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Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Coffinwell to Quarantomb

Talk with the guard and you can continue your journey to eastern coffinwell (you can enter small place here to do quest number 10).

enemy drops exp
leafy larrikins moonwort bulb 42
slugger medicinal herb 64
chariot chappie angel bell, iron lance 90
morphean mushroom belle cap 75
clockwork cuckoo chimaera wing 72

Your goal is Coffinwell (it is blue arrow in my map).


Here are the list you should do before doing main quest:

  • Go to northwest house and check bookshelf to learn recipes(martial arts essential).
  • Check bookshelf on southeast house to get another recipe(get creative with fur and hide).
  • Go to east house 2nd floor to grab hairband and “snakey things to make and do”.

Go to mayor’s house, go to 2nd floor and then talk with the mayor. Check right and left bookshelf behind the mayor to obtain new recipe (“casualwear with fashionable flair” and “Ooh! Nice Knife!”). Get out from mayor’s house, go to west and enter small house. Talk with the lady on the bed. Get out from the house and follow her.

Enter the house, Check bookshelf to get recipes (“beginner’s alchemy” and “cat’ll do nicely”), you  also can get provoke skill from bookshelf. Talk with Dr. Phlegming to learn about curse and ruins on the west.

Go back and talk with Mayor, you will get quarantomb key from mayor. Talk with Dr. Phlegming and he will go to the ruins. Get out from town and continue head to west until you reach new area.

Western Coffinwell

enemy drops exp
flython snakeskin 100
morphean mushroom belle cap 75
badger mager moonwort bulb 105
slugger medicinal herb 64
lost soul holy water 96
chariot chappie angel bell, iron lance 90

Your goal is shown by blue arrow in my map.

You can check point (1) in my map; you can get iron ore here.

Check point (2) in my map ; you can get belle cap.


enemy drops exp
lost soul holy water 96
mummy boy grubby bandage, turban 105
metal slime strong medicine 4096
earthen warriors scale shield 110
magus wizard’s staff 90
mean spirit silk robe 99

This dungeon is very simple, you only need to touch statue in point (1); blue statue and point (2) red statue. After you lit both of them go to BOSS mark in my map. Make sure you grab mini medal and seed of skill.

You can do some power leveling in this dungeon by defeating monster called Metal slime.

It has very big exp 4096. It is only have 4 HP but has high evasion and defense. your attack probably only caused 1 damage (with metal slash become 2 🙂 ). If you not beat it for a long time it will escape, so always try to kill this first.

When you are ready go to BOSS room and

BOSS battle: Ragin Contagion

Be careful because it can attacks twice per turn. Its attack patterns:

(-) Deceleratle: lower your party agility

(-) normal attack 15-20 damage

Drop: royal soil


Go back to mayor’s house and talk again with him, he will ask you to tell Catharrina about this news. Go to Catarrhina’s house and talk with Catarrhina to see an event.

Talk again with mayor on the outside of his house. Now rest in inn until night come (choose rest). Talk with Mayor to get reward then try to get out from this village, you should see Catarrhina near funeral, talk with her. Go to Dr. Phlegming’s laboratory and he will join your party, you must talk with every people that get illness, here are the list:

(-) Go to west house and talk with old man

(-) Go to inn and talk to couple on the first room

(-) Go to east house and talk with yellow haired man and then go to 2nd floor and talk with little girl on the bed.

Back to Laboratory and you will see an event, go out from laboratory. Next morning you can get out from coffinwell. Go to train express on mountain pass, answer yes when you are ready to depart.

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  1. Kataayyy says:

    I feel so awkward.
    Surely, other girls play Dragon Quest?

    • K.R. SpAz says:

      I’m a girl and I’ve played and completed Dragon Quest VIII and DQ Monsters: Joker.
      I’m working on completing this one (IX) now ^^ I regret nothing! lol

    • Katy says:

      I’m a “girl,” 55 today! I’ve been playing video games since they were pinball games. I’m a die-hard RPGer and think DQ 9 is one of the best!

    • Kayla says:

      I’m a “Girl” sorta X3 I’m a tomboy but still a girl. Anyways, I play DQ and hae a major obsession. my best friend plays it too. X3 so yeah there is other girls

  2. Jay says:

    Hey Again, LOL, I Need Help.. AGAIN, What Levels Should i Be To Beat The Master Of Nu’un, I Have

    Minstrel – 11
    Warrior – 11
    Preist – 10
    Martial Artist – 11

    Plz Help 😛

  3. Jay says:

    Hi, Its Jardeck, Hope You Remember Me ;D

    But, I Restarted my game.. AGAIN, And im stuck in coffinwell, I Cant find the last person who recovered from the desease, Can you gi ve me a list of where they are?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?

  4. Star says:

    i just walked on the east side of Quarotomb and i like found 2 metal slimes, i keep restarting my game for some reason and it happens everytime so walk on east side of quarotomb

  5. bsamsr18 says:

    You have all but 1 enemy down there is a crabid that gives 220xp 96 gold and could drop tortoise shell at the beach. There is also an item drop point where you get holy water around a part blue rock on the beach

  6. lois level 20 mistrel says:

    hey, i`m like well stuck on killing the boss and i`ve tryed and tryed and i still can kill him it sucks so do u think u can give some more info cuz i really need it, aslo how do you get team members in the game?

  7. Daryll says:

    I am Level 41

  8. level 14 misnstel who wears a turban says:

    how do u beat the ragin contagin easyly cos im stuck p.s how o you easyly train a thief

    • RainyDays says:

      What I did is I power trained with metal slimes which give about 4000 xp (1000 per member on 4 person team) And wait till about main character 17 and the rest 15-17 then just heal yourself and attack as much as possible.

  9. Wolfe says:

    I cant find the most northwestern houses recipy

    • Wolfe says:

      or southeast!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        How about recipe in previous town in my guide??
        Do you get it??
        if yes, then I don’t know what makes you didn’t get this one.
        if no, then I think the recipe location is random?? but I think it isn’t.
        sorry can’t help you much

        • Bobby says:

          they couldn’t get the recipes because they didn’t talk to the alchemy pot. I had the same problem, fixed it when I talked to the alchemy pot for the first time.

          Also, A+ guide. Thanks a lot.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Thank you for your information. Could you give me a tips so I can make S rate guide for my future guide? 😀

          Thanks for using my guide when you are playing this game

  10. Kam says:

    Do you have a quicker way of finding the metal smile in quarantomb?

    I have to keep walking and walking there and hardly sees one.

    BTW….it kills me when the metal slime run away after 1 or 2 hits….LOL

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I recommend you to not try to find metal slime in quarantomb. it’s just wasting your time, i suggest you to start level up in post game. But if you need to do it for side quest, I think metal slime appears more frequently if you bring party with low level, so bring 2 character (lvl 10-15).

  11. Tommy level 18 Minstrel says:


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