50: Confession of Cin’s. (Post Game?)
    Location: Nun in Bloomingdale Church.
    Progress: Talk to the Nun, then head for the Bowhole.
    (+) Now you just need to beat blood mummies untill they drop a dead mans dagger. Return to the nun, and collect your reward.
    Reward: ???

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