Posted on Jul 12, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Doomingale Forest to Briagadoom

You are at doomingale forest now. You can get munky mud from shining ground in this area. For now your goal is brigadoom, it is located at north of this area.

enemy drops exp
ram raider sleeping hisbiscus 70
skeleton cotton gloves 81
bodkin fletcher antidotal herb 62
cumaulus tangleweb 62

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enemy drops exp
cumalaus tangleweb 62
healslime medicinal herb, slimedrop 56
lunatick leather whip, magic water 70
drackmage chimaera wing, wing of bat 60
blinkster leather shoes 64
leery lout leather shield 68

Go to northeast tower to obtain coagulant. You don’t need to go to southwest stairs because it leads to dead end. Grab trailblazing bandanna in east tower and equip it (probably the best helmet for now).  Go to point (1) and take springtime skirt from cupboard. Go down to nearby stairs.

Grab mini medal and clogs on middle part of this area. Go south to grab belle cap. Go to another stairs in this area which lead you to single room with another stairs on it (2). Go to that stairs you will arrive in 1st area of dungeon.

Go south to unlock the door. After that continue go up and then enter the middle door. Go to stairs beside you and grab Gold bracelet from that room(equip 2 moonwort bulb to each of your character) . Back to previous area and go to middle room, Event and

BOSS: Morag

You bought and equip Moonwort Bulb, didn’t you? If you didn’t buy it, let us hope you are not getting too much paralyzed in this battle. Her attack patterns:

(-) Unspeakable devil: about 10 damage to all and cause paralyze!!! If you don’t have moonbulb wort, just wait for several turns and your character will recover itself.

(-) Hp hover: physical damage absorb 25 % of damage she caused(about 15-20 damage)

(-) Puff-puff:  cancel your action (inactive)

She will use HP hover most of the time so keep your HP above 20 point.


After the battle is finish, get out from this dungeon. Go back to Stornway and then talk with the king, go to treasure chamber now. You can get gold rosary, aggressence, 1000 Gold from there (2 other chest is blue, so it is random). Go back to inn to learn about alchemy and then you will get alcheminicon.

Back to Mountain pass and go to train express to see an event. Now go to Northeast pass (from stornway world map).

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9 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Doomingale Forest to Briagadoom”

  1. Alicia says:

    I love this game my favourite of all time cant stop playing completed 3 times your advice really helped

  2. kraig says:

    You can also find mini medals in the northwest corner of the forest by brigadoom.

  3. JJ says:

    She never used unspeakable demon on me =)
    Back when I first vs her =P

  4. randal says:

    multyplay with someone with a high level and the bosses are sooooooooooooo much easier.

  5. MespritX says:

    the boss isnt there when i go there

    • MespritX says:

      when i go to the room the boss is in bridgadoom it is not there. how do i get him to go there.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        I really don’t know what cause your trouble. But try to open Battle record from your menu, The fairy should be able to tell you where to go. Make sure you have done all that listed in my guide.

      • unknown says:

        dude,you didnt go in zere in the house northeast of the inn,you needed to talk to the princess’s mother witch is the one on the right…….

  6. “(-) Puff-puff: don’t know what this one do to your character because she cast this twice and do not affect my party (maybe some kind of charm status)”

    If any of your character got affected. That skill will cancel your affected character attack or action during that turn. If I’m not mistaking 🙂

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