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Posted on Aug 9, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest(51-60)


55. Mummy’s Little Hero

Location: Small cave on the north side of first village (you need ability to fly)

(+) Go to the inside of the cave.
(+) Talk with the little kid there.
(+) He will ask you to bring Wakerobin.
(+) You can get Wake robin from harvest point (go east from Bloomingdale, it is located in the middle of the world map).
(+) Give Wakerobin to the child and you will get Rockbomb Shard

56. Nicholas’s necklace

Location: remote island on eastern stornway (red arrow)

(+) Talk with the man inside house (south part)
(+) He will say something about missing necklace
(+) Agree to help him, get out and head north to the next house (you must go to that house at night)
(+) Grab Divine dress from treasure chest and talk with sleeping man here
(+) He will give you hint (abyss div- corner of the world)
(+) So go to that area(marked by blue arrow on map above)
(+) Kill abyss diver until you get memento necklace
(+) Give it back to the man on the south house and you will get seed of defence

57. Not Nicholas’s necklace

Location: north house on quest 56 (woody’s house)

(+) Talk with Woody and he will ask you to get the necklace
(+) Go to Nocholas’s house at night and talk to him to get a hint
(+) Go to Blooming dale world map to find pink sangunini and kill it until you get memento Necklace
(+) Give it to woody and you will get seed of agility

59. Runny Bunny

Location: North well on eastern wormwood area (need ability to fly;same area with quest 60)

(+) Talk with bunny girl inside north well
(+) She will ask for shoes that can run like metal slimes
(+) Give her Metal slime sollerets (It can only be obtain from blue treasure chest in high level grotto 🙁 )
(+) Give it to her once you get it and you will get Venus’ tear as a reward

60. That make scents

Location: south well on eastern wormwood area (need ability to fly)

(+) Go inside the well and talk with female servant
(+) she will ask you to bring something sweet, something spicy, and something relaxing
(+) Grab seed of life from treasure chest and get out from this well
(+) Gather Narspicious, Thinkincense, and Nectar (see indexed world map)
(+) You only need one from each of the items
(+) Talk with the servant and she will give you Enchanted stone as a reward

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12 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Guide Side quest(51-60)”

  1. so on quest not nicolas’s neclece do i just walk around the city bloomingdale or in the island in general

  2. Katharin says:

    Can someone help me with quest 54? Like what do I do?

  3. DQN says:

    where is quest 58

  4. Olivia says:

    How do you get to the corner of the world to see the abiss diver? I tried the train but it wont work…. am i being stupid? This is the ship isnt it. What about Not nicolus’s neclace do you have to complete the 1st one first?

    from a gal gamer (yes were out there in the world, but many of “us” are men

  5. Dittmare says:

    Great guide so far, keep up the good work.
    I have one quest to add here:

    58.Fixing the Sicklops

    Location: Little boy standing next to a Cyclops south-east of Alltrades Abbey(on that strange platform with the many lakes; only reachable with the Starflight)

    He asks you to get some “titanic tincture”, which has to be stolen from Atlas(Grotto boss). The problem is, that you can only steal it when Atlas has 700 or less HP.

    Reward: A treasure map

  6. LOl hi says:

    i got 2 more 2 add here:

    quest 50: confession of cin’s
    talk 2 nun in bloomingdale church (post game), go 2 bowhole 2 kill blood mummies until u get a dead mans dagger. give it 2 nun 2 get a seed of therapeusis. repeatable quest.

    quest 52: tall order cook
    talk to the cook in mirage mahal, gleeba. u can find him on gorund floor, north western corner past library. dleiver a message 2 a farmer called george tht he needs vegetables. george will ask u 2 bring him 3 horse manure and 7 cowpats (might be other way around, not sure), 2 make special manure. he will then tell u he will send the cook his veg, return 2 the cook in gleeba 2 get a gleeban gold piece as reward. repeatable quest.

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