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Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Gleeba to Plumbed Depth

You are free to decide where you want to go first when you got ship. This guide assume you you go to Gleeba first. Don’t forget to check bookshelf on you rship to obtain recipe (On the crest of a wave). I choose Gleeba because it is nearest location from Bloomingdale.

enemy drop list exp
parched peckerel kitty litter 405
power hammer glass frit 450
shocktopus magic beast horn, iron nails 375
axolhotl iron helmet 360
expload toad oil 522
gold golem gold ring 414

(1): Gleeba

(2): kitty litter

(3): Belle cap

(4): glass frit

(5): evencloth

(6): ressurock

(7): Brighten rock


There is no much to do in this town, just buy new equipment from store and head to castle.

(-) Go to northwest room on 1f and then check the bookshelf to obtain 2 recipes (“Missile weapons made simple” and “Slanted and Enchanted”)

(-) Go to northeast room on 1f check the bookshelf to obtain “an encyclopaedia of gigasteel armour

(-) Go to northwest room on 2f and check the cupboard to get dancer’s costume and sandals

(-) Head to 3f, you should see a treasure but you can’t grab that so exit from this room using south door. You will arrive at terrace go up and enter the door behind the building (you can’t see the door) to obtain magic key.

Now back to 2f and talk with the man who wearing sultan’s costume. He will ask you to find a lizard. Go to 1f Talk with the Misslei (purple hair), pay attention to every word she says!! You can gather more hint by talk with more people; Man on mirage mahal 3f, man on dancing theater (only in evening),etc.

:(I spent 1 hour on this damn quest to find the damn lizard because I don’t pay attention at misslei’s word, unless you do one thing you won’t find that lizard. And that is……… 🙁 If you do not want to be spoiled about lizard location then don’t scroll down below the picture.


Assign clap on your party trick, get out from mirage mahal and then go to shadow area on left side of the mirage mahal. Use “Clap” here and that damn lizard will come out. Catch it and talk again with man who wearing sultan’s costume. You will meet with the princess and there will be an event.

You must seek the way to enter Princess’s bathroom. Go to 3f, get out using south door and then talk with the man who is fishing there. Say yes when you are ready, event and then go into the well.

enemy drop list exp
purrestidigitator kitty litter 423
diethon snakeskin 432
mummy grubby bandage 455
admirer lava lump,corundum 440
legionnaire gold rosary 410
manguini wing of bat 477
purrestidigitator kitty litter 423
diethon snakeskin 432
mummy grubby bandage 455
admirer lava lump,corundum 440
legionnaire gold rosary 410
manguini wing of bat 477

This dungeon is very short and doesn’t have many treasure chests. Just go up and reach 2nd area.

There is purple door on 2nd area (it seems to open this you need magic key which you already got before). Ignore locked prison for now and continue to next area and you will get mythril ore.

On second area go down using first stairs and you will arrive in small room (check the bookself to obtain the recipe;”Encyclopaedia of gigasteel weapons”). Get out and you will back to previous area, from here just go to stairs on the north to arrive at B2.

Follow the path until you stairs lead to boss area, grab magic shield behind the stairs and mini medal from left room. Go down when you are ready, follow the way and

BOSS battle: Drak

It attacks you twice per turn; this battle will become hard if your healer act after the boss attack. It is because boss’s insane physical damage to single characters, use your boosting agility skill (accelerate0 to boost your speed on all characters and always heal the characters who got that normal attack. Its attack patterns:

Fierce fire: fire damage 15-20 damage

Normal attack: 60-90 damage to single character!!!!!

You automatically back to mirage mahal. Get out from this castle and return to your ship.

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18 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Gleeba to Plumbed Depth”

  1. GraGa says:

    Killed him!

    Amy – Minstrel – Level 21
    Rose – (Little Sword Icon?) – Level 21
    Athena – Mage – Level 20
    Graham – Minstrel – Level 21

  2. azi says:

    i trying use gigaslash

  3. Hey, I defeated it in one try witout a priest. I used an minstrel to kill it. My team was:

    Justin – Minstrel level 31
    Roto – Ranger level 25
    Ryan – Gladiator level 27
    John – Paladin level 23

    Just kept healing and egging on my gladiator. and rain of pain with roto. My minstrel healed random my paladin used multithrust
    Sometimes i also did an 2,0 or 1,5 times hit didnt use dragon slash at all (just used no strategie just random killing aint so hard if you heal good and deal some good damage) Gl & Have fun Killing him)

    Greetings Justin

    • btw I started all Over again. My team around level 35 now going for second Fygg (Searched for the place with the liquid metals and trained alot so i level fast)

      O, And if you want to have alot faster skill points level another vocation and get alot of skill points switch back to ur main vocation and use all the skill points at it (low level and fast level up to get points) (first points around level 5 / 6) And you should go 100 at all skill trees like guts ruggedness lightness and more to get str mp n hp boosts

      Again greetings by justin

  4. dragonquest freak says:

    thank you soo much ,i also got a tip to defeat him easily:choose your besst party member and cast eggon until it reaches 100 then cast dragon slash and it will take about 500 hp then do the same again this time to 50 and dragonslash it will kill him easily and youll get a figg

  5. shay says:

    What lvl were u when u defeated the boss

  6. Zachery says:

    When you first enter Gleeba, the first house you see on the left contains a bookshelf with the Alchemy recipe book “Rings and Things” that teaches:
    – Sober Ring
    – Contra Band
    – Full Moon Ring
    – Rousing Ring
    – Ring of Clarity

  7. ...... says:

    I read in a book in swinedimples that you get wobbly jelly from admirers is that true or is it a quest item

  8. danny702 says:

    where do i go after gleeba.anybody help please.

  9. radog says:

    There are also some Ghouls (#111), in the room with the Mythril ore, I count 1522 exp from 2 of them (761 exp each), and they drop manky mud

  10. ranigma says:

    Manguini has terrible tattoo

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