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Posted on Jul 20, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Gorfortress

When you return to the town, you will see a lot of army. Talk with one of them near the town entrance and then you will enter the battle. Go to the cave that leads to Magmaroo, you will see the old lady has returned. Go to west house to obtain drunken dragon and then go to Stornway to drop your party. Go to Magmaroo-summit and then talk with Greygnarl (you must come alone!!) you will enter battle with Aggrosculpture ;equip all dragon equipment and talk with him once more. You will see an event and then you will end up in Gorfortress.

Just follow what the guard says until you meet with Sterling. Talk with everyone here (you can also save your game here by talking to the priest. There is also items shop near the priest). When you already finished talking with everyone try to pass through shield field. It will trigger an event, Talk with Sterling to return to Jail. On the night accept Sterling’s plan, Next morning go to workplace and then you will see an event.  Make sure you equip all your previous equipment and then go to north tower by passing through shield field. Before you enter the tower back to Stornway to gather your party.

Climb up the tower and check red generator. You will enter the battle with lethal armor.

After defeating lethal armor check red generator and turn off the shield, get out from this tower and follow Sterling. Go check bookshelf on southwest to obtain  recipe (walk like a tank). Return to B1 and enter the room. Talk with Goreham and

Boss: Goreham hogg

He can only attack once per turn but he can cause high damage with his attack. Make sure you have Priest or item to revive your characters. When one of your characters die, immediately revive them. I recommend that each of your characters have healing items.

(-) Chain swing: attack all party members, cause about 60 damages.

(-) Normal attack: 60-80 damage to single character (it seems this attack has high critical rate, it can do about 180 damages in critical. My MC died twice because of this attack).

Grab ultimate key from the chest and then go down to B1, free all celestrians and then talk with Sterling. Get out from Gorfortress and you will see an event.

You will arrive at observatory, go talk with Apus Major on L2. Go to Yggdrasil tree and board the train.

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22 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Gorfortress”

  1. Rd fdo says:

    Wat!!!! I din know u could colect ur party before u get into d twr. I went through a lot of pain to kil d lethal armor nd hogg. Damnd cure slimes. I had to wait til they ran outo mp to kil d lethal armor. Gud thng ma mc was a paladin.

  2. Alan says:

    Hi um what lvls should your warrior minstrel preist and mage shud be?

  3. chilly billi says:

    i died at gorfortress now i cant go back by waliing or zoom help!

  4. Bee says:

    Nevermind LOL

    But why do we need to drop our parties?

  5. sean says:

    oh dont matter i beat him now but if you were gonna help thanks and i might need more help on the next one knowing me

  6. randal says:

    sorry for 2 comments but WHERES EVERYONE ELSE IN MY PARTY????????????????????

  7. randal says:

    you still have all your equipment its just not on

  8. randal says:

    watch out for the fright knight’s attack attacker and shield

  9. I AmMe says:

    I am kind of stuck with Goreham-Hogg.
    I was just wondering if you know of any good equipment I can use or places that really boost your experience??

    In my party I have:
    A Minstrel Lvl 33
    A Warrior Lvl 33
    A Preist Lvl 33
    And a Armamentalist Lvl 31
    (I kinda rushed through Larstatnaras, Dreadmaster, Godrongo and Greygnarl)
    Both my Warrior and minstrel are really close to leveling up though…
    Really, I was just wondering if you have any advice…
    Thanks anyway.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      your level is sufficient enough to beat the beast. Buy equipment in upover and you should be fine. you can level up in the world map or bowhole (liquid metal slime; it is quite rare).

  10. bob says:

    i cant zoom anywhere near gorfortress church

    • lill miss says:

      you have to go threw the shield…the one where the 2 guards are stood guarding the entrance…go threw that shield so you end up outside then zoom and collect your people.

  11. Tuttert says:

    After passing through shield field I can not zoom back to Stonrway to get my party. Please help, what do I do wrong?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Have you tried to get out from this place first to the world map? Try to get out. If you still can’t escape. Just let your MC getting killed, it automatically send you to the upover church. from there you can teleport to gorfortress and angel falls.

  12. Sandy Schmitt says:

    Greygnarl gave me green dragon equipment. I put it on and he(Greygnarl)won’t let me get on his back. I am alone.

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