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Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Dourbridge to Height of loneliness-Zere rock

You arrive in slurry quay, grab the chest near the merchant. Go out from this town and head to east to reach dourbridge.

(1): Slurry quay

(2): sofwort harvest point

(3): Dourbridge

(4): Corundum harvest point

(5): Heights of loneliness

(6): fresh water (needed to finish side quest)

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Slurry Quay
enemy drop list exp
bewarewolf magic beast hide 225
dread admiral butterfly wing 192
bud brothers superior medicine, softwort 100
badja (summoned by bud brothers) magic beast hide 570
zumeanie (beach area) strong medicine 212
enemy drop list exp
restless armour iron broadsword 324
clawcerer kitty litter 212
bewarewolf magic beast hide 225
rampage lambswool 224
Lonely Plains
enemy drop list exp
beakon chimaera wing 153
mad moai royal soil 350


Here are few list you can do in this town:

(-) Buy new equipment from weapon and armor shop (sacred weapon).

(-) Go to northernmost house and then check the bookshelf to obtain 2 recipes (Don’t roll your eyes and Hats off Headgear).

(-) Go to big tent in on the northside and then talk with pirate captain. You can exchange your mini medal (if you followed my guide from beginning you should have at least 9 mini medal). You will get thief’s key for 4 mini medal. Open nearby treasure on this room to obtain another mini medal. (you can also back to slurry quay to open chest near the merchant; contain agility ring).

(-) Enter the door near item shop (wing symbol) and then grab another recipe (Intermediate Alchemy).

Climb up the stairs and talk with drunk man nearby, try to go to west and you should see an event (mysterious woman; maybe you should do this in morning to get this event). After that the path to east should be clear. Get out from this city via east gate and head south to point (5) on the map.

Height of Loneliness

Go inside the house and check the bookshelf to obtain new recipe (“well good weapons”). Get out and continue going to north (talk with a man on the entrance to start ranger quest). Enter the cave

Heights of Loneliness
enemy drop list exp
toxic zombie manky mud 270
grinade rockbomb shard 288
treeface strong medicine 315
metal slime knight light shield 305
hocus chimaera chimaera wing 288
stone golem flintstone 400

Head to west first to obtain another mini medal and then head to north to continue your journey. Grab blue chest on the left, grab seed of destness on north and climb the cliff using tree vine. Follow the way and then enter the cave. Just follow the way, you will arrive at outside again after pass 2 area. You can talk with sick man on the stairs to get side quest. Grab blue chest and then go up using stairs.

Enemy caution: Toxic zombie. it can cause poison when attacks you, usually they come in four which will make your party got poison status. So I hope you buy few antidotal herb. Conserve your MP for boss battle

If you want to get kitty litter enter nearby cave and follow the way. Come back here when you already had the item.  Keep going up until you get mini medal and then cross the long bridge, climb vine nearby and follow the way to reach next area.

You will arrive on Zere Rock, enter the house in the northeast. You will see  a slime, talk with that slime and then get out fighting with

Boss: Garth Goyle

Attack twice per turn. Almost every turn it will increase its tension so keep your hp above 50 and you should be safe.

(-) Magic barrier: increase magic resistance

(-) Increase tension

(-) Stomp: 25-30 damage to all party members

(-) Normal Attacks: 30-50 damage to single part ouch (if his tension is high)

(-) Giant foot: same as normal attacks

Follow ghost of old man to underground event. Get out from zere rock (use evac and teleport for quick escape)

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    O never mind I went to church and $930 to get off

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    I starting to play this game again and I put on that tatoo and wondering how to get it off

  3. shadow says:

    my party is

    me lv47 mins
    a lv 46 matial artist
    and a lv 44 priest

    am i ready for him?

    • Krystal says:

      Well, yeah, in fact, I think you’re overly ready. I’m about level 27s and I easily beat all of the Frygg bosses.

    • ant says:

      No you need four characters to defeat him; I only just did it with me on level 26 a priest on level 28 a martial artist on level 24 and a mage on level 32

  4. jesse says:

    I need help to beat that boss

  5. Klaimer says:

    Get out and continue going to north (talk with a man on the entrance to start ranger quest).

    1 thing, do u actually have to be a ranger to proceed on the follow up quest? Cause i dont wanna be one 😛

  6. jankers says:

    what is the best move to use?

  7. wasd says:

    hey, i found an alch recipe book inside the nortwestern house in zere rocks..
    hope this helps..

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