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Posted on Jul 13, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Port Liaffan to Twyll cave

After long event, go to where yggdrasil tree located. You will obtain Zoom ability, try to go down from yggdrasil tree to trigger event. Then go to train express to return to mortal realm.

You can get seed of life on observatory if you haven’t got it before on prologue (I don’t found it before on prologue sorry 🙂 ). It is located on L1; see screenshot below to know exact location, enter the hidden door and grab it.

You can also trigger event with another celestrian by go to west and visiting graveyard, I am not sure if this has effect on future event.

You arrive at Newid Isle

enemy drops exp
cyclown glass frit, agility ring 109
badboon magic beast hide 171
magus wizard’s staff 90
bodkin bowyer leather hat 112
mudraker cowpat 188
drackyma wing of bat 145
slime medicinal herb 2
slime knight slimedrop 127
jinkster (twyll cave area) magic water, pointy hat 127

(1): alltrades abbey

(2): port Liaffan

(3): towers of trade

(4): twyll cave

(5): you can harvest iron ore from here

Now go to alltrades abbey

Go up to see cutscene between townspeople. Go down to inn using right stairs, you can buy new equipment here from fat old man. Don’t forget to check bookshelf in inn’s room to obtain 2 recipes (encyclopedia of steel weapon and encyclopedia of steel armor), talk with mayor on this place to know about missing “abott”, then get out from this town.

Go to port liaffan on south of the map

Go to south part of the city, you should see a commotion here, talk with all people here especially the girl with purple hair. She will ask you  to meet her in evening. Now go to west house in this city and check the bookshelf to obtain another recipe (cooking with carapaces and head turning fashions).

Now go to inn and rest until evening. Go to Jona’s house (just go south from inn). Talk with her and go to mayor’s house. Next morning go to west part of village, talk with Bryson so you can go to western part of newid isle. Keep going to west and you will arrive in

Twyll cave

enemy drops exp
chimaera chimaera wing 180
knocktopus magic beast horn 162
mudraker cowpat 188
man o’ war moonwort bulb 200
mortoad toad oil 290
salamarauder emerald moss 171

Grab seed of magic from chest on the east side of the area. there is also blue chest on the west near the cave. enter the cave, grab kneecaps on the middle of the room. There are 2 path on the north; lower path lead to Ult; upper path lead to mini medal. Go to southwest exit, you will arrive on 1st area.

Go up, there are 2 path; enter east path first to obtain seed of agility. Enter west path to continue your journey, grab mini medal on northwest and 1500G on north part of area.

Go to next area by enter northeast exit. in next area you can obtain blue jeans after that keep going to north until you meet with


(-) Normal attack inflict about 14-40damage

(-) Massive swipe do 20-30 damage to all

Be careful when there is alert told you it is gathering all its strength, use examine command to know who will be attacked by it and use defend command to reduce damage.

(-) Tidal wave: 30 -35 damage water to all characters (he rarely use this, don’t need to worry)

This battle is quite hard and will take long time. Always keep your HP above 30.

You will automatically back to town.

Main menu


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27 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Port Liaffan to Twyll cave”

  1. DQ9 player says:

    I don’t know what are good levels to go in on the boss, but I have beaten the Master of Nu’un at Tower of trades, I am lv. 24, my priest, mage, and warrior are all lv. 19. Is that a good level amount?

  2. matmo says:

    this is the best guide ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks so much for doing this!

  3. sideways j says:

    i thought this was the second fygg lol btw what happned to the dq 6 part

  4. Lunatixx17 says:

    NoM NoM NoM , Noobbgodlike your guide is great 😀 . I am probably gona say this on everyone of your pages .

  5. LOL what are you all talking about i know a level 99

  6. drago says:

    i am a level 16 minsterel, and have a martial artist 15, warrior 15, and martial artist 14, can i beat the bosss??/

  7. Hi Mate Its Jardeck HEre 😉 I Just Beat The Big Lizard Thing Lol And changed my Minstrel To a Warrior In Order To To A Quest At Gleeba Desert, And How Do You Thrive When You Have a Theif With You??? I Tried So Many Times To Find Out How And Then I Remembered This Site So I Guessed id Ask You! 🙂 Hope You Can Help

  8. Jardeck says:

    HEy Lol, Me Again. I Restarted my Game And im Stuck at Lleviathan (Sorry about spelling.) Anyway. I got stuck before but i had A Warrior Then. This time i dont.
    My Team is

    Me – Minstrel – Lv 13
    Preist (Took Ur Advice From Tyrantula) Lv 12
    Martial Artist – Lv 13
    and a Mage lv 12

    Please tell me what to level to get all these to Before trying to attack him again and were i should train my Characters 🙂 Hope you can help like you did last time.

  9. wiggy says:

    iv’e got a mage at lv 16 a priest at 16 a mashal artist at 17 and a minstril at 19 do you think i can beat him

    • noobbgodlike says:

      as long as you have latest equipment and buff your character when you are in battle. I think you could.

      • kate says:

        I have a level 16 mage and 17 worrior and 25 minestal (me) and i dont want to go in if im not going to survive so i would like to know what level should we all be mage,worrior and me?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Sorry I really forgot about the level. Just try it and if your level is not sufficient you can train in that dungeon too (it has highest experience rate atm, CMIIW)

  10. wiggy says:

    what level were you when you battled Lleviathan and won

  11. Pharap says:

    Firstly, sorry to be kinda picky but it’s port Llaffan, with two L’s and no i.

    And secondly, you are supposed to do the tower of trades before port Llafan, as evident by the monster guide putting the Lleviathan after the master of nu’un and the Lleviathan having more experience.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL sorry for mistyping. I do llafan port first because When i first come to tower of trades it didn’t give me a hint to do that quest (only tells me jack is missing) so i go to Llafan first.

  12. Lodey says:

    Where’s the wand located for the weapon quest you get from Swinedimples?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      sorry i don’t know what you are talking about, is it a part of side quest?? i haven’t done it. If you want to ask about side quest question please do it on side quest section thank you for using my guide

    • Dragonquester says:

      i understand what he is saying. the quest in swinedimples where you have to get back the wand and it is named you scratch my back. the wand is dropped by salamanders there in twll cave.

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