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Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Bloomingdale to Bad cave

From zere rock just go south to enter new area.

(1): bloomingdale

(2): sleeping hibiscus

(3): Platinum ore

(4): Flurry feather

(5): Bad cave

enemy drops exp
gum shield light shield 226
pink sanguini moonwort bulb 236
king slime slimedrop 600
trigertaur magic beast hide 350
axolhotl iron helmet 360
scarewolf magic beast hide, sacred claws 325
big badboon magic beast hide, strength ring 420

Talk with the woman in front of inn to learn about ship. Here are few lists you can do in this town:

(-) Buy new equipment in this town, there are 2 armor shops, so make sure you checked both of them. You can buy platinum armor and weapon in this town.

(-) Enter armor shop near the church, check bookshelf to obtain 2 recipes (“platinum procedures” and ”Put your best foot forward”)

(-) Enter middle house near the weapon shop and grab recipe from bookshelf (Avian Alchemy) and Leather hat from cupboard

Talk with old man who guard ship in the harbor and then go to big mansion on northern part of the city.

Event, go to 2f and grab 2 treasure chests on room on the right side (1500 G and Strength ring). Get out from this mansion and talk with Marion’s staff. Now go to house located left from the mansion, enter it and talk with the nanny.

She will tell you to go to toymaker. Now go to armor shop near the church and talk with old man here. You will automatically arrive in Marion’s room. Follow Marion to outside and then check gravestone on the south.

Go to world map and go to point (5) in map

enemy drops exp
weaken beacon flurry feather 266
shaman magical robes 290
medislime strong medicine 300
raving lunatick thorn whip 310
riptide dragon scale 540
metal medley slimedrop 12288
hunter mech iron ore, hunter’s bow 450

Enter the middle cave and continue to go until you reach point (1) on the map, sit there and there will be an event. Go down using the ladder and enter the only path available. Go to Southeast first to unlock the door. Now go to north and grab 2 blue chests. Keep follow the path and enter the right first to obtain Hephaestus’ flame.

Monster alert: Metal Meddley. Another good farming place for your characters. It only has about 5-6 Hp but it is little hard to kill this thing. I recommend use metal slash/falcon slash/flailing nails (or other multi hit skill), don’t use magic because it doesn’t have effect.

Enter another path and continue until you arrive on Bad cave B1. Grab Mini medal, 1700G, and Blue chest here. Go to Northwest door, from here just go to north until you see an event and

BOSS : Tyrantula

It can attack twice per turn but it is easy

(-) Wind sickles: physical damage to party member (20-25 damage). It is not magic damage because my warrior (highest defense only got 1 damage from this attack)

(-) Wicked web: Make your character inactive. What annoying about its skill is wicked web it can cancel your character’s action and it usually does the skill every turn

(-) Normal attacks: cause about 20-25 dmg

Get out from this dungeon and return to Marion’s mansion. Check the doll and talk with servant in marion’s room. You will learn that she give you the ship. Now go to harbor and talk with the old man to set sail.

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55 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Bloomingdale to Bad cave”

  1. slayerII says:

    for normal attack it depends on ur level like level 1(alltrades abbey)u will instantly die(unless ur armamentalist)

  2. how much hp does the boss in bad cave have. I NEED HELLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cannot Sit says:

    I cannot sit on that old chair..
    It keep saying “It’s a rickety old chair” but nothing happen..
    what should i do?
    can somebody help?
    I stuck for 3 days because of this issue…
    please help..thanks..

    • kool man says:

      you need to read the sign next to the chair to sit on it.

      PLus , what key do i need to open the gate in my ship for the falcon sword and where do i get this key?


      im stuck on dreadmaster boss help me!”!!!

      • Randomperson says:

        You get the key later in the storyline (the Gortress I think), and for the Dreadmaster, just grind for a while and you should be able to beat it if you’re a higher level. The guide for the Oldschool might be more help.

  4. how do u sit on the gloomin chair

  5. Ella says:

    Hi I’m Ella. Do you know how much health Tyrantula has? I’ve tried to battle him once and lost. Is it because I have a preist and a Mage? I’m training a bandit for a side quest but I want someone elses opinion. Here’s my party.
    Ella-lvl 20 Minstrel
    Teresa-lvl 20 Warrior
    Zandress-lvl 18 Priest
    Alex-lvl 19 Mage
    Sarian-lvl 10 theif (SIDE QUEST)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      no, it’s fine to have a priest in your party (must in my opinion :D). COuld you explain why you lose? make sure you have equipped latest equipment available (buy in the town). I don’t know how much Hp he has. Thanks for using my guide. Try to level up a little

      • Randomperson says:

        I lost one person with armor from Slurry Quay with my party at about 25, with the exact same vocations. If you REALLY just can’t seem to win, train your priest until it learns Multi-heal. That could take a while though. (I started a new game and forgot when they learn it.)

  6. bRiJ says:

    hi, sorry to bother you, but the door is locked, and i can’t get in. But the catch is, it wont let me sit on the chair! how do you sit on the blooming chair??!! :S

  7. that guy says:

    wow this boss i ushaily just skip the lonely plains boss till after this one
    beacuse this one is eazir and i hate garth goyal becuse i did not skip him and he killed my gladator and preist but i still uber pwned him

  8. Jardeck says:

    Hi, Me Again :\ I Wanted To Know, How Do You Steal?????? Plz Help!

  9. John (DragQuester) says:

    As well, the boss does “Eary Light”, which makes you adverse to reisitance go down. (Pretty Sure)

  10. John (DragQuester) says:

    The Boss also does a attack called “Venomissle”. It does about 20 – 30 Damage to all characters and can hit you twice.

  11. Jardeck says:

    Hi This is gonna SOund Stupid but is this team Okay?

    Me – Mage lvl 20
    Warrior lvl 24
    Mage lvl 23
    mage lvl 22

    Please Reply 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Define your okay :D. what you would to do with that level??? fight fight final boss? of course it is not okay. The only your tema lack is priest, change your mage to priest and you should be fine in this game. Hope it helps 😀 . Thank you for using my guide.

      • Jardeck says:

        Okay Thanks, I was Just gonna say To Beat Tyrantulaa And What one shalll i make a Preist? 🙂 Thanks

      • alexia says:

        hey i am level 27 ministrel 21 worrior and lvl 16 worrior and a level 19 mage do you think i will beat the tralentla thing. AND i thought the prienst ran away so you couldnt change what you are like me a ministrel. And is is bad to have a mage because sh IS NOT doinng well and two worriors are stronger then me lol. AND if you can change things like me into a prienst or somthing will I keep my level? thanks

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I suggest you to train one priest. it is a core job in your party.

        • alexia says:

          so i have to get rid of one of my worriors? ok i will change it for a priest. THANKS A LOT u r the best blog writer and guid writer EVER!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yup, change on of your warrior into a priest. I am also suggesting you to change from minstrel into more powerful job (gladiator,etc).Thank you for using my guide.

        • hghmnjbhv says:

          I had a priest for the whole game. It was really helpful, I only died once or twice and those were boss battles. It was level 51 by the time I finished the game.

  12. reklaw says:

    ms bloome has been kidnapped and im trying to save her im at the bad cave where the bandits are but the door is locked to get in how do i get in?

    • Jardeck says:

      You go up and sit on the chair, Then You should see one of them Come out and put a ladder up, Go down the ladder and go through the door and find a way to the boss 🙂

  13. monkeybreath says:

    i need magic beast hide for the fur ponchoe

  14. tokya says:

    Sorry to ask this but, I mistakenly casted zoom while on my ship and cannot find a way to come back. do anybody know how to? Thank you very much!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      if you cast zoom when you are on your ship. The ship must be nearby the town you visit (if there is shore nearby). I.e. if you zoom to alltradey abbey the ship will be on northwest of the area. Just zoom to the last town you visited and you will be fine.

  15. Jeannot says:

    Sorry if that does sound stupid (english is not my first language): How do I leave the ship (the one Marion gave me)? I had to restart twice now and still don’t get it. :/

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can leave ship by press “A” button near the shore or low plains. you will see an option when you can leave from the ship. you can also enter the ship by press B button.
      Don’t worry about your English because my English is not good enough too.:D
      hope it helps.

  16. ranigma says:

    Shaman also has ultramarine mittens.(i have stolen one of them just now)

  17. ranigma says:

    metal medley also drops mytril ore.(found it thanks to exp farming)

  18. ranigma says:

    Hunter Mechs also drops hunter’s bow .

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